13 Reasons Why I’m GRAIN FREE | Benefits of Wheat Belly Lifestyle | KETO | Autoimmune Diet

Hey guys I’m back today and today we’re talking about 13 reasons why I’m grain-free why I followed the Wheat Belly lifestyle why I encouraged Kido and the Paleo style lifestyle now I could have made this list literally hundreds like I could have given you guys a hundred reasons but I thought for this video we’ll stick with the top 13 and if you guys want more reasons I could perhaps do a part two of this video so let’s get started the first reason and number one they’re not in any particular order but I would have to say that this is probably the number one reason and that is because it cured me of my joint pain and of my shoulder pain and basically it’s cured my rheumatoid arthritis if you guys have watched that video I have it linked in the description box that has got to be the main reason because you guys know that autoimmune diseases are on the rise they’re huge right now and the medication that people wanted or doctors wanted me to take were cancer medications they’re lower dose cancer medications and I was not about to go that route because you guys know that my mother actually passed away from cancer and I saw what the medications and chemo did to her so that is number one it cured me of my joint pain knee pain wrist pain finger pain I used to have this left and right shoulder pain but the left shoulder pain obviously worried me because of reason number two and the reason number two I don’t eat grains is because I used to get these chest pains which would be accompanied with shoulder pain and I would literally feel paranoid that I was getting a heart attack like having a heart attack and I went to so many doctors so many cardiologists and they would do EKGs on me and like stress tests and all these tests and tell me that it was all in my head so as I go through the list you will realize that in isolation none of these things seem big enough if you’re just going to like a cardiologist for one issue in the heart like the hair doctor the dermatologist for one issue they seem like small issues but combined they can really ruin your quality of life so number one was it cured me of my joint pain to remove grains from my diet and my shoulder pain number two was that my chest pains and my heart pain basically like went away basically I would have chest pain and then my heart would feel like it was beating irregularly and that’s why I was paranoid that something was going on with my heart number three was I used to get really bad skin rashes on my back and my head so I want my skull I basically could not tie my hair in a ponytail or put my hair up in a bun I would get these really weird like irritations in my scalp I would get like these black round spots on my back and when I would go to the dermatologist they would give me these like creams to put on but they would never help if you guys are watching this if you guys can give me a thumbs up I will be taking questions and comments and stuff at the end of my list of 13 reasons why I don’t eat greens but if you can give me a thumbs up I’d really appreciate it number four is that I lost a ton of weight you guys have seen my weight loss transformation videos and it’s very easy for me to maintain this weight now and there’s no calorie counting I don’t have to be like obsessive about you know how many calories did I get I don’t have to like log my food and I tried those things previously and I can maintain those things for like a week and then they would become a huge pain in the butt because I mean we weren’t designed to have to like weigh our food and count calories it just seemed very unnatural to me and think about it we’re the only any of the other species that we share this planet with like gorillas or rabbits or like cows or horses like they don’t count calories they just are the way that they are so I just thought it was so unnatural so I don’t have to do that anymore five is that um I can easily gain muscle now with less exercise and I see my peers having to do to gain the same muscle and now we’re all different and there’s a lot of different factors that are played into it and I think a lot of times muscle formation and muscle gain can be chalked up to like genetics or age but if you eat this way if you eat the wheat belly like paleo keto style diet it’s much easier for you to put on muscle with almost like half as much of exercise so that’s another benefit that I really do enjoy number six is I have abs like I’ve had three children and I’ve had two of them via c-section and I thought I would never have abs I thought the only way I would be able to get abs would be to go and have some sort of like surgery like a tummy tuck or something along those lines but I’ve been able to get abs and I feel like I don’t have to get those things because I’m doing it the natural way and it just feels better it it feels like a huge achievement for me because I thought it was impossible so I’ve kind of been able to push the envelope with that and there’s I have less bloating now I’ve had to do a few extra things like really reduce my sugar intake and things but I have less bloating and my abs I finally am able to use the word abs I never thought that was possible if you guys follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my before and after pictures and yes the fact that I can even say that word is huge for me and number seven is relieve of anxiety and worrying thoughts little things would set me off um I would have panic attacks in public I didn’t know what they were I didn’t know they were called panic attacks I thought there was something wrong with me like literally everything would start spinning I would like be holding on to like I would be paying let’s say at the cash register or something and I would be hit with these weird panic attacks I would get worried over little things that people said and make them like turn them into these huge things in my head I would think that people are like out to get my children if my child had like one little fight with another kid or like it was out of control I would not be able to sleep at night and I realize now that a lot of those things were just so ridiculous and it’s not normal for humans to worry that much for healthy humans and so now I realized that my anxiety a lot of it was caused by grains because stop like when I took and removed grains from my diet they it went away so it’s it’s gotta be from that number eight is better mood if I ever have a week or two weeks when I end up eating of like a little bit too much you guys know sometimes I’ll have sushi when my husband makes it for me and sushi obviously has rice in it which is a grain i if i layer that on like too much like a couple times in a week or two weeks back-to-back my mood starts shifting like I just become anxiety prone again I start worrying I’m like just I’m easily irritated and it goes away like the third day that I’m back to being grain free instantly goes away number nine is I since birth I had anemia and that was one of those things it’s the iron deficiency that I was told that its genetic a lot of women in my family on my mom’s side of the family have it and I would take like literally like eight or nine iron pills and nothing my iron levels were so low that every time I