Gluten Free Bread Recipe — The BEST you’ll ever taste!!!

HMMM and hi there Kim Here I am going to make a gluten-free bread today well me my fiance we realized that we are gluten intolerant so we started buying the gluten-free bread at the store it’s a little expensive and it doesn’t always taste good I got a bread maker for Christmas and I started using it and kind of playing around with different recipes and so I came upon this recipe from a blog called a gluten free mommy calm and I actually modified it a little bit to suit my tastes so if you don’t have a bread maker you can do this on your own using an oven but um I found that the bread maker it makes it a lot easier because you can just throw all the ingredients in there and let it go my bread maker I’m using a Hamilton Beach it has a gluten-free bread setting but it under that setting it actually does two needs and two Rises and what I found is with gluten-free bread it actually you don’t need a second rise so I will actually turn off the the red maker at that once it’s done mixing and let it sit and rise on its own and then I’ll go just to the bake function so these are the ingredients that you’ll be using there’s a lot of flowers that are going to be combined to make your gluten-free flour mix um kind of picked some that will mask that kind of weird gluten free flavor that sometimes is in breads you want all of your ingredients to come to warm temperature including the eggs here in the yeast or any of the flowers that you may keep in the refrigerator I’m going to be using some coconut milk I actually just took this out of the refrigerator I’m going to be heating it up in the microwave so this is okay to not be a room temperature for now um so you want to use your bread maker specifications in mine it’s that where you throw in all the wet ingredients the dry on top make a little well and then you add your yeast so let’s get started we’ll start mixing all of the so I’m just going to mix them in a bowl and you want to make sure unlike regular bread that you make an affront maker where you can just dump them all in if you want to mix these separately because you want them to be fully combined when you put them at the bread maker because you’re using a variety of different flower types okay so let’s get started so I’m going to 1/2 a cup of rice flour and then you want to use half a cup of quinoa flour no personally I don’t like the taste of rice flour and that’s why initially if you canít recipe call for a full cup and I cut it back and added more on the other side flour and so play around with the flour types to get the flavor that you desire now you want one full cup of millet 5 full cup of millet half a cup of tapioca flour third of a cup of tato starch now if you don’t have potato starch you can also use corn starch you’re going to want to use a third of a cup plus a quarter of a cup of sorghum flour so this is kind of how I substituted some of the M rice flour so that’s what flowers you’re also going to add your tablespoon of Sam thumb gun which is a common ingredient in gluten-free bread binds um finds everything together kind of replaces that aspect of what gluten does if you buy a little container like this of it and runs usually between 12 to 15 dollars but this will last you about twenty to twenty-five five loaves of bread so it’s definitely worth the money I’m also going to add a quarter of a cup of flaxseed feel like this gives it a really hearty flavor plus it’s filled with Omega threes so it makes it a little healthier as well and then this salt so I’m using one and a half teaspoons of kosher salt so those are our drying rates so now I’m just going to give them a quick mix so I’m going to set this aside and now we’re going to combine all the wet ingredients so again like I mentioned you want all of your wet ingredients to be at room temperature so I’m going to start with the eggs you’re going to use three eggs their knees one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar one tablespoon of honey also going to use three tablespoons of brown sugar okay so once you can add it now the brown sugar we’re going to add some coconut oil you can use canola oil melted butter any kind of fat that you’d like um I like the taste the coconut oil because it kind of adds a nuttiness to the UM to the bread so the thing with the coconut oil when you buy it it is hard and so I’ll have them melt it to turn it into a liquid so see it just looks white so you want to use a quarter of a cup of whatever fat you’re going to be using okay usually I kind of just eyeball wonder what’s up here and then melt it and then I’ll measure it microwave this for maybe about say about thirty seconds keep an eye on it ah so while that’s my boy when we get the rest of our wet ingredients ready so the last ingredient is one and a half cups of liquid so you can use water you can use regular milk you can use coconut milk rice milk soy milk we don’t eat any dairy in this house so we’re going to be using coconut milk last time I made this I also I used water so what you want to do is you want to use warm the warm liquids and I’m going to be feeding this up and the microwave is laughs so much sake though this is just a starting-off point for your liquid a lot of times you will need to add more in the running and in that case I’m going to be using just plain water we’re going to start off with a cup and a half of the coconut put in the microwave for about 30 seconds and