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Welcome to town because we could put you both in boil a cook so sure folks oh [Music] very nice very nice several days of eating on this yeah so never let it simmer it’s been simmering closer is only time huh yes would you like some take a little bit okay okay for lunch we’re going to have some stir fries some extra from muster the ceramic just a little bit more with rice and some of this is going to be left over for dinner tonight we’re having it’s a chicken butter tomato just crushed tomatoes and hot sauce I’m going to mix that all together and put it in the oven it’s going to be like a hot sauce tomato a chicken cups of fried egg over you got sausage pancakes that’s what you want I don’t want to stain cake here I have a great big salad it’s really really big just lettuce tomatoes onions Parmesan and mayonnaise and this lettuce I was like carrots and red cabbage in it as well another day another salad I am making two two patties to go with this right now this is part two tonight to dinner for Hadar is spinach and chicken and Israeli salad Rafael’s is chicken for dinner tonight I am having chicken breast very cooked with spinach and butter all right I did make a large pot of soup today while that guy was here six and a half so it’s got all kinds of stuff in it chickpeas and everything just literally everything quite going crazy with the spices got curry we got a little bit of cinnamon we got some stevia it looks like it’s a lot but it’s actually not a whole lot and of course you got some garlic powder because I didn’t put a real garlic and I’ll put on your putter 2-headed but get on you to sit here me daddy made me another chicken curry today I don’t like hot one-eyed low on it it makes itself cold every kind of you leave it it’s making it so cold and you see how cold dude yeah no no it smells like cold chicken curry like that now I have hot one it’s good for me yeah yes you’re welcome well its morning time but I’m starting on dinner right now because I don’t think I’ll have energy to fix everything all at once so I have some bolder with seasonings and what is this mushrooms and I got some onions here I’m just going to put it in here and what I did was I put boiling water in it and I let it soak up so this is for Hadar tonight kara turkey monkey we’re literally here for a sugar free chocolate that all they have is like vegan chocolate so far that I’ve seen white vanilla vegan vegan something everyone some open it oh the baby food that’s what you like but she didn’t like it she made a fail out of it we got an interesting stew we’re gonna have chicken this is a whole chicken in there with some zucchini carrot onion and a bunch of spices and we’re gonna see what that comes out as later on meeting mustard zero carbs and all dinners got chicken that’s been impossible basically will let us steep here for eight hours so I won’t even call it cook yeah actually it’s 10 or even 11 hours by now here mommy did good I am cutting it up for Abigail she’s going to have a good Kimmie and carrot I’m gonna have that here we have stir-fry dish right with the chicken breast which is actually called Keaton let’s go to coffee and apple on line and our variables and with the hero my apple mine Oh is mine good one hello are you leaving day thank you okay good morning everyone look what I’m having break vegetable and clam and Casey thank you not serious you do have grapes what what’s that you have in there Apple and that’s tomato I said oh sorry I’m having tomato and cucumber great you know Eenie for America they will know by now they will say it to their people Tina sounds like your sister is hungry too looks pretty good that carrot – carrot [Music] yeah Carrie how do you say carrot kid is that yes do you look for dinner of folks and have some eggs on you’re gonna have some chopped salads or tomatoes which are my bun yet and diced sliced cucumber and you can have bell pepper for the first time gonna be an orange bell pepper you like it yeah okay let me make you the rest now Boniface [Music] [Music] so I’m going to cook some rice and I’m going to put add-ins in it so I’m going to fry this up got a little cabbage hot pepper bell pepper onion and a bunch of tomatoes with some of the atoms to the rice all right it’s done so I put a can of tomato paste or tomato sauce in here not soft its Tomatoes just tomatoes and a can of water to that so I have this and I put chili powder and tumeric in here and got the rice so this is my dinner tonight and Hadar will be here in about an hour I think ah this is vegan haha there you go Abigail said she wanted peas and carrots so I was like yeah okay whatever I’ll make people’s carrots basically I only cook once a day for her and she just eats it for lunch and dinner and then I make something different for breakfast like fruit or cereals but she has her breakfast but she does eat a little bit of beef a little fish and a little chicken she never had so far with no bad results so I mean she can pretty much eat whatever shoot whatever worries she can eat guacamole well avocado tomato salad and six eggs and I’m going to eat my dinner while I feed her yeah okay I made some grilled chicken is marinated I’ve got some vegetables cooking here on really low I’ve got some rice boiling put some turn that down wish to Dar yeah Rafael’s meal he’s got chicken breast that is marinated and right with mixed vegetables this is peas beef onion and gravy with biscuits drop this good so what you got there you want to describe your meal mm-hmm-hmm what you get right Callie you ate all your fella didn’t you Mandy haha why are these calls on onion rings no let’s put them on top of your fry so you can date there it’s your salad days and mowing down that salad buddy ticket these are all just different Israeli salads that you get unusual Israeli food plate authentic Oh or and luffa thank you so much for watching we are going to go on low-carb keto which is also gluten-free so be sure to check those meals out and watch for recipes leave a comment down below to let us know you were here thanks for watching

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