got my blood work done at the doctor’s they said we have no idea how you’re standing or how you walked in here today so it was so weird that no matter what I did my anemia would not go away and the first year that I went grain-free guess what they’re like what anemia like they do my blood work now and the new doctors that I have now that don’t know about my previous history they’re like yeah you had anemia like no your blood work is normal and I don’t take any iron supplements now so isn’t that strange something you’ve had from childbirth like since you were born something you’re told you genetic it’s never going to go away miraculously gets cured when you change your diet right who knew number ten is normalized vitamin D levels that’s the one another one where my vitamin D levels were really low and I think that’s what affected my mood I was born and raised in Chicago so it was one of those things where you know it’s like oh well you live in Chicago of course your vitamin D levels are going to be low but the first year that I went the Wheat Belly lifestyle guess what vitamin D I do take supplements for it too vitamin DS are completely in the normal range and I’ve been able to maintain that for five years now number eleven is my hair loss that is another one where I kept being told hair loss is genetic because my mom had hair loss all my aunt’s my female cousins on my mom’s side of the family um born with gorgeous long hair and then by the time they’re in their late 20s they start getting balding spots massive hair loss and I was getting it too and I thought I was doomed with it I have aunts that are in their 40s and 50s that have to wear wigs now I mean it’s bad so my hair loss I thought I was doomed with it and there was nothing that I could do to stop it guess what hair loss stop now it’s not that I was able to like like I mean I can’t undo like the hair loss damage from before but I feel like my hair grows faster now I feel like it’s not it doesn’t feel like I’m shedding so much hair every time I comb my hair or just like day to day life and it just feels healthier I’ve never had healthier hair than I do in my life at this point not in my 20s not as a teenager so that’s been huge and you know your hair is in a lot of cultures tied to your beauty and it really affects your self-esteem so I’m so glad that that was one of the benefits that I saw number 12 and fro inflammation if you guys follow me on Instagram you can see my before and after pictures in fact when I sometimes I’m like making the thumbnails for my videos and I will post the older video I have to take a minute to just be like wow I look like a different person my eyes look bigger like my whole face structure has changed because on my face is no longer inflamed and if I have grains like if I have too much sushi in a month I will notice like my face starts looking different my eyes will look smaller because of the soil swelling around my face and I will get swelling like in my feet just my overall body I will be bloated in my tummy which is obviously you know inflammation of the gut not a good thing at all you know you can get a lot of diseases and stuff that start there so inflammation reverse and number thirteen is kind of along the same thing I look like I have like got a new set of eyes if you saw my before pictures from my Instagram account or any of my youtube thumbnails you can see like I was always told I had small eyes and that I did not inherit my mom’s side of the family is like big eyes and like now I feel like my I have like a new set of eyes in fact my eye color has even changed which is really strange I feel like my eyes have gotten lighter the weirdest things have changed about me I honestly feel like I feel healthier more vibrant I just feel more beautiful and confident my beauty has been affected my mental health has been affected I just I am so thankful to dr. William Davis you guys have no idea that’s why I do these videos to promote this lifestyle because I’m not saying it’s for everybody I don’t know that’s for everybody or not you have to decide that for yourself but I wish somebody had told me this in my teenage years or in my 20s I think of the the pain and suffering and all the doctor’s visits where I was told that it was all in my head and just the agony I faced like in my 20s if I could have felt like this in my 20s like I’m just so blessed I’m so blessed that I found it when I did and I’m able to implement it in my life so let’s say hi to some of you guys for those of you that are just joining we’re talking about 13 reasons why I don’t eat grains give this video a thumbs up if you have just joined me hi Ross Zara Evelyn hi Mandy said hi Mina you look so pretty it’s 12:20 6 a.m. in Malaysia I’ll catch you later thank you so much for the compliment thank you I really appreciate it and yes go get your rest and I will catch you later Enrique I said hi Mina you look so great thank you so much I feel really really good and healthy and just at a really good place so thank you I really appreciate your comment but my said hello Mina looking pretty and white thank you so much I got a whole bunch of these tops I things like for from only navy my sister texted me two weeks ago and she’s like there’s like your type of tops on own lady for like ten dollars so I think they tend with the cash back of mr. beebe eight cents if they turn out to be like $7 so if they’re not bad right just easy to throw on thank you so much for noticing nnedi said hi can I go grain free on vegetarian diet you can go grain free on any diet it’s much more difficult I would think at least for me because there was a lot of things when I try to go vegan for twice in my life after this lifestyle and I got really sick because there were still a lot of things that vegetarians eat that I can’t have like I can’t have large amount of lentils and you would have to have a large amount to be able to get your protein and things and because it would be so limited I got really sick on it so you can try if you are able to digest like lentils better than I can you may be able to but it obviously is it’s a little challenging especially for me because there were a lot of things that would be okay typically on the vegetarian diet that weren’t okay for me hi kids first Sara said your story is amazing all about prevention thanks for the info also that style tops look so cute on you Thank You Sara I really appreciate that hi Frida our friend said I do feel like I have some of the symptoms but I get so overwhelmed as to where should I start from so offering I have so many videos on this topic I will start with maybe going gluten-free and I have a video called how to go gluten-free exact topic title so start there and I shared five or six tips in there on where to start I started with going gluten-free and when I get clients that are looking to achieve this lifestyle I also started them with gluten-free first it’s better to go cold turkey grain-free if you can it’s definitely easier it’s an easier route to take but for some people it is overwhelming I would also recommend if you want to just like do a cold turkey start with the ten-day grain detox that dr. William Davis has I just read the book and I didn’t need to because I had already been grain free but a lot of you guys recommended that I review