Gluten Free Rainbow Puri Recipe

Hi welcome to show me the curry comb and the new Joe and I’m kettle and today we have manga Lottie here and she’s gonna show us how to make gluten-free rainbow please alright please please have carrot and fresh coriander in it so we are enhancing the food value also and why I like this please again it’s an occasional thing we don’t make Buddhist every day we don’t fly every day but they are good to carry they’re good to carry to a dinner say you’re going out to dinner and the child with allergies shouldn’t only be having rice they stay soft right this stays soft in an insulated container but if you are carrying them in a small other container also they’re fine for a few hours yeah and if you are if you’re eating them the next day then you should just set them in the microwave oven and then they’re fine a few sentences we’re starting off actually with the basic gluten-free flour we have a recipe for that already a video that on website you can look for that it’s been made a whole lot of it and kept it’s a perfect time to use that to be a one cup of that so that we’re going to add a quarter teaspoon of salt or to taste 1 TSP of th e de or cumin seeds you see you don’t need an accompanying vegetable with these foodies with the other paris’ you need something to go with it right these you can take along even on a journey so you don’t need that accompanying vegetable picnics and rdy only kids I think you know allergies right it’s great for lunch yeah mmm if you can put in the oil 1 TSP of oil and now I’m just going to add all this 1/2 a cup of finely shredded carrot so it was about three small one and that was to about two tablespoons of chopped cilantro or coriander green chillies to taste again optional a provisional yes or you can use red chili powder you know Miyagi shows just as good we have 1/3 cup of water over here and it’s just regular tap water and we’re just going to add a little at a time yeah yes I don’t want to just add all the water at one go just to see how much the dough will take I’m going to need it carrot adds color and gather is also better carotene okay which is an important antioxidant to have and actually cooked carrot yields more beta-carotene than rocks oh really these cooked vegetables are more assimilable by the body and here’s a balance of the water and depending on how pressure drawer is you need that much water you know so it’s very fresh you need less water if it’s a little older you need more so just put a little at a time so you can you know keep a control on it but that looks very pretty yes I like the me and the kids would like the name as well yay and we will let this rest looking it doesn’t have to be refrigerated you know I mean you can keep it outside but even a couple of hours it’s fine mmm so do you not me to need it unti a whole lot like gluten yeah I am needing it okay anything’s about five minutes yes yes easily so is it the same consistency as regular yes it’s a little less um tighter than the regular okay is okay and sure the vegetables will let a little bit of water yeah yes so we lightly coated it with oil and now we’re going to cover 15 minutes and we’ll be back so we also have the oil heated up for deep frying of course it’s foodies you have to do that and we the dough has rested for 15 months so we are ready to get the boot purees rolling now make small balls you know you can roll out all the porous and then fry them if you want to do it that way yeah just flatten each ball like this in the palm of your hand so you get nice flat balls dust them a little in the rice flour and then you just roll them out not as thin as rotis there should be a little pickle they’re going to test the oil a little bit yes it’s ready to ready pop right up drop the purees in very gently and press with your slotted spoon and press the poori down so it has enough time to puff up see these buoys are not going to balloon as much as the breeze which are plane because the plot is a little heavy and clip it around actress minutes let it cook off the underside and then pull it out to the side so you got drain out all the excess oil and place it on a plate lined with paper towel so now we have the boys mmm and they look fantastic so they made about 2022 parades and many on the Flies which show how big you have them so I think it’s like perfect perfect for family I know I know intervention is before but some of them will puff beautifully and some of them won’t but it’s okay because even the ones that don’t have are still nice and they’re soft it mainly this is you know and not just that they’re yummy and you want them to be something on them to be crisp because it’ll be harder to take them around doing them yeah and you can always back up you in our employ and carry them around or put them in a lunchbox or something for picnics or villages and yeah parties I think they’re really gonna be a gluten-free lunch such a challenge auntie it’s and even without gluten-free it’s hard so I can just imagine it’s so soft absolutely delicious have a great texture mmm this is amazing and then that’s how they look he’s so peered so aptly named fantastic names do well the children that is solution to create some names for them fun names yes that is so true so very very nice thank you so much Andy for sharing this with us and our viewers and join us again on another episode of show me dakari calm Annie teaches files to your life