Fonio Jollof | Superfood | West African Grain | Gluten Free | Great for Diabetics | Healthy Eating

Fonio: A lot of people don’t know much about this superfood. Fonio is a West African grain. It’s been cultivated in Africa for thousands of years. It vegan, gluten free and it’s packed with vitamins, amino acids, higher in protein than Tef and Quinoa.

Health Benefits of Fonio:

a gluten free grain
has almost all of the Essential Amino
high in protein
tolerated by Diabetics
has a lower glycemic index
absorbs into the body more gradually
help to manage glucose levels and minerals that decrease inflammation.
A healthy energy booster
Decrease chances of cardiovascular issues like heart disease
Strengthen hair and nails
Detox the body
aids in digestion
contains a large quantity of fiber
can be eaten as a cereal
put in stir fry and salads,
made as a side dish
replacement for rice in risotto
There are so many delicious ways to cook it,

The list goes on. Have you had your FONIO today? Give it a try. Incorporate it into your diet