Gluten Free Foods List (For Grocery Shopping)

The great thing about being celiac today is that because a lot of people have kind of jumped on the gluten-free diet bandwagon whether they have to or not for health reasons a lot more food producers are creating quality gluten-free food with that being said I visit the gluten free aisle very seldomly because honestly a lot of the food there wha well-intended tastes horrible and you just don’t like eating bad food and it’s super expensive anyways and so I’m a poor struggling college student but some of my go-to s are some of the gluten-free pasta now is super good and so gluten free pasta other things is red barn the brand red barn has some really good gluten free oatmeal and you can just put that you know in the pot takes five minutes Pamela’s if you don’t know about Pamela’s flour then you’re missing out there are hundreds of types of flours out there but Pamela’s all-purpose gluten free flour it’s expensive it’s like fourteen or fifteen dollars for four pounds but it’s you want it because it’s the best substitute flour I don’t want to be that gluten free person and say it tastes just like the normal thing but it’s the closest thing that tastes like normal gluten free food and I get talked about earlier Cheerios is now gluten free it’s like a blessing from heaven because I eat Cheerios probably like every day sometimes two or three times a day kind of bad but sometimes you’re really looking for good easy fixes quinoa also I don’t know if you know what quinoa is it’s another type of green kind of like rice a little bit smaller interesting taste and texture depending on how its flavored can taste super good quinoa rice rice is super easy super quick but you typically have to make the Rex yourself not one of those instant packets and then a lot a lot of meats aren’t seasoned tunafish is great like we’re all grateful that bacon is usually gluten-free like that’s a blessing the really hard one is trying to find gluten-free bread there’s not really like a go to this tastes just like Sara Lee’s or Walmart’s gluten bread you’re not gonna find it typically gluten-free bread you have to find one then you can gross who appreciate we’ll say and then once you find one you just kind of stick to it and the thing about gluten-free bread too is typically it’s either like drier than the Sahara Desert or more moist than New York is with its humidity and so you have to figure out how to keep it so typically I have to keep a lot of gluten-free fruit in the fridge so it doesn’t go mouldy in like two or three days because nothing is worse than thinking about making french toast for breakfast and then you go and you’re gluten-free bread is all moldy and so you go to the cheerios Oh checks checks as well there’s is just naturally gluten-free because they’ve got you know checks rise well don’t eat their checks wheat because that’s obviously not gluten free but check Serio is also a good place to go when people ask me like what do you eat what do you normally do I usually give the response that well I eat anything a rabbit eats because typically you know fruits and vegetables are pretty safe but really and honestly I eat anything that you guys eat I just have to prepare it differently when going out to eat going out to eat is a whole nother ballpark typically when a group of friends wants to go out to eat or you know you’re going on a date or whatever there are some places that are good gluten free and typically cross-contamination is not that bad I’m a big proponent for chick-fil-a they are awesome to work with they’re gluten free chicken nuggets are really good their sauces you have to ask them which ones don’t have gluten in them but the chick-fil-a sauce and the Polynesian sauce don’t and the other really good food that if you’re celiac or gluten intolerant you need to get to love is Thai food it’s super good typically rice based pad thai noodles are a blessing curry is great once again with curry you have to make sure that the seasonings and sauces and stuff don’t contain gluten but other restaurants are really gluten free friendly as well even if they do serve gluten they can’t say that they are a hundred percent gluten free because there is always the again cross contamination can occur but Costa Vita is really good at being gluten free if you go through their line and you say something like can I have the corn tortillas they’re gonna ask oh are you gluten free and and you say yes and they will everyone in the line changes out their gloves so that the cross-contamination isn’t as likely now is it still possible yes is a like playing Russian roulette yes but is the benefit worth it sometimes cuz it’s good food other times you get super sick and then it’s not worth it but you kind of have to pick and choose sometimes going to a buffet place like Cracker Barrel that’s really taking your life into your own hands because sure you can stick to the salad bar salad bars great probably taste very good once again we’re akin to rabbits but like when you see someone over there having like a steak you’re just kind of like mmm this salad is really tasty and really nutritious and so you go and try the steak the next thing you know you’re sick so you have to be careful sometimes it’s awkward when you’re going to like dinner at someone else’s house and they know that you’re celiac and they say don’t worry I cooked completely gluten-free but then you you want to trust people and you sincerely appreciate the efforts that they go – but you always kind of have to be a little skeptical when they say this is completely gluten-free because they just don’t think about things that contain that might contain gluten and they just don’t know and and it’s not like you know they’re trying to be like oh Jefferson I’m gonna pour some flour into your drink and like see if you’re really gluten intolerant or celiac so typically when people invite me over to their house for food or stuff I do stick with the rabbit food because it’s safe so and then when people oh this might be horrible of me and I will repent later but when people bring me treats or stuff and they’re like hey we made this for you it’s gluten free you know you say oh thank you so much and if I really trust the person I will eat it but if not I thank them for it and either tell my roommates or my family like go for it it’s all for you then if they don’t want to eat it find someone else to give it to or just throw it in the trash because and it’s not like I’m not appreciative of what they’ve done but you just get burned too many times and it’s not fun and you’re sick for like a week and it’s it’s challenging and so that’s another thing with food that you kind of have to you know look out for

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