Gluten Free Bread Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone I’m Doreen and welcome to my kitchen and today I’m going to show you how to make it delicious flax and sesame seed gluten free loaf of sandwich bread and I promise you it’s not going to taste like sawdust let’s go see how we make this the ingredients first and then we’ll bring over the mixer and we’ll start mixing everything together now first thing I need to tell you is that a gluten free loaf of bread is very very different from a yeast resin loaf of bread or a regular loaf of bread that you’re going to use wheat flour in a gluten free loaf of bread is much more like a batter than a dough so keep that in mind and it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of ingredients here but every single one of these things is essential to making a proper yeast risen loaf of gluten-free bread you’re going to start off with two and a quarter cups of our gluten-free flour blend what I have here is one and a quarter cups of whole milk and a quarter of a cup of butter that I have melted and just mixed together in there with the milk we’re going have two eggs these should be at room temperature you’re going to need a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar I prefer the Bragg’s which has the mother in it two and a quarter teaspoons of instant yeast a teaspoon of salt a quarter cup of granulated sugar one and a half teaspoons of xanthan gum and then I am adding a quarter of a cup of golden flax meal that is ground and we’ll top it off with some sesame seeds and of course that’s optional now I’m going to clear and I’m going to bring the mixer over and we’ll start mixing all of this together all right I’m just going to put my milk and my butter in the bowl I’m going to add our eggs okay so then we’re going to go ahead and get this I’m going to put the paddle on I’m going to start mixing it together and then add my apple cider vinegar to and my sugar and my knees I’m going to add the flux the damn thing go and the salt in here all right that’s mixed up pretty good for now add our flour mixture in all at once now we’re going to start it off slow and then we’ll mix it together until it’s fully incorporated now I want you to come in here and scrape it down I could use my beater blade and I would be able to avoid this but even still you might have to beat it down just a little bit hmm scrape it down not beat it down okay now we’re going to set it on a higher setting and we’re going to literally let this beat and aerate for three minutes all right we have finished reading this for three minutes now I cannot stress to you the importance of that step you must do that okay through trial and error we learn that if we don’t beat this together like that the bread is just going to fall and become an icky mess hey now I get your batter into your standard bread pan and kind of manipulate it in there with a spatula so that it’s nice and even the one thing about gluten-free bread is that you don’t have to let it rise twice you put it in the pan and we’re going to rise this for a half an hour while we preheat our oven to 350 degrees now I’m going to get a little bit of water and I’ll be right back okay what you’re going to want to do then is get yourself a little cup of water and smooth this out just get it as smooth as you can and then at this point if you like you can get yourself some sesame seeds you can use an egg wash if you wish but today I’m just going to stick these on here it’ll be funny what you want to do now is you want to put a bonnet on it or cover it with some plastic wrap but if you use plastic wrap make sure that you’re spraying inside with some nonstick cooking spray otherwise that dough is very sticky you’re going to want it to rise until just it’s it’s just above the edge of the pan it has a nice crown I’ll be back after about half an hour and I’ll show you what this looks like before you put it in the oven okay while we were waiting for this loaf to rise I made three more and they’re rising but this one needs to go in the oven now because like I said you want to wait till it just crowns the rim of the baking pan so the oven is preheated at 350 degrees this is going to go in there please be gentle 45 minutes and then we’ll be back when it’s time for Forge come out okay Rick is taking a nap we had to get up really early this morning to take one of our kids for a field trip so these are ready but they did not take 45 minutes they took about 30 so we’re going to let these sit for just a few minutes and I’m going to take them out of pans you can see how nice they look and we’re going to slice one later after they’re completely cooled so that you can see what they look like you don’t want to slice into these loaves until they are completely cool so take them out of the pan in about five minutes and then let them cool on a rack until they’re completely cool then you can store them in a plastic bag I’ll bring you back and I’ll go over a few finer points about this recipe before I let you go and I’ll let you see what this looks like once it’s sliced okay all the bread is cool as you can see for finished lobes now I did want to make a couple of points before I slice in and let you see what it looks like these this is the these are two loaves I took out for you um when you make gluten-free bread it is going to look like it caved in slightly on the sides but remember when I told you I said 45 minutes but I took it out at 30 don’t do that okay even though I took the temperature on this bread and it should be between 195 and 205 um you should leave it in for at least 40 minutes I left these two in for 40 minutes and you can see there is a distinct whoops has distinct difference in the loft these are slightly taller and when you’re going to make sandwich bread if you can’t eat gluten and you desperately want a sandwich doesn’t matter which one you eat they’re still both going to taste delicious but this looks a little bit nicer and so leave it in for 40 minutes if you’re into taking the temperature on your bread then you can take that and just stick your instant read thermometer it should be between 195 and 205 I know that’s a pretty broad range but that’s the perfect spot for bread um and wrap these in a ziploc bag or in plastic wrap if you’re not going to eat them right away like me I’m going to take these this store two of them are for sampling two of them are for sale and then I’m going to make more tomorrow but wrap them tightly or put them in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator gluten free products unfortunately need to be kept refrigerated otherwise they spoil much more rapidly than if you just let them out on the counter they turn to mush or they turn rubbery it just depends on what you have so this is the one that I demonstrated putting together so I’m going to just set this aside here for a second move this out of the way and I’m going to slice into it for you I did want to point out too the recipe is developed to work perfectly don’t substitute things out don’t leave things out don’t add things in the vinegar is absolutely necessary it’s all about the chemistry and is how this works so you have to leave in the vinegar you have to leave in the xanthan gum the flaxseed meal actually at it acts like extra eggs and it adds more protein to the breads so you you really want that to happen so I’m going to kind of not I’m not a lefty so I’m gonna still try and slice this for you now this is completely cooled and it’s cooled for a good long time and I want you to see this is nice and soft okay and it’s got beautiful crumb to it I’ll tear it for you that is what happens when you use the right amount of xanthan gum and it’s it’s just like bread that you’re used to eating if you’re a bread lover open it’s good bread mmm you don’t miss the gluten and melt in your mouth it does it’s delicious it will make a lovely sandwich and if you have been put on a gluten-free diet or it has been suggested that you go on one this is going to help you make it through because that’s the biggest problem with a gluten free deal is if your bread lover that means no bread no sandwiches no pancakes no waffles no biscuits no donuts no nothing like that anything that wheat flour is in you can’t have so listen we can make life a little easier we can do something like this you’re going to love this I’m going to be showing you how to make a few other gluten-free things we’re gonna go down this road together I’m not going to live a gluten free lifestyle but you know what you’re not going to miss it anyway even if I help you learn how you can make delicious things that are gluten free so that you don’t miss them so I hope that you give this gluten-free bread a try I hope that you love it and until next time I’ll see ya you for joining me my kitchen today i hope you like what you watch today and i hope that you try it and i hope that you love it umm if you like what you saw please consider going to eat and give me a positive rating and also make sure that you with the subscribe button if you’re already not a subscriber so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun we have here in our kitchen every single day I hope that you enjoyed it I’m really glad that you’re here thank you for stopping by don’t forget to come by tomorrow until next time happy you