Gluten Free Diet | Right Diet | by Dr. P. Janaki Srinath

I’m dr. John Key’s Rinat senior consultant nutritionist today we’ll be giving you short tips on gluten free diet and its relevance do all of us need to really shift to gluten free foods the answer at this point would be not everybody gluten free particularly has come into vogue with the increasing celiac disease and gluten intolerance seen in the Western community and particularly in certain regions of North India if you have typical gluten allergy the particular protein there are issues like abdominal pain diarrhea and other skin issues associated with it and in that once it is diagnosed and if you can link to the gluten in your diet or the patient is losing lot of weight or if you see in children who they they are not able to grow properly gluten intolerance is suspected and if it is diagnosed and if it is validated that those people need to be on gluten-free diet foods such as any product made from wheat rye and barley needs to be avoided sometimes also also need to be avoided because in the making of the old sometimes gluten in the sequence of making gluten can creep into it processed foods like sauces or jellies and certain food products can also have traces of gluten which you need to people who have typical intolerance to gluten have to be sensitive about what are the gluten free grains which are available lutein free grains include the rice amaranth foxtail millet quinoa these are or corn these are all butan free options even so India is a bond with millets and most of the millets are gluten-free and which can be freely used and most of us are already accustomed to use this including juror whether shifting to gluten-free is helpful to everybody may not directly but then variety of grains always helps to improve the quality of diet instead of going for wheat products for all the meals to enhance the quality of micronutrients and include different kinds of minerals it is better that each main meal is made with different grain for example the break first could be whole grain based you know it could be odds or it could be pass or two or it could be moong dal dosa or Basin kuchela and the lunch could be with brown rice and vegetables the dinner could be amaranth roti or the dinner could be foxtail millet khichidi or the dinner could be any multigrain Arta devoid of wheat or multigrain roti makes including wheat also this not only in crow increase increases the nutrient profile of the diet still controlling the blood sugars and increasing the Saturday but in the long run in in our process too healthy eating will not push us to any gluten intolerance –is if there is any chance most of the vegetables not our fruits are commonly used are all putin free it’s only certain grains and processed food products like cookies cakes biscuits over-the-counter options like cereals these can have mostly a lot of gluten but traditional snacks which are made with the rice or rice crispies do not have gluten so we have to clearly differentiate between whether we have allergy and for what purpose are we taking gluten free to make and take the necessary steps for a gluten-free diet thank you

Gluten Free Diet

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