A Healthy Diet : Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

Hi i’m rachael richardson I’m a licensed nutritionist and registered dietitian with nutrolution in south beach florida in this clip we’re going to talk about why you should eat gluten free and how you might benefit so I like to work with clients who are first of all willing to consider gluten-free eating and the reason is because most of my clients who have any level of pain or chronic energy problems or intestinal problems highly benefit when they cut out gluten so literally cutting out gluten will remove all the inflammation that’s causing chronic pain in your body the way that you can actually find gluten-free foods is number one to either focus on whole foods such as things that grow on the trees or grow from the ground or graze on grass like like chicken and beef and poultry if you’re buying processed foods then you want to look for something that’s gluten-free so anything that doesn’t contain gluten as you can see right here will say does not contain gluten or it will say gluten free so this is the best way that you can go about if you’re going to eat gluten free and i highly recommend it for most of my clients this has been rachael with nutrolution in south beach florida

Gluten Free Diet

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