it so I just read it and he offers very simple tips recipes a grocery list and he doesn’t bog you down with a lot of the research that people found overwhelming so that would be a great place to start for you offering that’s where I would recommend if you wanted to take the slower route you could not do gluten free first and then grain free but that will be the slower route I promise you because you’re taking baby steps but if you wanted to do it like cold turkey and be there in ten days like really big there in ten days do the ten day from rain-free detox I think it’s called you can also join his Facebook group it’s a private Facebook group with the same name but again you will get overwhelmed because a lot of people over there are new and they will post a lot of stuff that can be overwhelming if you haven’t read the book one thing I will say there’s a lot of perfectionist out there that want to do everything perfectly I actually have been eating this way for five years right and I’ve had amazing result doctor wheat dr. William Davis has shared my results numerous time on his blog and his website so he knows what I eat and I don’t need having said that when I post my videos in some of these weed belly or grain free Facebook groups people will attack me saying oh you’re doing it all wrong like you’re eating things you’re not supposed to be eating and the first time I ever got that comment I was very like I felt very defensive and I started commenting back saying well what was I doing wrong and I wasn’t eating it wrong and I’ve been eating this way for five years and I caught myself and I deleted that comment I did not post it I deleted it and instead I wrote then I am proof that you can make me stakes and still cure your health if you make an effort because think about it I’ve never been a promoter of like doing things perfectly I know that we’re going to fail I know that we’re going to mess up and you have to have room for that you have to be able to brush that off and jump back on so if I am making mistakes in this lifestyle then guess what this is proof that you can make a whole bunch of mistakes and still have good results so don’t get it trapped into the perfectionist route I personally know so many people and some of them will probably watch this video and you know kind of embarrassing that I’m sharing this I personally know people that will come over or like go out to lunch with me and stuff and nitpick everything that I do and saying oh I thought you’re not supposed to be doing it this way oh why are you eating these veggies at the restaurant they’re not organic and all these things and then when I asked them if they always eat organic will they say well no but you know I thought you should be doing it perfectly or I’m just letting you know so perfection is a trap it’s not always going to be perfect I’m not achieving perfect I just want to be healthy happy look good feel good and be energetic so I’m not trying to be this like perfect model for anybody right so it’s okay to make mistakes you will make mistakes I guarantee it I made plenty of them so that’s just I wanted to throw that in there because you know every time I post before-and-after pictures I get comments like that I’m like well have you done it yet well no I haven’t started so then stop nitpicking my choices and why don’t you start for yourself and figure it out and see how it works for you picking on me is not going to make you any closer to your goals I’ve already done it I’m happy with my results let’s see hi Mubeen High grad 3 which I said hi looking beautiful thank you so much you’re so sweet our friend said awesome thank you so much you made my day definitely stop like thinking about it offering and just like go and do it I highly recommend that you start like today it will you will get like SiC for maybe three days and this not everybody gets sick but for three days sometimes you could feel lethargic and just like your body is detoxing you are just like getting reading rid of a lot of toxins and you’re just adjusting so three days it gets worse before it gets better but it’s so worth it you wake up on the third or fourth day feeling superhuman like a new person like somebody just say put your batteries back in or something you just feel so energetic and so great your your facial features change your hair changes your entire body changes your perspective on life changes like it’s it’s just amazing and you know you need to try it out for yourself and don’t take my word for it try it out kids first set me now why don’t you introduce grain free living for your family so I have talked about this many times and I get this asked all the time I am not in the business of converting people or trying to make people live a certain way of let’s start with my husband he knows the benefits of the grain free lifestyle in fact I see him on the phone with his relatives and his friends promoting the lifestyle to anybody that complains to him about any health issues because he’s seen my transformation but he says he’s not ready to do it he tried it for a couple of weeks but he didn’t do it cold turkey he kept like still eating grains like here and there and he couldn’t do it and he says he’s not ready I have to respect his decision I am NOT that person that can convert like in the business of converting I like people to make their own choices and live the way that they do my son my oldest son who’s 12 and a half he is gluten-free and he’s inching closer and closer to grain free and that’s been his own decision he’s been eating that way for the last three years the reason I do not introduce my younger kids to the grain free lifestyle is because the world that we live in right now if you okay the so I’ve said this before the cleaner you eat the cleaner you have to eat so for example four years ago if I ever accidentally ate gluten or anything that I wasn’t supposed to read my symptoms would be somewhat painful now if I even like touch grains on my skin I get symptoms so the Chloe cleaner you eat the cleaner you have to be if you introduce young children to the grain for your lifestyle without them having like very if they have symptoms you absolutely should I have a whole list of symptoms that if your children have those symptoms they should be grain free and I look out for those things with my kids but if you introduce Alina and I onto a strictly grain-free diet and they got a contaminated food at a restaurant on vacation at a kid’s birthday party they would get really sick so it’s better for me it’s all it’s almost like I hate to say it this way it’s almost like I’m letting my kids be poisoned slowly so that they can develop some immunity to it and hopefully they can be strong enough where they can come in contact with this poison that we live with in our world so that they don’t get very severely ill now I will say this because during the day when I have lunch with Alina she sees that I’m eating a certain food she tends to be mainly grain free and I’m noticing that during dinner when there are grains available for her to eat like naan or rice she chooses not to eat it most of the time but I still would like her to help some of the antibodies in her body because when we go out to eat and she eats contaminated food she doesn’t get so severely sick I learned this the hard