Easy 2 Minute Snacks || Veer’s Healthy Khakra…

1. Diabetes friendly khakhra – The product is the result of extensive research conducted by Mrs. Ankita Mehta (RD) under special guidance of Padma Shri Dr. Shashank Joshi (Endocrinologist) and Mrs. Shilpa Joshi (RD & Vice President, Indian Dietetic Association).

Guaranteed results on effective control of blood glucose with its high protein and high fibre content. Other benefits – lowers cholesterol, helps in weight loss, boosts energy and immunity, anti-oxidant, prevents hypertension, relieves constipation and cleanses stomach, strengthens bones and helps in tissue repair.

2. Gluten-free khakhra – These Gluten-free crispbreads are an ideal snacking option for people following gluten-free diet or with gluten-related disorders (celiac disease or gluten sensitivity). Also, its high protein and high fibre content makes it part of a healthy balanced diet.

Easy grab-n-go pocket friendly khakhras with longer shelf life! Freshly grounded spices make the nutritional khakhras appetising too.

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