Dr Oz featured Kaniwa as Gluten Free Super Grain

Website: http://www.kaniwasupergrain.com/

Kaniwa is an ancient grain originally from the Andes in Peru packed with nutritional benefits.

Used in Peru for thousands of years.

Firstly, and incredibly important it is Naturally Gluten Free.

It is a relative of Quinoa but it is easier to cook and less bitter

It has More Protein than Quinoa and Brown Rice – 16% of its content and is a complete protein

More Fiber than Wild Rice and Millet

More Iron than Buckwheat and Bulgur

Kaniwa also has significant calcium and zinc

It is easy to prepare and versatile.

It has a nutty flavor but without the bitterness of Quinoa

You can use it as a substitute for Oatmeal in the morning.

In other meals you can substitute it for Potatoes and Rice

Or use it in a Pilaf.

You can use it like Quinoa but without the need to rinse like Quinoa

Kaniwa can be converted into powder that is mixed with flour to prepare breads, noodles or snacks,

For best results, toast prior to cooking

Kaniwa is inexpensive and tastes good