way if you guys remember a few years back my family went like as much as we could we went completely organic and like locally bought proved produce it wasn’t like a hundred percent but as much as we could and it got to a point where we would travel my middle son ayan he would start throwing up from eating a non-organic apple and then I did research on it and realize that you can’t eat so clean in a world that’s kind of toxic everywhere you turn and what I started doing then is ice are doing like 5050 organic to 50/50 non-organic which it kills me because I know the benefits I’ve done five years of nutritional research I read on nutrition studies books all the time probably four to five books a month like I’m getting a lot of information and it scares the hell out of me because I know that my family is eating that way but I also know that I have to be realistic and practical with them and it has to be there think about it if I force my kids to eat a certain way the minute that they’re out of this house when they’re on their own they’re gonna go back and they’re going to get sick like I have to do it like with my older son it’s been his decision he’s enjoying it he’s learned from the progress he’s made mistakes he’s been able to take ownership and it’s those are skills that are lifelong because it’s his decision he has ownership so I hope that answered some of the questions Arlena is naturally choosing to be grain free she will push away the rice and choose not to have so much non but I let it be her decision even though she’s three years old because then it’s coming from a natural place and I’m not forcing it on her I am NOT a believer in forcing things on family members trying to control other people’s behavior I am NOT somebody that can be easily controlled you would literally have to put a gun to my head I’m just not that person so I don’t like controlling other people either so it needs to be their decision Grad tree said you’re looking elegant and white thank you so much I hardly ever wear white and I’m getting so many compliments you guys are so sweet thank you so much Jenna said I’m so glad to catch this for a few minutes hi Jenna I know Jenna you’ve been working really hard jenna is part of my community on my private Facebook group and she’s been working really hard at working out and losing weight and eating right so congratulations on all of your weight loss and I love hearing from you guys if you guys have tried out this lifestyle if you have questions if you have concerns my private Facebook group it’s called I attract would be a great place to join the community even if I am NOT able to get to a question right away my community of girls there are amazing they will jump in and answer questions and just take care of you and support you in a way so it’s been really good Jenna said Thank You sweetness you are an inspiration the group is amazing tons of warm authentic people I’m so glad to hear that Kido said cute Kido cured my fibro I can’t say this word fibromyalgia I think it’s pronounced sorry I know I’m butchering it there’s a video about it on my channel that’s awesome I will definitely go and check that out babe so that’s another question I get a lot since I have Kido cuny Queenie in here maybe she can help answer it a lot of people say you know how is the Wheat Belly Diet different than keto so the Wheat Belly diet is kind of a stepping stone to keto but dr. William Davis didn’t want to overwhelm people with the information too quickly in his first couple of books so he’s created these like baby steps where you go gluten-free grain free and you slowly work your way up to Kido I really promote the ketogenic lifestyle having said that I also think a lot of people make mistakes with the keto lifestyle I see so many posts on Instagram how people posting keto meals and then they’re posting unhealthy things but I guess you can take that the wrong way in any diet for example if you’re a vegan that’s a seemingly healthy lifestyle but if you really look at it beer and french fries are vegan if you’re eating beer and french fries every day you’re vegan but you’re not necessarily healthy right so I see those mistakes made with keto i think with the keto diet especially there could be long-term harm done if you are doing it the wrong way because you could be eating a lot of the wrong foods that could be damaging your body so do your research before you go that right route I highly recommend that you do your correcta research that’s why I don’t necessarily tell people to go keto right away I say take your time do your research this is your health you don’t want to be playing around with it you want to find good foods that you could be eating that are actually healthy not Kito right any diet you can take it and run with it in the wrong direction and supposedly you’re doing everything right but you’re not Zarah said my husband and I love eating keto it was the missing link to improving our health and weight loss my dad my dad was pre-diabetic and reversed it from eating keto he also lost over a hundred pounds Wow that is fantastic keto done right could be life-changing I’ve heard people being sent home from doctor offices like after medical treatment and chemo and stuff being sent home to die and doing the ketogenic lifestyle and reversing cancer there’s enough stories about it where you do a double taking you’re like wow like there’s there’s you have to look into it so part of my own cancer research as you guys know cancer runs in my family part of my cancer research protocol is god forbid if I ever got diagnosed I would go keto full-blown right now I’m kind of like in and out of keto on a weekly basis depending on how many stars your vegetables I’m eating and fruits I’m eating I don’t eat grains so it’s easier for me to stay heat off obviously but I don’t like necessarily measure foods or anything like that but that would be part of my strategy if God forbid if that ever happened to me Freda said hi Mina can you briefly explain what keto is so the ketogenic diet is where you burn ketones meaning you burn fat for feel in your body versus burning carbs or like sugar for your energy so your body can run on carbs or your body can run on sugar right carbs sugar / sugar or it can run on fat and you basically switch it off by switch it into fat-burning mode and basically there’s so many benefits to it when we’re in fat-burning mode our thinking is clear our body uses up the fat that we already have stored our organs run better our body is able to cure disease a lot faster and easier it becomes a efficient machine basically but when your body is burning carbs everything is slowed down it about you age faster actually from burning carbs if you notice people who eat a very high carb diet not only do they tend to be overweight but they have a lot more diseases and there’s a tons of research done on this so basically you have to eat at a certain threshold of carbs it’s easier to be keto if you’re grain free because the only carbs I get are from my fruits and vegetables and I can dial that up or down depending on how much I’m working out and stuff I generally probably am NOT in keto everyday because sometimes I’ll have start to your vegetables or and a lot more fruit but it’s definitely worth looking into dr. Davis’s newer book undoctored