Gluten Free Kids School Lunch Meal Ideas

What my kid eats gluten free sugar free meal ideas okay this is my salad today I shared with my three-year-old so he is eating that and I am Aten this just lettuce and Parmesan mayonnaise and tomatoes yeah yeah Raphael is eating some cut-up hearts was it chicken hearts so we have chicken hearts he’s got some rice it’s got some butter some chicken seasoning and some spinach chin up and dad it has the same thing except his are not cut up hearts and daddy cooked the hearts and he cooked the rice and I just put the stuff in it well he burnt it a little bit but he didn’t know yeah he didn’t know rice is hard to cook so I made a video on it how to cook rice hey and here are our puddings is that for me and daddy and you know that’s right me and daddy knew so who all is up that’s what our family yes Daddy yep and Rafael cooked up yeah you’re very proud of yourself this one’s yours okay here’s Rafael’s dinner he’s got two fried eggs cooked in butter with onions and a salad Rafael’s meal is scrambled eggs with cauliflower broccoli carrots onions garlic powder a little milk and Parmesan cheese on top don’t touch it if it’s hot it is then don’t touch it let it cool off I just have to blow it you might have to wait I have to actually wait is it hot mm-hmm you might have to wait do you think you can handle waiting yeah okay Raphael is eating some shrimp I guess it’s shrimp scampi I don’t know how to make it but I just put some stuff together it’s got noodles since our frame and the shrimp these are rice noodles yeah it’s shrimp scampi I’m gonna do a recipe video on it oh I don’t want a big spoon you have a fork anyone before big a big fork no no little fork and I wanna little no because you’re a child yeah okay for Rafael’s dinner we have some vegetables to gluten free kiss-kiss Israeli salad with the juice cucumber tomato and onion and some scrambled eggs and for dessert he’s gonna have a few slices of peaches so Raphael has beef from the crock-pot then I cut up in some mashed cauliflower with butter and a little bit of milk okay Raphael is having tuna patties and little tiny taters that I cooked in the crock pot with meat juice and he’s got butter and salt on them thank you for watching check out our other videos and our other channels and subscribe for new videos leave a comment down below to let us know you were here thanks for watching