Gluten Free Foods For Kids

The three kids four kids yes we are a gluten-free family if you are diagnosed with celiac disease or you have gluten sensitivity this video is for you if you’re a kid that’s just been diagnosed you might want to watch this so you can find out what foods you can substitute for the things that you used to eat so let’s get started okay we have been a gluten free family now for a couple of months and we wanted to share this because it was very overwhelming for myself and for my kids when we found out that one of our kids had celiac disease so we didn’t know really where to begin and we just wanted to help other parents and kids out that might be just getting diagnosed and kind of going through the difficult find difficult time of finding you know gluten free items to substitute things that you used to eat so let’s get started with one thing that we eat a lot in our house is pasta so Trader Joe’s is a great place for gluten-free items and this item is the organic brown rice and quinoa facili pasta very good this with some tomato sauce on top really delicious I mean also I don’t know if many of you know of a store called Aldi now Aldi is a sister company of Trader Joe’s which I’ve been told and it actually sells gluten-free items at a fraction of the cost I mean usually gluten-free pasta runs between four to six dollars I know it’s very expensive but at Aldi this was 97 cents the normal the normal price of pasta so we found that this gluten-free brown rice spaghetti from Aldi was the best spaghetti we went through a lot of different brands Barilla has a brain and I know a lot of stores supermarkets carry different brands of gluten-free items but we felt that this one was the tastiest and at Aldi they have a line of gluten-free items called Lib G free and we’ll show you more of those items in a little bit but that’s their gluten-free line that they sell also another thing that people find to be kind of challenging is to find white bread white bread is something that kind of tastes a little bit different when it’s gluten-free and certain brands tastes really bad and certain brands taste really good so we found the one that we really liked the most was the trader Joe gluten-free white sandwich bread it’s really good it tastes like regular bread it’s like the best good free bread I have had yes it really is good this is very kid friendly and she really loves it so we have that also if you’re frying foods or if you need to put bread crumbs in something we found that the four C gluten-free seasoned breadcrumbs really do the trick they really taste very much like regular breadcrumbs it really good it tastes like regular breadcrumbs but it tastes better yeah it tastes really really nice so we really like that one especially if you’re gonna make some chicken nuggets or something for your kids that’s a great substitute there so one thing that we found was kind of difficult in the beginning was finding items that snack items so you can’t have your typical cookies and stuff like that so again with Aldi we have tried these these are really delicious the the live G free gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix very easy to make they also sell chocolate chip cookies already made but our absolute favorite for the chocolate chip cookies is the Trader Joe’s we gluten-free crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies and guys tell them it’s so good I these are really delicious first time I bought them it tastes really really good I just ate the whole thing and I noticed that Trader Joe’s whether people are gluten-free or not these always I rather sell out like so fast so we buy two or three bags to keep them in the house so we’ll have them another item if you need to make cupcakes for your kids school you’re saying oh wow I’m gonna make cupcakes for a birthday party again Aldi live g-free gluten-free yellow cake mix we haven’t tried it yet but I think I’m lucky that probably little taste because we’ve had the cookies and we’ve had the brownies yes and that’s all worked out well yeah so tastes delicious so again just to go along that line of desserts they also have a brownie mix gluten free an angel food cake mix gluten free and they also sell a gluten free pizza crust mix we have this one thing it tastes really really good it tastes better than the frozen pizza I like the homemade better yes so we really enjoy that a lot and if you want to bake and you still want to make the things that your kids love yeah right you like if you don’t want to make your little purpose flour yeah it’s a gluten free flour and it’s really really good and your cakes or cookies are gonna taste awesome we can’t carrot cake yes that was really anxious okay another thing which people especially with kids might want is some macaroni and cheese and by far this is the best brand Annie Annie’s homemade homegrown rice pasta and cheddar macaroni and cheese now the good thing about this particular it’s Michael angel right be quick it’s about two minutes and 15 seconds you just put a little water in there especially for your on-the-go right yeah it’s really good and all the Amy’s like gluten-free mac and cheese it will taste real right good because we have the also the can you go get the homemade mix so I can show them Oh actually I have it right here and they have this one too which is very creamy and comes with a big packet of cheese in it so this is a real nice of creamy macaroni and cheese this one I use quite a bit and I will even give this to her on the go I take this a lot of times when we’re traveling so if I can get a microwave in a hotel and she wants a quick meal this is what we use so we really like that a lot now moving on to Mexican food you the good thing is old el Pasto is gluten free and it says it right on the front so having corn tortillas is much safer and easier for you to just grab this box and make also we use these Commission mix gluten free for these soft corn tortillas low fat um tortillas to make quesadillas just soft tacos because as you know you can’t have the flour tortillas tortillas we like love this one we always have like everyday or something it’s like also you have to be aware that a lot of soup mixes and gravies and even taco seasoning some flowers they have some some type of gluten in it so Ortega taco seasoning mix is gluten free it’s yummy it tastes so just so you know because yeah it’s one of those things where you have to read the back of the labels and we’re trying to give you a heads up for things that we know are a sure thing especially when you’re first getting diagnosed first changing your diet it’s a little overwhelming and you’re reading all the labels so at the beginning we were trying to find like a taco seasoning mix that will be gluten free and now we found this right one a lot of them aren’t gluten free so just check the back and make sure okay so