which was delete a release last week talks a little bit more about taking your journey to the next step by introducing keto I know a lot of other doctors promote this lifestyle a couple that come to mind is dr. Eric Berg here on YouTube dr. Mark Hyman doctor what’s his twin look-alike I always forget his name there’s Mark Hyman and there’s another one that looks like him and he also promotes tons of people I highly recommend the keto diet but I highly recommend that you either hire a life coach that it our nutritionist that knows keto or do your research I don’t do keto and be eating like deli meat all day long and like I see people doing this and that’s not the right way to do it you have to find healthier more natural foods Thank You 1960 you’re so sweet she said you look beautiful thank you so much you’re always so good to me I love you so much thank you he wrote said I was vegan for two years I ate a ton of carbs and drains and it made me worse keto same thing happened to me I tried going vegan because of in my research I when I was trying to cure my rheumatoid arthritis I tried this the grain free lifestyle and it worked but I kept finding research of people saying that the vegan diet cured their arthritis um let me try this out – I tried it twice and I got really ill my sister and husband threatened to have me hospitalized if I did not come off of the vegan diet that’s how I sick I was not that it doesn’t work for others I know plenty of people personally that have been vegan and it’s fine for them for some reason I tends to be an issue for blood type old people so for me definitely not good eating this way has been life changing you guys have seen my transformation I did this after I started YouTube so you’ve seen my transformation let’s see a tree Dima said hi Mina I’m a new subscriber and I just joined your Facebook group – you’re an amazing woman helping and lifting other girls I have been watching you and are fun everyday you guys rock thank you so much welcome to the community I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the videos and the Facebook group I definitely feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns we do live tes in fact I think your fun will be doing his financial live chat tonight with me so we love having you guys I do not follow doctor travels I don’t think so kids first Sheehan said hi Mina loving this topic I’m amazed that you can read four to five books a month and managed to retain so much information how do you do this I’m Cheyenne so I don’t think I made maintain all of the information and the reason I say this is because many times I will quote something and people will ask me exactly which book I got it from and I can’t remember so there are cons and pros to reading so much I can’t remember exactly which book I will have to really think about there’s certain books that really stick with me and I can but not always but I do know that I tend to stick with people that are very reputable that I personally like follow for years like dr. William Davis and Rob wolf Oh Rob wolf is another one if you guys want really good information with science backings and papers and studies follow Rob wolf his new book on wired to eat is amazing and his first book the Paleo solution that was this first book I recommend both of those books the paleo lifestyle keto the belly all of these are pretty much the they’re slightly different templates for the same overall lifestyle that’s why I use those words interchangeably I know some people get very upset when people use paleo or vite belly or keto in the same they think oh no they’re very different but I mean think about it if it’s like one little removal of one thing makes you one thing versus another those are going to be individual differences anyways so it’s it’s all the same lifestyle they’re just slightly different templates some people like calling themselves paleo versus saying they’re keto some people like saying their grain free I always get doctors asking me what’s grain free people don’t know what grain free is it’s easier for me to say to a doctor that I’m going to that I’m paleo or keto than to say grain free because nobody knows what grain free means so I gauge what I should be saying my lifestyle is depending on what I feel like the other person will understand and be able to relate to Jenna said how closely do you monitor whether or not your body is in ketosis is this something that people should do how frequently are there any tips if you’re not in ketosis personally I do not monitor I can typically just tell because of the way I feel I don’t want to trip because I’m a relatively healthy person now if I was a hundred pounds overweight if I had I still had my autoimmune disease if I had cancer god forbid or any other life-threatening illness when I monitor it hell yes I would be monitoring it like you won’t believe because I know the benefit of it and I’ve done so much to research this is my what if protocol for cancer after all but at this point in stage in my research and I can give you guys like tons of books that support this even dr. Mike Mark Hyman and a lot of other doctors say that if you are not coming from a place where if you are relatively healthy basically at you’re in maintenance mode you don’t have to be mom trying it that closely um keep it low carb generally and you will be fine if you have a disease though like if I had cancer hell yes and the reason keto works against cancer is you guys can look up what is it called I just texted somebody that got diagnosed in my extended family with cancer this information there is a guy if somebody can help me out that got a Nobel Prize for this so it’s like it’s definitely like legit scientific info um cancer cells can only thrive and live on sugar they can’t live on like the ketones like fat so when you try your body to ketone burning or fat burning the first thing that gets killed it’s cancer cells so if your body could thrive on two different things like sugar or fat but cancer can only thrive in sugar obviously it would make sense that you would switch to the fat-burning mode well well now if you could but especially if you were diagnosed with cancer so that’s the research that I’ve been doing and and when I say research like I’m not reading Facebook articles unless they’re from the same doctors that are writing the books I’m reading like the medical journals and books and things from those doctors that promote it I also let me also say this because a lot of people think that I only read the information that goes in the lifestyle I have read all of the opposite information too because the way that the medical system and the research industry is right now you can manipulate the information or the studies to support any piece of data or evidence that you want right depending on who’s funding the the information or the study so I like to just for my own security because this is my health we’re talking about I do the opposite research as well and sometimes I will become a guinea pig and try that out as with the vegan diet and see if it works for me so that is my best way to figure it out so Jenna I would say unless god forbid you really had like one of those illnesses I would personally not bother monitoring it but if you’re trying to lose a lot of weight and really do a huge