Gluten-free. Manioc the most important vegetable you’ve never heard of

Gluten-free. Manioc the most important vegetable you’ve never heard of. People diagnosed with celiac disease and other gluten allergies can eat foods as Cassava. Cassava does not contain allergenic protein called gluten, which is why cassava is a good substitute for rice, rye, oats, barley and wheat. In case of diabetes mellitus, Cassava consumption, high in fiber can help lower blood sugar levels. Manihot esculenta known as tapioca, manioc, Cassava, Yucca, tapioca root, manioc, tapioca, cassava roots, yucca roots, manioc root, ubi kayu roots, manihot esculenta root, yucca plant, manioc starch, cassava manioc, cassava starch, ubi kayu, Mandioca, Sabudana, Kappa or Sago are rhizomes starch, cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas.
Cassava is used as a folk remedy for: cancerous diseases; growths of the eye; antiseptic; cyanogenetic; emollient; diuretic; abscesses; boils; conjunctivitis; diarrhea; dysentery; flu; hernia; inflammation; prostatitis; snakebite; pain; spasms; asthma; cough; wound; tuberculosis; measles; back pain; chest pain; rash; sweating; stomach ache; headaches and anesthesia.

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