Gluten Free Grocery List – 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I decided to make a video on a grocery mall because I went grocery shopping yesterday and someone just tweeted me yesterday actually asking to make a video on how to eat more clean and just clean eating in general also because I decided to do a 10 day clean eating challenge for myself that means no dairy that’s right no ice cream no coffee haven’t been drinking that then like two months for something whatever I’m going to be drinking that so that’s no big deal but no artificial stuff things you can’t pronounce and just all that weird stuff sweetener and so does and you get the nice there’s none of all that stuff just clean real Whole Foods so I decided to share with you guys what I bought on another note actually my blog just went up doing with Diana calm and I’ll be posting a lot more about all this food stuff and if this video is not enough for you then you can always click I’m sure the link is somewhere on this site subscribe and then find the link and go read a little more if he would like you have to get to the groceries all this everyone’s got at Whole Foods and I know I’ve even tell myself that sometimes I know a lot of you guys tell yourself this too that eating healthy can be really expensive and yes it can but I would say you pay more by eating the fake food achieve the one of the foods and such as my skin that’s been really stubborn if you’ve been watching my blocks and I’m doing everything possible and my usual tricks don’t really work right now because it’s just being really stubborn so I figured it’s gonna take a little more and usually I’m not one to be so strict on myself because when I tell myself and have something I’ll happen and you guys probably know that about me but I’ve decided just to treat myself well and eat some good food slightly so that is definitely gonna be for the next ten days as I’m going to Maui in ten days so that’s all the time I have here and you know a traveling can be a little tougher but why don’t we just get to it let’s start with all the eggs that I bought at the farmers market last Sunday they are not cool that the farmers market so I don’t like to put them in the fridge when I get home unless I’m trying to make them last for really really long I did actually put half of them in the fridge because I realized I’m probably not gonna eat all of them before I leave but they keep the nutrients better when you don’t pool in so try and get a local or someone even message me on Instagram saying something about or listed YouTube I don’t know um that neighbor has some eggs good for you if you’re watching this or shows that love me too the greens I have just been craving dark greens lately you guys probably know that I don’t like to label myself and I don’t like to label me within like diet or whatever but I would have to say that a high fat low carb diet has been working pretty well for me but lately I’m just not craving fats so I’m craving dark greens so I got more of that and once again I think it is really important to listen to your body and what you feel like you need so if you feel like you need more fat to eat more fat if you hit a parent’s hunger you don’t then go for that that’s why I don’t like to label myself because I imagine the bean raw vegan or disappearo or whatever your label is if you crave something you’re like I can’t have that because paleo around raw vegan or whatever the label might be so I don’t like that because I just want to eat whatever I’m craving whatever I’m feeling and the most strict you are yourself I think the less likely you are to succeed cuz it’s gonna be fun it’s not fun you’re not gonna succeed that’s just that’s just how it is so oh you’re not doing it right video bomb I just have a serious obsession with Bill I it just smells so good and I can just eat this all day long I got bill I got some cilantro jalapenos and some cherry tomatoes that all makes a really good salsa if you need some inspiration as to what to actually do with it lemons I got in a farmers market – there’s such a better deal at the farmers market ginger I got some raw almonds I do prefer prefer getting them at the farmers market because they are actually wrong and I know that even though they say wrong on the label at the grocery store there are technically not rockets they need to go through some sort of process at the store but it’s just enough to where they somehow can label it as raw but they’re not technically that’s just a little tip for you guys that even though it says raw it’s actually not which makes it pretty hard to trust your labels so then just go ahead and buy the Greens because that’s a lot easier I got some aloe vera which Daniel actually cooked his lip on yesterday it’s not pretty is bleeding and those things can apparently dangerous this I’m gonna use for my skin as I don’t have a blender but I would just cut a piece and put it in my smoothies or whatever I have but once again no wonder yet so I’m just gonna settle for putting it on my skin since I said it’s been pretty stubborn but I like to use all things natural and I don’t like to go for well of course chemicals cuz not much that’s not nice if you have a sweet tooth I would recommend eating more fruits lately I’m not crazy that but I do have some bananas and some apples and some oranges and I know that in Denmark you have to look