overhaul you can buy Aikido like a ketone monitor very if they’re very inexpensive now and you can monitor it I would say don’t go crazy with it because it again it would turn into something like calming calories or something where if it takes too much effort to maintain you’re going to fall off the wagon right it should not become like an unnatural thing after a while when you can for example the reason I don’t have to count calories but I can still tell you with relative ease how much protein I’m getting an homage carb it’s because I did for a little bit and I learned to be able to eyeball now so when I’m looking at a piece of protein I could eyeball and kind of roughly tell you okay that has 20 grams of protein quit in how 24sure could it have 15 yeah sometimes but like I’m you know it doesn’t have to be that perfect because I’ve gotten myself to a place where I’m in maintenance mode it doesn’t have to be that scientific right so do it where you can live with it easily it doesn’t become a thing where if you’re out at a business meeting or a lunch date you’re having to like pull out your phone of course I drop it right if I have it and you’re having to like you know like enter everything and check it shouldn’t be that complicated guys reset just sent a request to I attract I will am I also have a moderator in there that helps me so she may go ahead and do that too so awesome thank you the body said hi i mean i’m so happy to be able to join live chat you’re looking beautiful and glowing loving this topic thank you so much diwali I really appreciate that a lot of that is my green smoothies which I promote and I did just recently start using my own DIY natural cancer-fighting body lotion that I make at home and that video will be posting next week so I’m excited for you guys to see that because I feel like it makes my whole body glow and it actually has anti-cancer fighting and inflammation properties in it so I’m excited about you guys being able to have access to that information too yes Jenna thank you so much it is otto warburg I always forget his name and come to think of it I could have just checked my text messages anytime any family member a relative you know knows somebody that gets diagnosed with cancer I never want to push things in front of people or try to convert people but I do find it my duty to just be like hey you may want to look into this guy and then that’s it I will not like give any more information beyond that because I feel like I’ve armed them with enough information that if they wanted to go and research it they could so yes Jenna I highly recommend that you read his work and why dmn sad so glad to catch you live looking gorgeous do you recommend a lifestyle diet that helps balance hormones did your diet help reset your hormones if this was an issue for you our issue I’m sorry hormones will always be an issue with women it’s if you’re overweight if you’re not sleeping well if your anxiety Pro and if you have children your hormones are cray-cray or have been at some point absolutely and the reason I know this that this diet helped me reset my hormones is because I’m able to sleep better like one thing my sister and I always talked about this we grew up like not we weren’t the kind of people that thought we naturally could not handle stress like I would get if two people were talking to me at the same time that would like throw me off into a frenzy and it’s like weird like what I’m human like why can’t I handle like two people talking to me or like loud noises like weird things all of that was reset with my hormones being balanced also I used to get crazy oh my god crazy PMS pain crazy I wouldn’t be able to go to I miss so much of high school I feel like ah because of my PMS pains and things like that but I like don’t even realize when my period has started now because of they could just disappeared I used to have fibroids I think they’re called um when I was in my 20s they wanted to do surgery on me to remove my ovary in like the fibroids right I didn’t even have children at that and they wanted to do like very invasive surgery right and I was like no like I haven’t have kids yet I’m not gonna like risk that and now that surgery has gotten highly and bad advanced but I’m I’m 36 so I’m talking like 16 years ago it felt like it would be very invasive they disappeared like a lot of these things that I always had and they seem to be genetic just like magically disappeared so yes this diet helped reset my hormones it reset my whole life and the way that my body runs now is definitely a lot more efficient oh thank you so much Gayathri said that looking gorgeous in the white top and I saw some earrings this was part of my gift from my sister for Mother’s Day all of these plaques you see in the back and these earrings she even got me a matching necklace thank you guys so much for noticing Zara said Jenna I noticed sometimes I was in Quito while my husband wasn’t when we checked we were eating the same thing so I think it also personal to each person maybe Mina knows more about this absolutely it is so when people ask other people like oh you know what are your macros for being in Quito that may be a guide to start but don’t they get very hung up on that because it will be personal sometimes I can tell just like by the way I feel and I know this is TMI but you can sometimes tell by the way that your urine smells sorry I know this is TMI but you once you start measuring if you need to measure I don’t think everybody needs to be that crazy with it if you measure and you can kind of pick up on the signals and the symptoms of it you won’t have to measure for the rest of your life god forbid if I ever had cancer though I would be measuring my ketones every single day like after a physical meal because of the research that I’ve done um Shan said Mina please do a video on hormones and PMS I don’t think I have enough information on it for a whole video but in a nutshell basically this diet helped me like just I’ve always been regular with my period so that’s never been an issue for me I also say though that a lot of people that I have met through this community that tried gluten-free grain free life set and we’re having struggling with having children were able to conceive once they were on this life plan this lifestyle plan for a couple of years also I realized that I mentioned in a few other videos about there’s something that I recommend to people that if you’re struggling with conceiving and I got so many messages that I couldn’t even respond back so I’ll just mention it right now if you guys can give a thumbs up to this video the people that are just joined under the video not in the chat box um there is a um Lube lick lubricant called precede P re s EE D and I know this is kind of TMI I’m sorry but so many people I know that tried it conceived with it that I would be a total jerk if I didn’t mention it because I know that it could help somebody so I know some people that were were able to conceive from the grain free lifestyle after being on it for some time and I know some people that were able to conceive after trying this lubricant so you can buy it at CVS Walmart Walgreens I’m pretty sure and you can order not Amazon so I just want to mention it because I got so many messages I couldn’t respond back to everybody