15 Ways To Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally – Cure MS Naturally

15 Ways To Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally – Cure MS Naturally

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1. Start taking vitamin D.

A lack of vitamin D may be a cause of multiple sclerosis. Studies show clusters of MS sufferers in areas around the world that lack consistent amounts of sunlight. Get a vitamin D test and boost your level with a good vitamin D3 supplement that also includes vitamin K2 to ensure its efficacy. The main source of vitamin D is the sun. Twenty minutes a day in the morning sun with plenty of skin showing will help, but if you have a deficiency, reverse it as soon as possible.

2. Stop using the microwave.

Irradiated food isn’t healthy!

3. Eat organic foods and stay away from GMOs.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Yep, genetically modified food sounds scary, doesn’t it? Over 50 countries worldwide can’t be wrong about banning GMO foods, although the U.S. hasn’t banned them yet.

4. Eat organic, wild sockeye salmon.

Wild sockeye salmon is rich in proteins and good omega-3 fats. One serving per week goes a long way toward improving health in multiple sclerosis by providing healthy fats that decrease inflammation.

5. Get tested for food sensitivities.

This is extremely important some food allergies and sensitivities are known to make MS symptoms worse because the reaction they cause creates widespread inflammation throughout your body.

6. Get a blood test to check your vitamin levels and heavy metal levels.

Many MS sufferers are extremely low in several vitamins, and heavy metal toxicity can mimic many multiple sclerosis symptoms. Find out where your body stands in terms of these issues.

7. Add veggies to your diet.

It’s the green stuff spinach, kale, cucumbers, broccoli and cabbage that offer MS patients a lot of phytonutrients that can benefit health.

8. Start a massage protocol.

Massage will help stimulate lymphatic flow and circulation, increase joint flexibility and can even help with muscle spascity.

9. STOP, STOP, STOP drinking any type of soda.

Soda wreaks havoc on your entire body, and with MS sufferers who already have a compromised immune system. The carbonation acts in the body as a waste product that must be detoxified. Give your body every opportunity to be healthy and heal by not loading it down with waste products.

10. Exercise.

You can swim, walk, use an elliptical machine, ride a stationary bike, do Pilates, yoga, or practice simple stretches. Lifting weights provides the most benefits to keep your muscles and core strong enough to support you! Protect your muscles from becoming atrophied.

11. Raise your body’s pH with alkaline water.

The body functions at its best in an alkaline state. Water used to be neutral, but now it’s acidic and contributes to inflammation. Alkaline water helps decrease inflammation.

12. Forget bottled water.

Although it may be convenient, bottled water is usually very acidic and unhealthy. No one truly knows how long the plastic bottles have been sitting in heat and sun, and both these cause leaching of chemicals (BPA) from the plastic. BPAs are known carcinogens that may cause cancer and other autoimmune challenges.

13. Say no to aspartame and MSG.

It’s so important to read labels. You may be shocked, but aspartame and MSG are popping up in all kinds of foods, including gum, breads, cereals, canned goods, convenience foods and processed foods. Aspartame wasn’t made for human consumption, and toxicity from aspartame and MSG mimic many MS symptoms.

14. Go gluten free or limit gluten consumption.

If you’re sensitive to gluten, it will cause widespread inflammation in the body.

15. Laugh.

This is the last in a lineup of many great tips for you to start on a path of restoring your body. Although the 14 previous tips are ones I’ve done myself and helped contribute to my overcoming MS, laughter is honestly one of the most important things you can do. Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boosts your energy, and protects you from the damage of stress. It decreases stress hormone levels, decreases pain and improves your mood.

Laughter is good for your soul. It’s FREE. And let’s face it, everyone’s happier when you laugh together.

15 Ways To Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally – Cure MS Naturally
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