Gluten Free & Dairy Free Weight Loss Before & After/ Results * Rosie

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February 20, 2018

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Weight Loss Before & After/ Results * Rosie

Hello friends!

This will probably be the only before & after photo you will ever get from me, lol! But I know some people have that curiosity. Can it affect your physique? Every body is completely different & in my case yes, there was a definite change.

Enough with the physical stuff. I am an individual who only cares for how you feel inside! Does your tummy feel happy after you eat? Does it feel sick? Are you suffering from discomfort or any pains? I’ve had tummy issues my whole life. Unfortunately, I got use to all the discomfort, pain, & bloating & completely stopped listening to how my tummy was feeling & neglected it all. Yikes, I know.

I’m 33 going on 34 this year, and the last 3 years have been the worst for my tummy. My Hawaii trip was what broke the camel’s back. Stop neglecting your tummy Rosie!! I was finally ready & willing & started my journey. I’ve been testing this out, & I can honestly say personally for me, for the past few months I’ve had zero discomfort & pain. Only around my menstrual cycles. I do not have celiac disease. But I’ve been aware for years that after I consume certain food products (anything gluten related), my stomach just does not react well with. I am however lactose intolerant & have stopped with dairy as well. Life changing is all I can say!

They say people who do not have celiac disease cannot benefit from a gluten free diet. I understand the controversy & opinions on that, but for me personally, it’s changed my life & how my tummy feels. I feel so much better inside! For 33 years I’ve felt awful & since I began my journey, all of my symptoms have disappeared.Going gluten & dairy free works for my body. For someone else, it could be a whole different story. For those of you suffering from celiac disease, my heart is with you.

I am not promoting anyone to eat what I eat, or to go gluten + dairy free. Every «body» is different folks! Do what is best for your body & never try to replicate anyone else’s journey. Create your own journey & make it a positive one! I am simply just sharing my story with you.

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