EASY LOW CARB MEAL PREP (gluten free + dairy free) // Rachel Aust

Everyone welcome back to my channel I’ve got another meal prep video for you today and again we are keeping it relatively low carb if you do enjoy the video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up the first one that I’m starting off with is a carrot and lentil soup now overall this took me about two hours to prep all these so take a stove and pop it on medium heat and we’re going to use a pot for this and first cut up one onion and take about four to six cloves with garlic we’re going to put them into the pot with some avocado oil or some olive oil and then you’re going to allow them to cook until they’re fragrant before you add anything else in now I’m adding in a whole container of vegetable stock you could of course use water if you wanted to use water I wanted the extra flavor in this one and I’m adding two cups of red lentils as well then I’m going to cut up two carrots and we’re adding those in as well as some chili flakes add as much or as little as you like and then I’m adding in the juice of half a lemon as well and allow this dish to cook for around 45 minutes just stir it every now and again and that’s all it takes now making some chai chia seed pudding I am loving these so much as a snack I made them two different ways so that one of them is slightly lower carb for me the other one burger can have so we’ve got some organic coconut syrup coconut milk chia seeds chai tea spice and golden walnuts I just took six containers and then I’m putting a third of a can of coconut milk in each container I added about two and a half teaspoons of chia seeds to each mix I added the two here and then I come back and add a little bit later and right now I’m also adding in the chai tea flavoring and just about a handful of walnuts as well if you do want it a little bit sweeter this is an optional thing you can do but it will add to the carbohydrate level it’s adding in some coconut syrup you could add any sort of liquid sweetener I kept mine normal and they tasted absolutely fine the other version will just be sweeter now I’m going to start roasting some almonds so I’m just popping my oven on to 170 Celsius which is about 340 Fahrenheit I lined a baking tray and then I’m filling that up with almonds who would have thought adding in some chili flakes the juice of one lime I just sliced it in half and then just reduced it myself if you want go to the effort of using an actual thing to juice it so you don’t get any seeds anywhere I’m using a smoked salt flakes which is like charcoal and olive flavor Himalayan salt would work just fine as well then I’m adding in a gluten-free soy sauce and some lime leaves these will only take 15 minutes in the oven but make sure you mix them around about halfway through then I’m boiling some eggs just to have on hand as like a snack or something like that do have many eggs you won and I feel like I don’t need to explain how to boil eggs [Music] now I’m also making a beef stir-fry so I made some pretty big portions for this one because it would be a lunch I tend to have a smaller dinner than I do have a lunch taking a pan adding some olive oil and some beef I used about a kilo because these are for borough true they’re not just for me and then also a whole large packet of stir-fry vegetables just frozen veg are fine then I’m adding 3 to 4 tablespoons of natural peanut butter and then I’m also going to add some liquid aminos as well because I find it gives it a little bit of a saute pan of flavor you there’s optional boat you can add in some peanuts [Music] the almonds were done now sir I just put them into separate containers and I’m turning the heat of the oven up to 190 C around 380 Fahrenheit taking some chicken just one Phillip per serving optional again is some cashews but I like to always add in extra fats to my meals I’m also cutting up I ended up using two lemons for this because I had a few pieces of chicken they’re putting some chili powder on the chicken and then I’m going to press the lemons on top before I put it in the oven so they ended up needing to cook for around thirty minutes now I’m making this kale and carrot for Tata as well frittatas are just a super-easy option to have and you can keep them pretty low-carb as well so I grabbed some kale and then I graded up a carrot and I also sliced up a zucchini roughly two to three eggs per serving and of course you can omit the yolks if you want to change the fat content and it takes about 15 minutes to cook and then you can serve them up this pan is so beaten up but anyway I’m just cooking 2 Phillips of salmon to put with some frozen vegetables because I like to have some salmon net throughout the week the beef stir-fry was ready as well now so taking that off and the chicken was ready to come out of the oven as well so with the chicken I’m just grabbing some more frozen vegetables I grab peas and broccoli just to serve that with for the salmon I’m just grabbing some frozen corn and peas to put with that and that way they’ll get cooked when I have to reheat up the meal and that’s it’s 2 hours worth of food and it will last us around 3 ish days maybe a little bit more I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you’re new don’t forget to hit subscribe I’ll catch you guys next time bye

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