Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

Get the full benefits of pre and probiotics by using some of this starter in your baking recipes like pancakes, waffles, conventional breads and flatbreads. Peruse my playlist for gluten free recipes using this sourdough starter. Thanks for your subscription likes and shares. 😘

Here’s a link for gluten free pancakes using this starter.

Here’s the how to 👏🏽

Gluten Free Sourdough Starter
2 Tablespoons Pea Flour
2 Tablespoons pure pineapple juice
Piece of cheesecloth
Rubber band
Empty sterilized Jar with lid
Day 1
Mix together pea flour and pineapple juice. Add more juice if necessary to make a slightly weak paste consistency. Cover with about four layers of cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band. Cover with jar lid keeping it slightly opened. Check it daily to make sure there’s no mould or foul smell. If there is, discard and start over using the same recipe.
Day 2
Add 2 Tablespoons of pea flour and 2 Tablespoons of pineapple juice and mix thoroughly. Cover and set aside on counter top in a warm sunny spot.
Day 3
Check and feed repeating the same process. If you find that the top is drying out, remove cheesecloth and cover completely with the lid of the jar.
Day 4
Take a teaspoon and skim the top and you will find that there’s some friendly bacteria starting to develop at the bottom. There should be some bubbles starting. Don’t fret if it’s not starting out yet. It must be due to a difference in temperature where you placed it.
Day 5
The bacteria should be starting to multiply by now so you will notice more bubbles.
Day 6
Repeat feeding process mixing thoroughly each time. My jar measurement is 1 cup.
Day 7
I repeated feeding process until I filled my jar. By this time the starter is maturing.
Day 8
Repeat feeding process. There would be more bubbles.
Day 9
Repeat feeding process. I found that by now it’s ready to use in gluten free pancakes. If you want to continue using it for different recipes take out about two tablespoons, add it to a new sterilized jar, feed, cover and utilize the rest in your pancake recipe. I used the whole jar for a pancake recipe because this was just an experiment for me and there are no gluten intolerance people in my family.
The gluten free starter takes longer to develop than a regular starter so be patient.
If you are not using it frequently refrigerate it and feed about once every three days or even once a week. Take it out and leave it on the countertop to warm up, feeding it a few hours before using it for your next recipe. I have not tried breads or other recipes but my pancakes turned out wonderfully. Waffles should be awesome too.
If you are continuing with the second jar for use in other recipes, you can discontinue using pineapple juice and switch to filtered water instead. It worked just fine.
Fruit flies love to hover around these starters so be observant when checking it, hence the use of cheesecloth. I had four layers to make sure it was well covered but still breathable to prevent fruit flies from getting in and also from the starter getting too dry. If the top is dried out skim off a thin layer and cover with the lid completely.

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