3 Ingredient Gluten FREE Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Today we’re going to be doing a really really fun one and this is my three ingredient flourless brownies recipe so let’s get on with the three simple ingredients we’re going to need four eggs one cup of chocolate chips I’m using semi-sweet chocolate chips in this recipe and also one teaspoon of baking powder three simple ingredients so let’s get started for our first step I want to melt my chocolate I’m going to do that in my microwave on the defrost mode so my chocolate is nicely melted so on to the next step for our next step I’ve got my four eggs I’m gonna get those into my KitchenAid Bowl and we’re going to be really really whipping these to get a lot of air into the eggs so I’ll get my Bowl on there and get my whisk get that into place and now what I’m going to do I’m going to whip these on high for about six full minutes I want to incorporate a lot of air I’m going to let this go for a full six minutes and then I’ll come back okay this is six minutes later I’m just going to remove this a second just show you how nice to say that look at this tilt here so you can see it in the camera it’s really really nice at this point I’m going to get my little bit of baking powder in there all the way around that’s good and a very important note I have my oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit your oven must be ready to go when this recipes ready we’re going to pour it into our pan and we want to get that right into the oven as soon as possible and get my bowl back on just going to mix that in a little bit hey that’s good and then our last ingredient our chocolate and I want to have my mixer going while I’m adding the chocolate in okay that’s good I’m going to grab a large spatula and I just want to get all of that chocolate on the side of the bowl down into the actual mixing area and now I’m just going to mix this for about another minute okay that’s good remove our whisk remove our bowl and I have an 8×8 baking tray here line with parchment paper and now we’re just going to get all of our really nice fluffy batter right into here I’ll turn here so you can see okay that’s good then I’m just gonna push it around you don’t want to play with this too much you don’t want to deflate the mixture okay it’s good and now into my 350 degree fahrenheit oven I’m going to bake this about thirty minutes so here we are again I baked my cake for a total of thirty minutes in my 350 degree fahrenheit oven I’m going to grab a little spatula and I just want to make sure that I get a clean break around the side and this side here we’ll take our little pins off and there we have it so I’ll remove that bring in our cutting board I just wanted to mention before I forget that the method that I used here to make the brownies where we took the eggs and really whipped a lot of air into them it’s the same kind of technique that you would use when you’re making a sponge cake my brownies have been cooling now for about 45 minutes so they’re good it’s a little bit of warmth left but that’s okay I’m just going to cut off the edge and for a flourless brownie this is really really amazing my knife just went right through that I’m going to zoom in a little bit more as I cut through it I just want to show you again but this here is light and fluffy really really airy mmm so so good so let me just zoom in on the edge here and then I’ll take another cut so I’ve zoomed in quite a bit hopefully you can see the texture of this let me just lift it up a little bit this is so light a little squeeze can you see this that’s because we whipped those eggs for so long I did a total of 6 minutes in my KitchenAid mixer let me just cut into this again make sure on camera here just watch how easily my knife goes through this it’s it’s like cutting through air watch this look at that I’ve hardly touched put any pressure on my knife look at this I mean this is amazing a truly light delicious brownie and remember this is gluten free no flour in it whatsoever love it so you can finish this off any which way you like you could frost you if you wish or if you want to keep it on the healthier side you could just eat it like this a really really simple recipe I hope you enjoyed it if you did please give me a thumbs up subscribe if you wish I really do appreciate that that’s it and I’ll see you next oh so so light so delicious after I finished filming my video I thought I would have a little fun with an egg ring and a little piece of plastic and what I did was I just used the egg ring I pushed it into the brownie cut myself a circle inserted the little piece of plastic and then I poured a little bit of milk chocolate on the top I wasn’t going to film this but I thought I’ll just end off the video like this even though I did say goodbye earlier so I’m just going to just show you the bottom so I’m just going to push this up and you can see with that little piece of plastic how easily that just slides right out and this is just for making eggs so just a little stainless steel ring a couple of dollars for that but very very handy and then let me get a little plate and then we can just peel this off we have a really really nice finished product here look at that let’s clean up I guess I’ll use that as my little thumbnail there we have it let me just zoom in so I think that looks pretty cute what I might do is I’m just going to make something out of white chocolate a little decoration and maybe put that on the top so if you see that in my youtube thumbnail you’ll know this is from the same recipe so there we have it doesn’t that look nice and really really sharp clean edges really fun so that really is it for this video and I’ll see you next time you