Full Day Of Eating | Gluten Free + Paleo Meals

Oh my gosh such a stressful day already I always wake up so late on a Saturday I think it’s because like I work every Saturday and I’m busy every other day of the week so I think always the weekend I can sleep in no I can’t I have work I have some exciting news well I think it’s exciting I’m starting a new personal challenge at challenge is to not have any form of grain like grains for seven days so that’s pretty much I thread oats Rhys gluten-free pasta all that kind of stuff essentially I guess at the a it’s paleo so today I’m starting with some warm lemon water which is in between my legs and earth you can see so I’m just drinking that on the way to work and then when I finished that I’m standing on my breakfast which I’ll show you so that’s just next to me on the seat waiting to be eaten and it’s just go get the coconut yogurt cacao version and some stevia to sweeten it up oh and that original natural whey protein so yeah that’s my breakfast and I’m also nearly done I’m not really nearly done wish me luck if you guys want to join my seven-day grain-free challenge please do and support me because the ones I think I’ll be fine but I think the one thing I really miss is tuna on toast and that is like my go-to meal when I don’t know what I want to eat and I will have something healthy but I’m lazy oh I don’t know what I’m going to do I can’t have like tree neuron lettuce no yeah anyway I’m gonna go to work I’m running late as per usual what to do okay so I’m just on my 10-minute break right now cuz I’m doing a short shift here with my mate hey babe hello alright so um pretty much what I’m having I been really bad my vegetables lately like I haven’t been eating many vegetables so I’m getting it in now to have like a whole container of greens so I think I’ve just got mixed lettuce baby spinach and celery and then I’m going to dip it in this eggplant dip so pretty much the ingredients are just eggplant tahini garlic salt and citric acid that’s he’s good so I’m just gonna have that for my snack and am I being snapchatters it’s pretty garlicky your mom above a businessman so I didn’t know what’s got baba ghanoush like I didn’t I never know what that was it’s like a eggplant yeah yeah I never knit up this is fill you up no there’s a snap right pickles I’ll go home and I’ll probably have like I bought this chicken mince and I’ll make um this some chili ginger chicken I love em for my lunch honey here wants to be healthy so we’re gonna get her on a health kick if you do what I’m doing I’m sorry I just told my youtubers um I’m doing a seven-day grain-free challenge and you don’t have any grains what’s growing like frames like like bread pasta rice stuff like that are you gonna do my challenge with me do it really yeah no you’re not committed no I will definitely do I wanna this is some time right now I’ve gone to this oh honey is doing the seven-day challenge with me aren’t you yes I’m gonna have to do it what are you 82 tell me I don’t know what to a doctor think you just need to write it down what do you normally have for breakfast I don’t know my ate breakfast did done to me yeah this is my friends everything hmm that is all all right we’re in the car I just finished work and I got a coffee so I ordered a long black with a dash of almond milk and I got a large the reason all is dripping why whenever I wear white why does this happen to be so the reason I got the coffee now is because I’m gonna go to the gym I’m pretty much gonna go home get changed and go to the gym because I’m not super hungry I don’t know what’s wrong with me how’s my cup I so love Gwen Stefani I was going shopping to buy this specific gym top they’re all gonna get from Nike and it was like perfect but they only color they had was just like gross pinky purple color and here’s a fun fact about me I hate purple I don’t know why I’ve never liked purple I just I understand it I feel like it’s that color that every girl loves when you’re in primary school and it was like what’s your name what’s your favorite color every girl’s favorite color was purple and I just never understood it I never lilac or like a pale pretty purple but you know that purple that everyone loves it’s like that semi dark florescent purple I went to get that top and the guy was like uh what size you grabbed me a purple top and I was like oh no thanks like I don’t really like purple he’s I can go babe it’ll look so good on you I was like I don’t like well I left with nothing but a coffee and a stained shirt great day really great day so far I can’t believe the time but it’s five past five and I just returned home from the gym I did a short sort of ab session which was okay but I didn’t push myself super hard and now I’m gonna make an early dinner because I’m starving and I don’t really want to snack and wait for dinner I’m just going to make my dinner now I went to the health food store and I picked up this it’s called organic coconut aminos sauce coconut nectar chili garlic onion powder and sea salt so I’m going to use that instead of normal soy sauce let’s get in and I’ll show you how to make it doing it right everybody will be dancing and we filling it right everybody will be dancing at the doing it right everybody will be dancer what we’re feeling alright everybody will be dancing tonight or when it right everybody will be dancing and we feeling it right everybody will be dancing into doing it right everybody will be dancer what we’re feeling all right every time for we lost in the crowd so it gets too loud for we turn this place out cause this is what happens now story I’m on fire getting lost in the say this is what it is when you’re doing like this baby this is how I live but try you from a crowd the way you telling you baby but I got today this is this actually tastes so good I was scared it wasn’t going to taste as good as like the soy sauce version because it’s the coconut amino acid version it is so delicious so I highly recommend you guys try this dinner out it’s super healthy paleo and high protein now I’m just going to make some dessert so I’m going to have this the rest of my coconut yogurt so it’s the chocolate flavored one I added a tiny bit of stevia to make a sweeter and then I’m going to add some fruit and nut to it thanks heaps for watching my full day of eating and my first day of the grain-free challenge and let me know if you guys want to do this grain-free challenge with me have a great week I will see you guys later bye how do you not eat breakfast I guess my hunger works me up maybe like toast so you are done so yeah because I know eggs yeah love it yeah have eggs mate you