for the O with the thing in it the organic more Canadians know what I’m talking about but apparently Americans just put a mine something number on your stuff so that makes it a whole lot easier to figure out if it’s organic or not I got it I guess I got it organic cucumber that’s one of the things like some of the things I don’t care as much whether they’re organic or not but for cucumbers and stuff where you would actually maybe eat the pill or that has a very thin peel you want to go for organic there’s a lot of Facebook posts and one of those viral ones that costs you what fruits and greens that you should definitely go for it as organic and which one doesn’t matter as much such as avocados you don’t really need those to be organic because they don’t need as much pesticides and all that bad stuff so that doesn’t really matter the same goes for sweet potato this is the Japanese sweet potatoes and I just I just lovely color anything that has bright colors such as just these raw foods I get so excited about it I don’t know why but that’s something that grows in the ground is everything Tammy only grows from the ground where these are in the ground so I feel like that is one of those things that you definitely want got some carrots broccoli bell peppers though she definitely want organic not organic oh man okay I thought it said organic on this time but I guess I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday okay never mind zucchini these should be organic please tell me everything there is no number on it okay zucchinis got some romaine lettuce big head of romaine lettuce that’s so awesome bright and crispy you know that moment when you open avocado and it’s brown try pulling out the lettuce from your fridge and it’s all the way dead and soft I got nori sheets seaweeds sushi no rice though but I’m just gonna make him raw and you can grind out some walnuts some sunflower seeds or some almonds and make a baked meat I did also get ground turkey meat and ground beef and for those of you who are on a budget or just don’t want to spend that much money on food still go for the grass-fed meat but ground meat is just a better deal because it might be a less good cut of the animal or Chivers you would say that but it’s just a better deal to buy the ground meat you can make beef patties like beef burger things and use lettuce as a body mousse and just load it with all the herbs and greens in stuff that you really like no crazy and sugar economist no butt and no gluten no gluten bugs just you so lettuce and it is absolutely delicious if you’re a sick of just eating salads and you don’t know how to make the salad interesting because I know on this label stolid again filling but make a burger and just load it up and cut it differently I know that’s that’s a really simple thing but if you’re cutting your fruits and veggies the same way every time in your salad looks the same that’s enough to turn me off if I even eat it for a long period of time so that’s just another tip I also got a gallon of spring water which I highly recommend anything just any type of spring water for some reason call me or throw Rexach if you will but I’ve been getting a stomach ache from drinking the tap water here and it’s every time if you get the tap water at Starbucks here I get a headache I get bloated and I just feel nauseous and sick and I guess I’m kind of spoiled with the tap water in Denmark all right guys the camera just turned off because they’ve had insufficient memory on the memory stick and I had to import everything and format the memory mistakes I’d now I have no idea where I came from but I already think it was something about some tap water not being a good idea to drink so let’s just stick to that I’m sure I said enough about that if you guys need inspiration as to what to actually make with all these things instead of just random salads then I’ll be I’ll try to pick more videos that I can post here on my youtube channel but I’ll also be posting what I eat and recipes and stuff like that on my blog food with a Unicom so go there and see what’s up cuz i’ll plus what i eat and some more random things that are not as vulnerable if you guys are with me on this 10-day cleaning eating challenge then give this video a thumbs up I am gonna do corporate as much whole raw foods as possible Mellinger or not it’s always a good idea to incorporate as many Whole Foods and fresh fruits and greens as possible so just take this challenge with me skip the sodas and the artificial sweeteners and dairy and whatever stuff that is your guilty pleasure just for they live for the next ten days I started yesterday but I’m gonna do it till I go to quiet Maui I’m going to Maui not quiet if you’re kind of lost when it comes to doing your grocery shopping and what to buy then I hope this was kind of an inspiration as to what you could buy and maybe what you could make and once again I’ll be posting that on my blog so if you need some more inspiration go there and just get this video a thumbs up if you want more of these and more tips on healthy eating and just comment below what you want and I was trying to make it happen for you okay also follow me on Instagram and Facebook and you know all that stuff and thanks for watching first actually I got this cough it up so yes hold this way for you to be done being or you can close the door did I just spit hate that