12. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Gluten-Free + Vegan

Good morning I am thinking that I’m going to do a vlog style what I eat in a day today um I have kind of a busy day I already did my water with lemon which you saw charming for my walk did the meditation that I’m doing now you haven’t watched my meditation challenge video I’ll link that in the description box below but I’m doing a meditation challenge for the entire month of October so now I need to write my blog post that was supposed to be done this morning and isn’t so I’m gonna sit down and write that I’m gonna make my matcha latte which you guys already know that I make almost every single day and then I’m going to a spin class at 9 a.m. so I’m going to go to a SoulCycle class and I’m not going to eat my full breakfast until after I get back from SoulCycle so I’m going to actually start preparing my breakfast right now because I am making a sweet potato like breakfast stuff sweet potato I guess it’s going to have sweet potato it’s gonna peanut butter it’s gonna have some bananas and chia seeds some hemp seeds so I don’t have my sweet potato cooked yet so I have to UM what am I going to do I’m going to bake this so I’m going to like poke holes in it with my fork and I’m going to bake it at 400 degrees for probably I know this is a little mini potato so it’s probably not going to take that long maybe like 40 minutes so I’ll show you how to do that show you how to make my matcha latte and then we’re gonna get to work you guys probably already know how to bake a sweet potato but basically I’m just poking it around the sides with my fork and then I pop it onto a baking sheet I’m just using my toaster oven pop it in the oven for 40 minutes at 400 degrees and then I’m making my matcha latte I have all the usual suspects I have my matcha powder I use about half a teaspoon I use monk fruit extract to sweeten a little bit of MCT oil boiling water and then I’m actually changing it up lately and I’ve been adding a splash of almond milk so this is the almond milk I’m using I just pour in a little splash blended on my blender pour it into my cup and you can see it’s so frothy this is just like my favorite thing to start the day it’s so good and check to make sure the steep tail is done just poke it with a knife and you’ll be able to see so I’m about to leave for my SoulCycle class I have to go down to Times Square to go to it but I’m going to eat half of banana before I leave and then I’ve saved the other half for when I get back I’m going to stuff that inside of my sweet potato so heading out the door eating half of banana had my matcha latte already so I’m feeling energized and ready to kick butt at my SoulCycle class I am going to be a hot body mess when I am done with this so I just got done this little cycle and I’m totally dead you can probably see my face so mad now I’m gonna go home and eat breakfast so I just left in the door and I am freaking famished so I’m going to make my breakfast and I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do with sweet potato so I already baked it this morning you saw that I’m going to slice it open and I’m going to put in some of this naturally more peanut butter so I was sent this peanut butter they wanted me to share it with you guys because it’s like totally perfect for anyone who is looking for a convenient way to eat peanut butter because it like comes in this little squeezy pack and you can put it in your purse you can just like have it any time and what I really like about this peanut butter is it uses organic peanuts so it’s certified organic and it also has probiotics mixed in and they also added flaxseed meal so it has like added benefits than just regular peanut butter and it tastes freakin amazing and it also has a little bit of coconut sugar in it so it’s perfect for the meal that I’m about to make so I’m going to flip the camera around and show you how I’m going to make it now I have my sweet potato done I’m just going to slice it in half and it is cold at this point so I’m going to pour some of the naturally more peanut butter on here I probably used about two tablespoons spread it around slice on some banana and then I’m just going to toast it for about five minutes so as up baking I just want to say again this is naturally more peanut butter and they were so kind to send me this and this is their brand new kind of peanut butter it’s organic and it has all those yummy extra goodies so I am going to link this in the description box below so you guys can check it out if you’re interested I really recommend it it has a great texture and did you hear chubby CI Jimmy it has a really great texture and it is perfect for on-the-go and it’s also like really creamy so something like this it’s perfect because you can just drizzle it on top of things great with bananas grated apples great just squeezed onto a spoon if you just need a quick snack so again link is below if you guys want to check out their naturally more peanut butters once it comes out of the toaster I’m just gonna sprinkle it with hemp seeds chia seeds and I did a little bit of cacao nibs because I wanted that chocolatey crunch and this honestly is like such a good breakfast it’s kind of hard chi carb so it’s perfect after a workout but it also has the healthy fat has some protein and it tastes awesome okay my friends it is lunchtime and I’m actually having leftovers for lunch today I picked up a salad at sweet green yesterday and I have this like new favorite trick I got it from my cousin actually but if you guys ever order salads from places like sweet green or like a salad place I have figured out that you can just have them split the salad between two bowls and then I just end up getting extra protein so for this one I have falafel so I got one salad and they split it between two bowls and then they just put a full serving of slop falafel on one salad a full serving of falafel on the other salad and then you end up getting two meals for the price of one it’s awesome and like sweet green salads I think are ten dollars so I got two salads for ten dollars and a lot of times if you are like making a salad at home five dollars you might end up spending that on the produce that you’re making your salad with anyway so I’m going to show you what I put in my salad I pretty much get the same thing every single time and it’s so yummy oops that was my phone but yeah it’s so yummy so there’s not really much to say about the salad but I just poured on the dressing this is their spicy cashew dressing it’s so good I just poured that on tossed it all together and that was lunch I also ate some of those almond flour crackers that I really like I’ll link those in the description box below if you want to check them out hello hello my friends it is time to start making dinner because I’m going to an event tonight and I’m not sure if there’s going to be food there it’s on the early side the event starts at 6:30 so I think what I’m going to do is make dinner and then just eat it before I go and then that’s just a good way for me to a make sure that I’m eating something healthy and be control the amount that if there is food there I’ll be able to control the amount that I eat so I’m going to show you what I’m making I’m doing something super simple it’s a bootable I guess you would say I am going to I think sautee some kale rose some Brussels sprouts some carrots and then I have some leftover lentils that I cooked the other night I’m gonna throw it all in a bowl drizzle it with some sort of sauce I don’t have any tahini right now that’s usually my go-to so maybe I’ll do like a hmm maybe I’ll do I don’t know what I’m gonna do we’re gonna figure that out as we go I’ll think about it while I roast the veggies but I will do some sort of sauce probably add some kimchi in there and it’s gonna be super simple and I’m going to show you how to make it and I’m also actually gonna have some kombu cheer right now so that’s going to be my snack between dinner and then I’ll show you how to make the bootable x’ in addition to the kombucha I also had two of these little energy bytes you can get these at most bulk stores and now it’s time to make my dinner so I just sliced my Brussels sprouts in half and then I added them onto a baking sheet drizzled them and the carrots with some olive oil some salt some pepper and then toss them around and then I baked them at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes while they were cooking i sauteed a little bit of Tuscan kale I bought this at Trader Joe’s I like this stuff a lot but I will say that it has a lot of thick stems you have to kind of pick through it so I sauteed it in some water and then I just drizzled a little bit of tamari on it and it took like five minutes to make so then I transferred that to a bowl toss the veggies around let them cook for a little while longer and the sauce I decided to make was a spicy not sauce so I used peanut butter sriracha a little bit of soy sauce and then some water to thin it out and then here are the roasted veggies look at those gorgeous carrots and the final bowl so the kale the lentils the kimchi and the roasted veggies and that yummy peanut sauce so simple okay my friends I hope you enjoyed today’s what I eat in a day video if you are not subscribed to the channel I would love for you to subscribe and give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it let me know what you think of the vlog style I know that’s before but this is the second one I’ve done and let me know if you like it better than the regular voiceover um it’s like fun to do I like talking to you and showing my face on camera sometimes instead of just hiding behind the camera all the time but anyway I will see you next week on Tuesday for another brand new video and for now I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend bye