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We’re discussing gluten-free snacks and how to incorporate them in your diet joining me today via Skype is registered dietician Rebecca’s Critchfield hi Rebecca hello there so we know some of the common glutens like bread pasta those type of things what are some of the ones that are surprising to would be surprising to us well what’s surprising is that it’s not just in your wheat containing foods but it’s also in foods that contain barley rye and spelt the other thing is is that there are products that you might commonly consumed and not suspect that they contain gluten this could be any number of packaged foods a certain flavoring that they use soy sauce has gluten in it certain process lunch meats may have gluten or energy bars so you really do need to look at that label to be sure if there’s gluten in your food or not I’ve already made an appointment my doctor to consult them but I’m considering doing this so maybe you can give me some some choices to swap out for my food so let me know if this is actually a lifestyle change I can make first I really I love beer you know and so is there something I could swap out with that yes so so there are gluten-free beers available now one popular brand is called omission but you can certainly find your gluten-free beers these days and you can also try wine oh why everyone says wine maybe I’ll start drinking wine now what about pasta I love pastas they’re a substitute for that yeah so you could get different types of noodles such as rice noodles or bean noodles I also like you know to do ribbons of noodles from vegetables so like carrots or zucchini you get your veggies and they’re gluten free I’ve never heard of that that’s actually a really good trick it sounds tasty too now when I usually have my pasta but I’m gonna try this vegetable noodle one you’re telling me about I like to cake it with a lot of sauce on it so if there is there something I can change with sauce sure so I had mentioned soy sauce that contains gluten tamari is the it’s just like soy sauce but it happens to be naturally gluten-free so you could pick that up other sauces they may have gluten in it sometimes especially if it’s trying to make a thicker type sauce so what you would want to do is just look at the ingredients make sure your Asian sauce is gluten-free your tomato sauce is gluten-free and you’ll be good to go with sauces well everything you just said to me sounds very yummy so thank you so much Rebecca so did you find any of this helpful because I know I did tell us in the comments below and we would like to know what you’re going to do next so discuss it with us using the hashtag on show

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