Banana Cake with Walnuts | Gluten & Sugar Free

This is one of our favourite weekend cakes – we make it at least twice a month for us and for friends. All my friends love it! It’s super easy to make and it’s a great healthy option for picnics, family gatherings and even special occasions like birthdays.

6 eggs
4 large ripe bananas
150g Almond flour
50g Coconut flour
1.5 teaspoon soda
4 table spoons olive oil
1 cup of walnuts (or pecans)
Dired fruits as per your taste: figs, apricots, prunes, raising

Preheat oven to 375F/175C
1. Mix all dry ingredients together (almond flour, coconut flour and soda)
2. Beat the eggs
3. Add to the eggs the olive oil and mix
4. Mash bananas with a fork
5. Mix banana with the eggs
6. Mix wet ingredients with dry ingredients
7. Chop the walnuts and the dry fruits
8. Mix all well
9. Transfer to a banking cake try
10. Bake for 45-50 min at 350F/175C

If you have a special occasion you can cover on the top with mascarpone and all sorts of berries and Volia! You’ve got a birthday cake. Make sure that when you cover with mascarpone the cake has cooled down – if it’s hot, the mascarpone will get yellowish.

Healthy benefits of walnuts:

Mimi’s original banana bread recipe:

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