Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Maca Brownie Recipe

Another healthy and delicious recipe from www.tujawellness.com

Who says Celiacs and the gluten-intolerant can’t indulge in a brownie or two? This gluten-free dessert recipe proves that you can have your cake and eat it too (so to speak).

Niki Boileau author of the wildly popular Tweak & Eat column from the pages of tujawellness.com gives brownies a health and a gluten-free tweak. By skipping the flour, adding almond butter, maca and organic dark chocolate to her baked treats, she’s not only created something packed with health benefits, she’s also baked up something delicious. Gooey, chocolatey and totally addictive — even gluten eaters will be picking the crumbs out of the empty brownie pan!

Fair Warning: These maca-laced brownies may boost your energy & your sex drive! 😉

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