20 Ways to Cook & Eat Flax Seeds for Weight Loss | How to Use Flax Seeds | Recipes | In Hindi

Flax seeds are the richest source of plant base Omega 3 fatty acid, it’s also high in fibre and multiple vitamins & minerals. But, if you wonder, how can use these tiny super food into your diet than you have come to the right place. Here, I have featured 20 simple ways of using or including flax seeds in your diet for weight loss or for general fitness.

Links to the recipes mentioned in the video:-

1. Flax seeds infused water :- https://youtu.be/sYyE8sO99Vs
2. Flax seeds protein powder :- https://youtu.be/hDI7zcuDIEA
3. Flax seeds in Roti :- https://youtu.be/kLXAIF0xD6Y
Oats Palak flax seeds roti :- https://youtu.be/VtbwPNH-lYI
4. Flax seeds in smoothies :- https://youtu.be/XwC09Picfnc
Oats apricot smoothie :- https://youtu.be/ACtsIXReZVY
5. Flax seeds in salads :- https://youtu.be/hNc1CIrU8DE
Sprouts salad :- https://youtu.be/YmbBM9SWb1U
6. Flax seeds in peanut butter :- https://youtu.be/es6USp8OXfA
7. Flax seeds in Ladoo :- https://youtu.be/g-oCLKWKoec
8. Flax seeds namkeen or Crackers :- https://youtu.be/j7kE7_P2pAU
9. Flax seeds in soups :- https://youtu.be/B0C2_5UXZso
Flax seeds ragi soup :- https://youtu.be/SBUBAQhc3c
10.Flax Seeds In oat meal :- https://youtu.be/mZNPnIWSz1k
Flax seeds in overnight oats :- https://youtu.be/C0-c0NtM4-o
11. Flax seeds in baking ;-https://youtu.be/sS5W1hNa9hU
12. Flax seeds slimming powder:- https://youtu.be/6Qm72sMqjto
13. Flax seeds in Chutney :- https://youtu.be/Fu9izuWe9L0
14. Flax seeds in granola :- https://youtu.be/zUin7zgKNY8
15. Flax seeds in toast :- https://youtu.be/2N0mEfAJyrY
16. Flax seeds in tahini :- https://youtu.be/TKbEngGzfbg
17. Flax seeds in malt :- https://youtu.be/hp9Wc84TKoY

Link to related video benefits of flax seeds :- https://youtu.be/FinjUvDTjeQ

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