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Hey lovelies so a few weeks ago I asked you what you wanted to see more of on the channel and the resounding answer was breakfast breakfast breakfast healthy breakfast to be more specific and today I am answering that call with three delicious gluten free muffin ideas these are really yummy we’ve got two savory one sweet they’re easy to make and what I love most about muffins for breakfast is that they’re perfect for grabbing and going and since I know a lot of us have really busy schedules they’re wonderful to have on hand today I’m going to get started by sharing the base recipe for these muffins with you and then the best part is once you’ve got the base recipe down you can go ahead and add any nixon’s you like but I’m going to show you three of my favorite flavor combinations first up though let’s get started with our base now the body of these muffins is actually going to be some oat flour Oh flour is really easy to make you basically pop your oats into your blender or your food processor and give them a quick pulse you’ll end up with this nice fine powder it’s really great you can also buy oat flour now at most supermarkets so totally up to you it’s really important that you look for gluten free oats some oats are not made in facilities that are completely wheat free so especially if you are celiac or have a serious sensitivity to wheat you want to make sure you’re working with gluten-free oats to that I’m going to add some coconut sugar a little bit of baking powder and some baking soda for lift I’m going to whisk all of my dry ingredients together to make sure they’re nice and well incorporated and everything gets a good even lift while they’re cooking then I will turn my attention to my wet ingredients in this case I’m using a combination of melted butter a little bit of milk and two eggs if you wanted to skip the melted butter in this recipe you could definitely replace it with a little bit of vegetable or canola oil instead I’m going to whisk this all together until those eggs are well beaten then our final step will be to pour our wet ingredients into our dry ingredients and give it a good mix at this point once you’ve got your base batter made you can pretty much add in anything you like first up I’m going to be making some Western flavored muffin if you’ve ever had a Western omelet then you probably already know that the combination of cheddar cheese chopped ham bell pepper and finely chopped red onion is so super tasty so we’re going to get all of that tastiness into our batter give it a good stir until it’s well combined and then use an ice cream scoop to transfer it into a muffin tin that I’ve just lined with some cupcake liners I always love to use an ice cream scoop for this I just think it’s a better way of doing things once I’ve got all that goodness in my muffin tin I’m going to bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes or so what you’re looking for is for a fork to come out clean when you stick it into the center that’s how you know they’re ready and once they’re out of the oven you’ve got delicious protein packs or western muffins that any cowboy would approve of for my next flavor combination I’m going to be whipping up some Mediterranean inspired muffins to my base batter I am adding some crumbled feta cheese I’ve got some roasted red peppers that I finely chopped these add a little bit of sweetness to these which I love some of that natural sweetness to offset that natural sweetness we are adding some kalamata olives which are nice and salty for some freshness we’ve got some freshly chopped basil going in here and finally I have got some Greek seasoning for good measure give it a stir and then once again transfer it into your muffin tin and bake it the very same way these are super flavorful and perfectly balanced they’ve got a little bit of sweetness from those roasted red peppers plus some saltiness from that feta and those olives I would actually recommend serving them with just a little bit of tipsy ki sauce the perfect finish finally if you are the kind of person who craves sweets in the morning then you will love my very berry flavored muffins these wouldn’t start once again with my face better to that I am going to add a nice combination of fresh berries I’ve got some raspberries some blueberries some blackberries here I’m also going to add a little bit of maple syrup for some sweetness and some flavor a little vanilla extract and finally I’m going to finish this recipe off with a good sprinkle of chia seeds which we know are absolutely awesome for us we’ll give that a stir get it into our muffin tin and then into the oven and what you end up with are some very delicious muffins that you can feel very very good about I hope these tasty muffins help make your mornings just a little more inspired and that you’ll give them a try in your own kitchens if you do as always be sure to tweet me Instagram me or snapchat me a photo because I always love seeing your creations and if you haven’t already be sure to check out my Food Network series it’s called better than takeout it’s available on their YouTube channel right now and I am really really excited about it I hope you guys love it as much as I do finally if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe because there is lots more deliciousness for the scape

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