Food You Must Eat During Winters | Health Junction

Eat these winter foods to replenish all the lost nutrients in the body.

•Bajra : It is gluten free, hence good for people with hyperthyroidism. It is good in fibre thus, aids in improving your digestion as well. Great for people watching their weight as well. It is rich in folic acid, so people who have anemia can be benefited too. Its high fibre content helps in improving digestion. Great for people watching their weight as well, bajra is good in protein and it is rich in an essential amino acid called triptofin, which helps you sleep better. It is rich in folic acid, so people who have anemia can be benefited too. It also has niacin which helps in lower your cholesterol levels

•Roots and tubers : Like sweet potato, jimikand or yam or Suran, rataloo, ginger, mango ginger, mooli etc. These vegetables helps in replenishing many micro-nutrients.

•Arvi or colocasia : Good in folic acid, so is good for anemic and people suffering with hyperthyroidism

•Sweet potatoes are good in soluble fibre so they are good for digestion and are an excellent post workout meal, even diabetics can have them.

•Yam or suran, raat-aloo as it is called in some regions, helps in PCODs as well as diabetes

•Green leafy vegetables contain various vitamins. Eat variety of green leafy vegetables like sarso ka saag or laal saag, aarbi saag, mooli saag etc

•Eat these leafy vegetables along with some Ghee and gur for wholesome benefits.

•Nuts and oil seeds : Winters are also a time to consume Nuts and Oil seeds, but these are calorie and nutrient dense food, so need to be eaten judiciously. Sesame, peanuts, garden cress seeds etc improve your hdl levels and also improves omega 3 levels for a good heart functioning.

•Eat home made food.

•Make use of these winter delicacies and don’t feel guilty of eating.

•Love food, enjoy food and keep adding health years to your life.