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muscular loss, muscular weakness, and muscular inflammation. Taking gluten out of your diet is not enough to restore good muscular health…

Scientifically speaking, there are two things that scientists agree on when it comes to prolonging the life span –

Eating less food (eating foods low in calories but high in nutrients)
Building and maintaining good quality muscle mass.

The problem with muscle deficiency…

Many people are clueless when it comes to #2. It is estimated that 60 of Americans are overweight or obese. There are literally hundreds of diseases and health issues related to being under muscled.

Heart disease
Immune dysfunction
Chronic allergies
Mobility problems
Joint pain and arthritis
Sleep issues and much, much more…

Parents , Schools, & Doctors are to Blame

The victims of this huge health issue are the children. They learn about exercise and nutrition from their parents and they learn about exercise and nutrition at the school. Kids do what their parents do. If mom and dad do not make physical fitness a priority and lead by example, then their children will learn by default that it is not important.

The schools have limited PE in lieu of gaining more time to prepare children for standardized tests. This has lead to increased rates of obesity as well as reduced test scores. You see, the concept of intelligence only being related to the classroom is very flawed. Children who exercise more frequently have actually been shown to perform better on tests. Exercise promotes increased blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the brain.

How many times have you heard a doctor say «Eat right and exercise»? What exactly is that supposed to mean? We should get a little more specific with diet and exercise recommendations. Cardio training will not build muscle. Our human DNA evolved on high intensity, short burst activity (i.e. hunting food or running from predators). This requires good motor skills and coordination as well as ample strength.
The Basics are Important

Remember when you were a kid at school and you had to do running, pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups to pass a physical fitness test? These are basic body weight exercises that are fundamental to health. Everyone should be able to move their own weight around (walking is not included 🙂

My son came home this week and told me that they didn’t have to do pull ups anymore. They just had to hold themselves up to the bar! Why? Because so many kids are under muscled and overweight. The schools don’t want them to feel too bad about their inability to display basic control over their body.
Why Am I Talking About Muscle Instead of Gluten?

Because they are intrinsically related. The more grain we eat, the more insulin we release. The more insulin we release, the more cortisol we make. Both cortisol and insulin promote fat storage. The more fat we store the less muscle mass we have proportionately to our total body weight. When this happens, we have a tendency to start developing all of the diseases listed above.

Inadequate muscle leads to lack of exercise. Lack of exercise leads to less muscle tone — and the cycle continues for 20 years and we find ourselves looking in the mirror wondering how we got so overweight. This, my friends is one of the reasons why our health deteriorates. This is why so many Americans stay sick. Muscle loss weakens the immune system, limits our ability to move, wrecks our quality of like, and in the end kills us 20 years early. One of the biggest hold ups on the road to health recovery is inadequate muscle caused by a lack of exercise and/or doing the wrong type of exercise.

Fortunately their is hope. One of the biggest excuses I come across in my practice when it comes to basic exercise is — «I am not strong enough to do a pull up or push up.» Today I have a gift for you that will help you overcome this excuse. A close friend of mine, Shawna Kaminski, is a master fitness trainer who specializes in helping people overcome the exercise obstacle. She has put together a detailed report on implementing pull ups slowly, smartly, and without injury. I hope you find great benefit in it..
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