Benefits Of A Gluten Free – Sugar Free Diet – Healthy Living Diet For Entertainers

Barry Friedman shares the benefits of a gluten-free diet and how it has helped him better tackle his career.

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Barry Friedman is one half of the incredible Raspyni Brothers team. He sat down with corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl to discuss his career and offer advice for

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You are gluten-free, sugar-free, and full of more energy than anybody I know. Can you tell us a little bit about your health regiment there?

That’s a good idea, though. I mean, why not? Right?


It’s part of living this life, you know. I said we get seventy, eighty years…who knows how long people live although…yeah, I’m crazy. I sat on the couch for the first forty-two years of my life. I had my son when I was forty. Our only child, we’d been married fifteen years at the time, we’re married twenty-five years now. And it was funny to have a kid at forty because, you know, I was kind of set in my ways. My wife and I, we’d sleep late, we’d, you know, if I had a gig in Bali, we’d go for three weeks and, you know, do the show on the last …

Bye to that!

Goodbye…well, it was, it was a change And here’s this kid, at two and a half he jumps onto a two wheel bike. He’s, you know, he’s done ten triathalons. He’s ten years old, he’s done ten of these kid triathalons.


And when he was two I just started…I thought, «I have to keep up with this kid,» so I started biking, I started running, I started swimming. And I did my first triathalon at forty-five, and I did the XTerra. I did a Tough Mudder…on my fiftieth birthday this year I did a Tough Mudder. It’s a twelve mile run with twenty-six British military obstacles…electricity, climbing walls, going under… But I was a lazy putz! So, I…I’ve just…yeah, the last eight years of my life have been incredible. I have so much energy. I can barely sit still, I know. And I love doing that. I went off gluten. I went off all wheat products. My joints instantly turned to strong and unswollen. I think there’s a lot of wheat and gluten allergy in our country that’s not looked at because the stuff’s everywhere. I’d recommend everyone give it a try for two weeks. No pizza, no beer, no pasta, no cookies. You know, any of that stuff with wheat in it. Hey, two weeks, give it a try and see if you feel better.

As an entertainer people view the entire package. If you don’t feel your best, your performance suffers, Taking care of your body by exercising and eating properly is an important component of being a performer.

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