Gluten Free Artisan Bread

Hi i’m angela from cooking big fat healthy food well today the big fat healthy food is a recipe from the America Test Kitchen I have been looking for a gluten free crusty bread for a long time and I think this is a great recipe so let’s get started and just to let you know at the end of this video I will have some video links to some other really great gluten free baking like my gluten free biscuits which is very popular so you want to make sure you do go all the way to the end and see those and then the ingredients for this recipe will be listed at the end of this video and there will be a link in the corner you see the little eye there is a link to the website you might want to take time to go over to spinch Tiger comm because we have over or almost 1,000 recipes that’s kind of cool so let’s get started first of all when you’re baking and don’t be intimidated by this do invest in a kitchen scale because you want to weigh your flour and I always tell people why because when you measure it in cups you’re going to pack your flour in that’s what everybody does and you’re going to end up with maybe a half a cup even to a cup of flour that’s not supposed to be in the recipe and then the recipe doesn’t work so let me just show you really quickly how we’re going to how you weigh the flour and zero it out so you just take an empty bowl and I like to have a lot of these in all sizes because they’re stackable and they’re light they don’t break and they’re easy to use so we’re going to place this right on the scale and then I’m going to hit zero which means it’s not going to contribute the weight of the bowl itself so I hit zero and now it says zero so whatever I put in is what it’s actually going to weigh and I need 14 ounces of gluten-free flour and I’m using today

Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 like I said I love that flour until I find something better that’s what I love to use so we’ve got 14 ounces of the gluten-free flour and that will go yikes that’s going to go in easier to do this in the mixer and some of the secrets to this bread psyllium fiber powder unsweetened unflavored again I’m using this brand because it works it’s great brand up so that is the psyllium fiber that goes in there and then the next thing that you don’t see typically in bread golden flaxseed meal you can find this at your regular grocery store you can also order this online so that’s that the yeast you give it we’re going to put the yeast right in and I just want to let you know one of these packets is not enough you need a full tablespoon and this is not a full tablespoon so make sure if you’re using packets like I did because you do want your rapid rise instant yeast that you measure out a full tablespoon that’s something I’ve discovered so there it goes the yeast now we’re going to use some dry fat milk baking soda another little unusual thing but remember when you’re baking gluten-free you have to you have to do things a little bit differently salt sugar and don’t skip the sugar and the reason I’m saying that is sugar feeds the yeast so that’s kind of important

now we want to mix all of these dry ingredients together and don’t use a dough hook use the paddle this is going to be kind of a wet a wet dough and we’ll just mix this up on low just to get all of that together in the mean I’m I’m going to take two eggs and put some warm water and then mix that up I’ll turn that back on while I’m doing this  okay so what I’m going to do now I’m going to stream this in I’m going to use my nifty spatula to do this make sure it’s all down there now we’re going to we’re going to beat this at a medium speed for six minutes and then I’ll show you what’s next okay so it’s been about six minutes this is what it looked like kind of like very sticky cookie cookie batter dough but it comes out to end up being a kind of a nice dough already so see that and if you want to play with it a little bit like in need it I floured this marble but if you don’t have marble then maybe you might want to put it on a piece of parchment paper something like that or a roll Pat is nice to have so it’s kind of fun to put your hands in dough and now what I’ve done is prepare a cast-iron Dutch oven that I’m going to bake it in but you can bake it in a skillet like a cast-iron skillet to hold its shape if you want to do that I haven’t tried this just on a on a cookie sheet yet so I think holding its shape so that it doesn’t spread out like that is going to be something important because of being gluten free now hopefully if all goes right this rises in about an hour and a half what you want to do is take like a nice towel and set it already in your pan or put a plastic loose plastic wrap over it works well too now look at this beautiful dough ball kind of proud of it now it’s a little dense and it’s a little heavy so we’re going to let this rise for hour and a half two hours you could even go longer we’re going to slit some slits in it you can do that any way you want okay I’m kind of happy with that and now

I’m going to put it I’m going to put it in here I’m going to cover this like this I don’t want it touching really this is flour on this side and then in a couple of hours we’ll be ready to put it into the oven okay it’s been about two hours and I just wanted to come back and show you I think it’s risen rather nicely we’re going to we turn the oven on to 400 degrees once I put it in the oven we’re going to turn the oven down to 350 and that’s going to cook for about 90 minutes and then I’ll be back okay I’m back we baked this baby for an hour and a half that might seem like a long time but it didn’t burn and it’s got that nice nice crust and that’s what I was looking for because remember this is gluten free so what I’m going to do is just cut off a little piece to show you what the inside looks like you’re supposed to let this cool for at least two hours I really didn’t have two hours to do that but you can see what it looks like okay so I’m still eating oh my gosh I don’t like to eat on camera I love crusty bread and I love the fact that it’s possible to have this and for it to be gluten free I’m thinking avocado toast and BLT and I’m loving that you can make a crusty gluten-free bread thank you for coming to the spinach tire cooking channel cooking big fat healthy food don’t forget to jump over to the blog spinach Uyghur calm

I have almost a thousand recipes lots of gluten free baking Italian food and just a lot of big fat healthy food don’t forget to subscribe here and by the way I’m on Instagram and I do a lot of back stories I showed the kitchen process the kitchen failed I show all kinds of things there it’s really fun so that add spinach tiger you want to check me out there and

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