Hello good morning so I gathered a bunch of onesies they’re zippered pajamas that Raphael can’t fit into any boy got some fishing cheeps back here for their lunch cooking lunch for Hadar just a quick meal I fooling around here he is coming he’s pretty late but he had to go buy paint and he had to buy oh he had to go get my money out of the money gram thing so gathered all these I’m gonna sell them on Facebook this one is like new oh he wore it maybe once maybe twice I don’t know but the other ones are used and he wore them pretty good I’m not sure why he didn’t like this one very much he didn’t really wear it it’s like new just not even got anywhere on it but we’re also going to film a video today so we’re waiting for daddy to get home she took her hair bow out it and that cute this was from Jill that’s very cute so we’re waiting on him she’s got your puzzles yeah she it’s very hard to keep her away from his projects that he’s doing he has no space to himself that’s the only thing that’s not very good about this house he has no space to himself so he has to wait until she’s asleep to like play with his marble run and stuff like that so come on let’s go up you can sit with mommy good morning everybody [Music] yeah we’re all playing on the floor with some cars Abigail loves cars too she’s what switching was which yeah they’re learning how to play like if she’s grabbing one he lets go of it so she can play with it she loves cars all right what do you do now cuz she’s crying about it yeah you got a switch oh she’s gonna come and sit on my lap I’m fixin to get ready I just got her ready just to get dressed don’t break your car okay let’s sit on it hey let her play with it here go play with us go play with it all right play nicely these are all the cars that grandma sent that is from Grandma grip on Israel let’s see yeah the other ones grandmas are from America come here Abbi I’m gonna show your shirt show me your shirt let me see your outfit anyway it’s this hello mommy she doesn’t know what an outfit means she loves to get her outfit on and her bow you like your bow this is the behavior on gluten by the way gonna take two weeks two weeks to get back to normal can’t wait cannot wait really honestly truly yes you have to calm down Upton okay somebody’s gonna get hurt you have to calm down Raphael you’re going to tear your toys up No and then they’re gonna go in the garbage you do not throw your toys put stickers on all right that is coming home so we’ll see him in a minute yes and it’s early hi oh yeah popsicle all right I made it a little too huge but it is a kool-aid popsicle like it yeah it it still tastes like kool-aid and pineapple and stuff I just made it in this with what do you call it yeah chopstick broke in half and then to get it out I put hot water around it you can put it in there when you and put it back in the freezer okay aha early in the next morning whatever daddy left to go work out just say buddy say buddy [Music] she just told him by E are you sad now Abigail he said he went to the I think he’s going next door to the high-rise apartments what are you doing Abigail trying to put some shoes on oh you try to put shoes on bye see ya backpack watch it back back back back just getting the clothes out and putting them on the floor so how was your exercise daddy what did you do no your your ears are red red yeah yeah Abigail shut that yeah we got a gun right there that’s not Mary hey Dad really good laundry news no wonder I lose my socks all the time she brings him out here why are you keep calling me are you serious right now I have a gal what’s that back oh you get girl so you went up six laps up how many stories again yummy you also had to fill out this very long questionnaire the autism questionnaire that’s so much fun we had to do several her Rafael Kaz I kept losing his paperwork actually that was not awesome losing my dream where where is it Oh Rafael’s nightgowns no not as a nightgown says zippered feety pajamas Phoebe Petey pajamas Bob again what you doing what you doing you’re getting more clothes a marble run yes look at this big marble big marbles don’t go down in there though you have to use the small marbles that it come with no take a big marbles out because they don’t work they don’t go down the chute they’ll get stuck they’re too big yeah go this marble run husband a really good time they light up Lee Anne that’s really good yeah well I’ve changed see the top things he can move these and put them on the empty ones there’s like four empty ones as well right here Phil go right here or he can just put them down in the hole yep try this first you have to keep these closed alright good so they can’t go yet until I say 3 2 1 excuse me you have to be here to witness it it’s very cool yeah very cool they just said over and over again alright you wanna tell everybody bye sure not a baby so you don’t say by E I want to did you play more we’re just fixing a good bed here in a little bit teller bunny bye-bye when I have my catch sister this cat register we learned about money in counting today and Raphael drew me some beautiful pictures that I’ll show you later tomorrow tomorrow we’ll see you tomorrow hi guys so I just wanted to talk a little bit about the gluten free my kids are not celiac they don’t have an allergy possibly I have noticed a great difference in when Zed was a kid when I put him on gluten free sugar free and the movie that I watched was first do no harm and it was about a ketogenic diet for kids that had epilepsy and that was the very first like nutritional video that I ever watched it’s it’s a maybe and I thought if that can have that an amazing effect on a child with you know something going on in their brain their brain chemistry then let me just try to take out sugar and wheat you know gluten from Zeb’s diet and I did and within two weeks he was off of medication he did have to take ritalin because he had ADHD after he got off of wheat and sugar there was no ADHD he was fine he did suffer in his grades he went from A’s and B’s to D’s and F’s for like six months so nobody eventually brought it back up he’s very bright so that did affect his grades for a while but he worked really hard and he brought it back up ritalin helps you to focus a lot so within two weeks this boy went from bouncing off walls when he wasn’t on medication to just fine and he has autism as well he has Asperger’s and that has always been on the autism spectrum but now they don’t call it Asperger’s it’s just everything’s lumped into one diagnosis ASD period you can get like rated on a scale like how high-functioning you are what programs you need what therapies you need to help improve your skills but basically yeah I just want to encourage you if you have a child that is on the spectrum try it because it doesn’t hurt anything it literally hurts nothing there are no vitamins in gluten that are necessary for life ever okay so there’s there’s nothing to like I don’t want to deprive my child it’s not like that anyway said was he was 11 when I took him off of gluten and sugar and he didn’t care I mean I didn’t say anything I didn’t I wasn’t like well putting you on a diet you know I didn’t say anything I just did it and he ate what I fed him and I fed him real food like I feed Rafael and Abigail I feed them real food most of their food is one ingredient you know meat fruit vegetables it’s one ingredient so you know after that we’ll have like dairy or you know it’s more processed food like corn bread or rice cakes or things like that you know but most of their food has one and one ingredient only they do well on those foods Rafael’s behavior husband I haven’t shown it and I have stayed away from filming him as much while he is going through the through this his behavior has been out of control and with you’re gonna see I should probably film it actually so you can’t see the difference hadar was like this this is not him you know what I mean and it’s because we’ve been slacking and he’s been eating gluten so I do want to encourage you if you do have a child with ADHD or a child that is on the spectrum and just try it I know a lot of kids my kids personally don’t have food aversions and they don’t have sensitivities to like anything really you know sensory for food but there are foods that your kid will eat that don’t have gluten and I promise you so I just want to encourage you just to try it just to try it you can try it and see if it makes a difference and give it a good like a hundred and ten percent try for two weeks and you really should notice the difference my mother noticed it and said like right away right away um the it full effect happens within two weeks though and for the next daily kitchen next daily Kitty that’s what I like my gosh yeah that’s it you aren’t subscribed yet please subscribe and like comment and share fully living [Music] all right I was the fastest appointment ever Abigail cried wants us because a doctor looked at her whether he’s gonna smell really good tonight