Bone Broth Benefits | Ep27

As many of you already know, Dr. Gundry has a reputation for maintaining healthy skepticism. If you’ve been watching the videos on this channel, you may have seen him debunking certain health myths and fads, from the carnivore diet or wheatgrass shots.

But just because it’s a fad, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. And, in the case of bone broth, it certainly combines some contradictory (you might even say “paradoxical” elements) for followers of the Plant Paradox. The first hint is in the name… bone broth, after all, is based in animal protein, which should be approached with caution. However, there are some pretty amazing claims (i.e. it helps heal leaky gut, boosts the immune system and even reduces cellulite??).

But, could all these claims be true, or have they been overhyped by marketing companies? Let’s find out! In this video, Dr. Gundry evaluates the major health claims associated with this alleged superfood. So whether you’ve recently considered jumping on the bone broth bandwagon, or even if it’s already a staple in your diet, it never hurts to see the bigger picture.