so hopefully they will watch this video but everything that we think is genetic or hormonal or aging it turns out its lifestyle it turns out it’s diet and think about it this food is something we are directly ingesting into our body it is it’s what we’re made of like it is a part of who we are like every fiber in our body is big fueled by the things that we are consuming good and bad so to dismiss this the medical system dismisses this by not teaching our doctors nutrition and you know now some doctors are learning it if you guys want to read up on this read the book undoctored by dr. William Davis and he is a board-certified doctor like he he knows the medical industry and he knows the other side of it too and this is a doctor that’s like standing up for it now and being very honest and vocal about how the medical industry runs and how it’s all driven by money and stuff I guess a lot of hate comments when I do these kind of videos because people say oh these are conspiracy theories and it’s hocus-pocus and like I have blood results proving all the stuff so if you want to come over and have this debate you bring your blood results I’ll play bring mine and let’s bring in the doctors that told me that I would not be able to cure my autoimmune disease without medication and I did it I did it and I went back to those doctors and I showed them my results and I said what do you think in this almost a flu or well yes and explained or yeah I keep doing what you’re doing the standard answer all right so if I had listened to them without doing my own research I would be on medication cancer medication for the rest of my life no thank you I did my own research and it went pretty well for me so I have had people say to me in my comments I will unsubscribe to you if you keep doing these videos and my response to that is I’m not doing these videos to gain popularity or get an X number of subscribers this is my life for those of you guys that have been following me you guys already know like my status and my net worth and I don’t need the money I don’t need like the popularity I’m a mom of three kids I’m not I’m just a normal person with a everyday disease that everybody else is dealing with right and this is how I solved it I’m not trying to sell you guys anything in fact I’m telling you guys to don’t buy anything and go do your research and learn for yourself and make healthy choices so threatening to unsubscribe to me first of all subscriptions on YouTube are free so it’s not like they paid me something to subscribe to me I will definitely not change my content or what I believe in from you know for fear of losing subscribers it doesn’t make to me I I consider it my duty to share this information I’m not in forcing anybody to go eat anyway I’ve gotten angry messages from people saying why should I eat green feet don’t do it like I’m not it does not impact me one bit what you are eating it impacts you it impacts your health it doesn’t bother me or impact my life on how you spend your money right it impacts you I’m just sharing the information that has worked for me because I feel like it there was a lot of headache involved there was a lot of money I spent a lot of time and energy a lot of tears blood sweat and finding this information and it would be kind of a jerky mood of me a move of me not to share it because if I can help like ten of you guys out there awesome if the rest of you guys don’t want to try it don’t try it like it doesn’t impact me but I’m always amazed by people threatening to unsubscribe because I happen to cure my autoimmune disease without the help of medications it’s like the medical industry will survive just fine without me I’m sure sorry doctors like I cost you guys some money but you know this is the route that I took I’m sure you said Jaime now you’re awesome and very helpful love your sincere advice thank you sherry this is that’s why I share it because maybe it will help some of you guys I went through a lot of headache imagine having a lot of annoying life-threatening lifestyle changing symptoms and being told it’s all in your head right it’s not in my head it what these were things that were really impacting my quality of life and I did something about it wasn’t easy no it wasn’t easy easy to be being the weird when eating a different diet when everybody was eating a certain way I was told all kinds of things that I’m being a diva or I’m high-maintenance all right what am I too good for this food all sorts of things but now those same people want to know what am i doing now I’m the odd one standing out that slim in my age group that’s active that’s healthy that energetic and form and again I keep saying my age group because you know I turned 37 this year and I see my peers that are routinely tired their fatigue hair loss weight gain hormonal issues and they think that’s just normal they say oh it’s just part of Aging well guess what what if it’s not what if there was an alternative route but nobody told us we just thought it was part of Aging we just thought it just meant getting old first of all 30s and 40s and 50s isn’t even old like the human lifespan is like in the 80s in the US right so old is like 80 right to me I mean I know plenty of people oh my god there was this woman I literally want to follow her home one day she is um if I had to like guess her age she’s probably in her early 80s she lives in our community I know because she uses our community sewing pool which you need like a path to get into but I don’t know which subdivision she lives in and oh my god this woman has the most amazing body like she could put a 20 year old to shame with her body and I bet you that she’s grain free and there are gluten free and I I say this because every single time I’ve met somebody at a party an older woman especially and I’ve like she’s caught my eye because of the way she’s moving the way her hair is the way her skin looks the way her body is and if I’ve ever struck up a conversation guess what she’s 100% of the time been gluten free grain free so you I can now pick up those people in a crowd and if I go strike up a conversation with them and we happen to get on the topic because I want to find out and being nosey guess what they’re gluten free grain free so this is like a free anti-aging miracle like cure for all diseases that I seem to find so why wouldn’t I share that Nadia Nadia said do can you recommend birth control that is natural effective non-invasive and hormone-free the I can’t use like anything with hormones like you guys do not want to know me if I do so I would recommend condoms basically that’s the only one that I know and I use so that’s what I would recommend other than that I haven’t done very much research on it because condoms have pretty much always worked for us and like at the end of the day people say oh they’re not a hundred percent but like I’m married and like if I accidentally got pregnant like okay we’ll just have another baby you know so it’s not the end of the world for us um like it’s okay of course I’m choosing not to because of my my you know I want to maintain my health and stuff because of my family history of cancer but I cannot take any pills with hormones and all that so the only one I can recommend without doing any research is condoms I just said hi Mina I missed your