see what temperature it’s at um he do that more it needs to be so I just pulled out the coconut oil now I’m gonna heat up yeah you can see that it has now look a fine most mostly this – it kind of makes it to get rid of anything unless you want to make sure it’s on to Hux you don’t want to curl your eyes and check on her see how it’s heating up so you want it to be warm so around I’d say between 100 and 120 degrees right now it’s not boring yet no put it back into my brain for another 30 seconds in the meantime I can beep I can beat the other liquid ingredients with a whisk and that looks good yeah that feels good you want it to be warm to the touch click link warmth puncture and now I’m going to add it to our the rest of our liquids as I do that I’m actually going to whisk it just in case it’s a little warmer than the eggs again we don’t want the eggs to curdle and that could happen if you’re on water or milk is to born when you add it to the mixture in essence you’re cooking your eggs if you do that we don’t want that to happen so I’m just going to add the milk and they’ve got a really good whisk so now it’s time to add all the ingredients into the bread making pan case now you want to add your ingredients to the bread maker by the bread maker specification so online you add the wet ingredients first for those games then you will pour the dry ingredients on top of that so I must slowly add these could get a little messy and you want to make a little well on the top for the yeast to go in so made a little pouch right there and then you’re going to add one packet of bread yeast or if you have a a jar of it you can put two and a quarter teaspoons make sure your bread pan is locked close it and now I’m going to UM to set it to the gluten free cycle for two pounds and we’re just going to let it mix for about ten minutes so I’m go ahead start here you can see it starts mixing you don’t want to walk away from your bread maker while it’s beginning to mix because depending on the temperature the humidity your elevation it kind of depends on all those factors on how much liquid you really need into your bread dough so you want to keep an eye on it it’s starting to mix now but once it kind of gets incorporated you’ll want to check to see the texture consistency of it at home we may need to add more liquid so now at this point is starting to mix and I want to make sure that everything gets incorporated so I’m going to use a rubber spatula to scrape down the size as as you can see how on the sides here doesn’t all get it you want to scrape it down make sure everything gets incorporated you can definitely see that this is a little too thick so I’m going to start adding some warm water this is just tap water still looks good want to make sure of it you can even see down here there’s still some dry flour that doesn’t even work right yes you wanna really sometimes you have to kinda just mix with bread maker and it mix for a little bit and then we’ll see we’ll just check it again in a minute or two and see if it means a little bit more water and like I said we’re going for a quick bread muffin thickness our consistency in the dough that’s a pretty good consistency someone let it finish mixing on its own and once that’s done stop the bread maker from its current cycle and let it just rise on its own for an hour okay so it’s done mixing I’m going to turn off this cycle which on mine you just press the stat button for a few seconds now I’m just going to open the lid I’m going to just flatten out and redistribute all of the dough in the pan so now that’s all redistributed them close the lid and I’m going to set my timer for an hour and I’m just going to let it rise you want it to double in size if you don’t get that then your yeast may not be good so we’ll be back in an hour to check on it so the dough has finished rising it’s been an hour now and as you can see it is it’s doubled in size it’s gotten the quite large so now it’s time to bake so I’ll close the cover again I’m just going to put press start on my big cycle and it’s just going to bake for about an hour okay so the bread is now done we’re going to take it out of the bread maker and let it cool you can see it’s got this nice golden crust to it okay now just let it cool for about take an hour till it’s room temperature and then we’ll cut into it and try it a okay our bread has finally cold and now we can slice it so let’s give it a cut I’m using a bread knife and you just want to use a light sawing motion so that you don’t kind of push the bread down it’s got a nice crust you can see there it is there’s the bread very hearty and great and I’m going to try it now with some homemade mixed berry jam and see how it tastes so usually I’ll like to toast this up but since it just came out of the bread maker it’s still a little warm son no need for that I’ll just so if you’re not going to eat it right away I would say maybe put it in the bag put it in the freezer and it’ll last until you thought out but I think we’re going to this is next over the next few days I’ll give it a try you that’s good so I think that that is good doesn’t have the kind of weird gluten-free taste just tastes like a nice hearty nutty kind of bread give the sandwiches good for breakfast or toast jam think we knock this one out of the park well that’s it and that’s how you make a fabulous gluten-free bread and a bread maker thanks for watching

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