also for a sweet treat if you want something on the go yeah it’s ready Joe how are you they have the gluten-free blueberry muffins I ate one she ate one that’s where one’s missing these are really good she loves them she eats them all the time they’re quite delicious now something that we love to do in the summer time with friends and family is make s’mores and a lot of people love to make s’mores and we thought oh man how are we gonna make s’mores well in our local grocery store in the gluten-free section they had gluten-free sports brand crackers so it’s really good it tastes really good Hershey’s chocolate is gluten free plain chocolate is gluten free and emotional and marshmallows are gluten free naturally so this is a very easy substitute if your kids are you know if you’re gonna have a little campfire outside or you know you can have a s’mores evening this is what you want to use and it’s really actually tastes really really good we tried it two times and before we even get the campfire to times we ate all of them they ate all of the graham crackers before we get into their phone so they were good also this is really the kids really love these and these are treated joke PB&J bars also you have to stay away from certain types of cereal bars because they have gluten in them they have flour but this is and we oh and yeah Oh certain types of things and this is gluten free and it says it right here on the bottom of the box but you always want to check the label anyway and I’ll just let me see but these look like so these are great for on-the-go keeping them in your purse or in the car or traveling great for traveling when you’re not sure of me if something’s gluten free or not kids and hungry you bring your own snacks I always carry some snacks in my bag and in the car for her just in case if we’re on a long trip and I can’t go where is something gluten-free or if I’m not sure we stick to this until we can get somewhere where we know we can get some something gluten-free so there’s that and these baked cheese crunchy corn snacks of course they’re corn so they’re gluten-free you really I saw at Trader Joe’s we’re not free they had wheat flour okay and these are the regular beefy yeah these do this but these crunchy are definitely gluten free and you’ll see okay another thing which we really like also from Aldi is very very very crunchy granola and they also have a chocolate for NOLA – I’d like that – kept to the dirt chocolate it was really good so these we use as cereals or on top of yogurts or just as a snack she eats them for everything so mom’s best cereals cocoa marshmallow Safari is gluten free as you can see and it’s like no artificial flavorings no high fructose corn syrup so this is a great alternative because a lot of the cereals we can’t have because they have wheat there are two of those cereals of mom best cereals that are gluten-free and I’m hoping they make more yeah I think one is like a fruit loop um no that’s the other one oh it’s a longer one is like Rice Krispies this one is marshmallows egg and then they just have just the cocoa yes without the marshmallows which we have those yeah he’s a really good another thing which you know which are gluten free or goofy toes yeah that’s great as a snack and then also we have these open but these Snyder’s of Hanover carries gluten-free pretzels so you know this is one of the companies that does a gluten-free pretzel which are really tasty and crunchy and quickly I’m just gonna show you two frozen items that I’m gonna grab out in my freezer just let me see two quick things we have the Trader Joe’s breaded chicken nuggets gluten-free they’re so good like the best one kids absolutely love these and I’ll make these quickly for them for lunch and stuff like that really really delicious really good and then we also have the gluten-free three cheese pizza also from Trader Joe’s that the kids really enjoy and like so much so we have both of these quite a bit for lunches and stuff like that Aldi carries also some gluten free pizzas that are frozen and also they carry some gluten-free raviolis if you’re interested because that’s another hard item to find I found some raviolis for her in Whole Foods Whole Foods is another really good place but they’re quite pricy as far as gluten-free items go Aldi is the cheapest and so is Trader Joe’s happy has two free microwavable raviolis that keeps really good moon sauce yeah and they have a lot of gluten-free stuff like young free pancakes yes every aisle has like free stuff right and for another breakfast just to let you guys know Trader Joe’s also sells gluten-free pancakes and gluten-free flours and waffles which we get quite is that morning another quick tip just to let you guys know is when you go to the supermarket and you’re looking for french fries be aware that a lot of french fries do klint contain gluten in them you have to read the front of the bag sorry guys camera went dead on me just wanted to show you real quickly two last items that are also gluten-free that we found which we were really excited about if you want to have ice cream cones they do make let’s do gluten-free ice cream cones is the name of this brand and it’s made by Eduard and Sons and they are really good you’re delicious on length yeah yeah they taste except to be honest with you they taste exactly the same as a regular ice cream cone I don’t taste any different at all so that’s great and also we were told by our dietician and doctor that you have to be careful when you’re buying ice cream products like cookie dough right certain things you have to avoid but we did find that using Breyers was a great brand and it actually says gluten-free right on the side of it so look for ice creams that are gluten free they’re definitely out there and we hope that this helped you guys out like I said we were very overwhelmed at first and we just wanted to help other parents and kids people that are going through a diet change to make it a little less stressful and it’s annoying she finds it annoying sometimes but now things have gotten a lot better because we found all the alternatives very right so now we found things that really make a huge difference and really help out and also look around in your local areas a lot of times you’ll find gluten-free bakeries we’re lucky enough to have a gluten-free Bakery by us that makes gluten-free pizzas and things like that and muffins and cakes and cookies and things so as a treat we’ll go there every once in awhile so thanks so much guys for watching please like sky and also leave a comment let us know any good gluten-free products that you might use because I’m very interested to hear from other people on brands and things that they like that we’d love to try and leave us a comment if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer any questions about living gluten free thanks so much guys bye