live chat cheating on work right now I’m so glad you’re here love you so much hey I’m trying to get back into the groove I know I missed a few last week and the week before that and I’m trying to get back into the groove so good um vcp said my mom is on cancer meds for arthritis this breaks my heart I thank God for the encouraging and insight you provide vcp I know so many people that are on Kendall’s medications for arthritis I personally have a ton of friends my neighbor my next-door neighbor on this side she’s a cancer survivor and has rheumatoid arthritis and she’s on that medication and I if I could just like go bring her food every day and like make her grain free I would but you guys know that’s against what I believe I have mentioned it to her that that’s how I control my she knows she knows my lifestyle she’s I she’s borrowed my books on weed belly and all of that so you know she’s she’s going through her own journey I personally know friends and this is what I’ve seen in the data so I have like so many people that I personally know realize in Houston that have rheumatoid arthritis or other life-threatening autoimmune diseases and what I’ve seen is that on the people that are doing the lifestyle food only half cured it and then there’s the people that are on the medication only they are very ill and they’re just on medication and then there is this third group that are doing the diet and the medication and these people are kind of stuck in limbo which is really weird to me this group right here the one that’s on medication and the lifestyle boggles my head the most because they are doing the lifestyle but they’re also doing the medication you would think that they would be better off than the people in my category that are only doing lifestyle but for some reason they’re not they keep having to go back to the doctor every three or four months from what I’ve gauge it’s like every three or four months to get a different dose of medication or to get all together new medication because they’re autoimmune disease keeps changing to other autoimmune diseases weirdest thing ever if I personally was a scientist and if I had like globs of money to invest in it this would be the group of people I would study because you would think that the people that are only taking the medication they’re not getting cured okay I can understand that the people that got cured from the lifestyle changes okay I can understand that – because I’m in that group the people who are doing both and are still ill that group of people boggles my head if you were a doctor or a researcher and you are into this please study that group of people because that is just weird to me for some it’s almost like the medication is keeping them from healing from the lifestyle changes so they a lot these people all know each other because we’re part of a group and we go out to lunch and we hang out so this group of people knows about the other group so hopefully you know they can figure it out on their own it’s not very easy for them to get off the medication because every time they go to the doctor to ask them to be removed from it they get put on another of medication and a lot of times you just don’t have the confidence to be able to look somebody in a white lab coat and say no you know what no I want to be off this medication and I don’t want to go on another one so unfortunately that is what’s happening to them it just boggles my mind right it’s it’s just highly cultivating my life is here happy to have you a BCP said my mom is in the limbo group maybe it’s behavioral related yeah that group is the one that worries me and makes me the most curious at the same time because they’re also doing the lifestyle I am not getting why art why aren’t they better off than me because they’re doing the medication and the lifestyle so that part I’m really confused about kiss first said Mina what do you mean by going cold turkey and what do you do when you have cravings um when you have cravings for gluten zooming so or carbs so cold turkey means you completely stop eating grains and you have you will have cravings for three days and every time you have a craving you eat something that’s not grain and you fill that craving with like non green stuff and by the third day your cravings miraculously disappear and your hunger returns to normal human levels and you’re just like wow like I’m just not as hungry you you are only hungry when you’re like you need to eat and then you’re not like always crazy hungry unless you reintroduce the grains and then you kind of go back so cold turkey means I highly for you kids first I highly recommend dr. William Davis’s ten day gray in detox because by the third day you will be saying what cravings and I have to stop myself from doing that to people because a lot of time people will say well on Instagram when I post pictures of all my meals people are like well what do you eat when you have cravings or what do you eat when you have a sweet tooth and my first response is well I don’t but I have to stop myself because other people do I forget sometimes that most of us live with having to deprive of ourselves because we’re always craving food we’re all this craving sugar we’re always just wanting to eat humans were not evolved to live that way because there just wasn’t food with an abundant always like that so we ate when we food was available and then we didn’t eat for really long periods of time when we’ve always survived thrived on that so you need to reset your body and the only way you can do it is through the ten-day grain detox I highly recommend you get that book if you have a library near you and if your library gives you free access to hoopla 800 PLA hoopla has the ten-day grain detox for free the audiobook this is what the app looks like hoopla and they allow you eight free downloads every month through your library and here’s mine ten day group I just finished that smacks booby-trap your detox hopefully so you just listen to the audiobook and it’s just a couple of hours long he’ll give you a grocery list he’ll give you exact menu plan he’ll give you the recipes he’ll tell you what vitamins to take to make it easier he’ll tell you how to detox quicker so the cravings saw-like he is literally handing it to you package I’m sorry freedom but depth this video will definitely be posted on YouTube afterwards so you can definitely you can check it out so I recommend that these resources are available to you make them your friend I would even if you’re new I would recommend you buying the ten day green detox because then you can have the menu plan the grocery list he will tell you what words to look out for I mean he basically dr. William Davis like makes it so easy you can’t have it any easier than that you really can so I highly recommend that you guys look into it if you’re suffering from any of the things that I just talked about and I suffered from give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed this guy’s I will let you go know and enjoy the rest of your day I really appreciate you guys spending your afternoon with me thank you so much I find I may be back later tonight to do a live financial QA I’ll see how he’s feeling after work and yeah I’ll catch you guys later thank you bye

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