Gluten Free Fried Rice


I think we all go through a bit of mourning when we can’t eat our favorite foods anymore without getting sick. We can no longer pull out a take out menu and order whatever we feel like. Even places that serve gluten free fried rice can be tricky. I have ordered it at one of those places but got sick because they used the wrong soy sauce in my rice. Never will I put myself in that position again. I decided to make my own that I knew would be safe for me to eat without fear of any mishaps in the kitchen.

This fried rice turned out to be so easy and delicious that I usually make it about once a week. It is perfect when you have leftover rice, or any kind of meat. Whatever I have on hand I usually throw in and I have used all kinds of different vegetables as well. You can play with this and make it just how you would like it. I also don’t usually even measure anything when I cook it. I just throw it all together and my family loves it. My kids gobble this up and I end up cleaning out my fridge and making a delicious meal all at the same time.

Now, regular soy sauce does have gluten in it so make sure you pick up a gluten free bottle. Gluten free soy sauce has gotten to be really popular so I have been able to find it in just about any grocery store that I have been in. I also like it with a bit of Sriracha in it but make sure to read your labels for that as well. I just add a bit and it gives it a great flavor without making it too spicy for kids.

So next time you are craving some takeout, put down the menu and pull out a pan. This recipe will not disappoint!

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