Diet vs Lifestyle/Gluten Free Low FODMAP diet for IBS

Hey Sweet Songbirds this one is a long one so make sure you grab a healthy snack and a pen and paper to make notes. I talk about one of the most important things that contributed to my success in weight loss and overall health. Now, as a disclaimer I must mention, I am not a doctor and I encourage you to talk with your doctors before starting any regimine but this was recommended to me to help with my issues with IBS, acid reflux, allergies, and hypothyroidism. Now that I have been on this diet for over half a year I have slowly brought back in a few foods but in very small moderation. Please be sure to watch the video before commenting that this is just another diet. This has been healing my stomach issues and has helped me get off acid reflux medicines and I have lost 70 pounds and am maintaining it even after slowly adding small things in from time to time.
This has truly worked for me when so many other things have failed. I encourage you to see what works best for you but this has saved my life.

Videos Mentioned:
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