Gluten Free Weight Loss + Tips for Food Elimination

Hi guys today I’m going to be doing my gluten free weight loss slash tips that I have for if you want to eliminate some foods from your diet or just if you want to clean up your diet go on a diet for health reasons for if you want to lose weight if you want to make your skin better if you want to feel better of course I have to start out this video by saying that I am NOT a professional this is everything from my experience and things that have helped me that I wish I knew before going into being gluten and dairy free so that’s what I wanted to say I’m going to start with the weight loss portion because I I realized that I don’t have a ton to say about the weight loss but I do have more to say about tips that I have if you are trying to eliminate some foods in your diet I talked about this a little bit in the video that I did almost a year ago that I when I went to college and when I was a freshman in college I ate at the dining hall and it was buffet style so I ate a lot at the dining hall and I gained about 20 pounds I gained the freshman 20 they say the freshman 15 I was like there’s no way I’m gonna gain that I gained that and more and I ate like that all of freshman year and then sophomore year end and I moved into our first apartment and we ate a little tiny bit cleaner but it was still you know we were kind of on our own and wanted to experience buying junk food for the first time for ourselves so that was we’ve just kind of felt free and wanted to kind of eat what we wanted in January last year was when I started doing Pilates with my mom and I decided that I really wanted to clean up my diet because I was exercising I was feeling good but I was still eating bad stuff for me and when I started eating healthier I noticed a little bit of a change in my skin my acne started decreasing and going away and that’s probably the number one thing that I’ve learned from going gluten-free is that your diet and what you eat reflects in your skin and I don’t think I believed it to the extent that I’ve experienced it if you said if you go gluten-free your skin will clear up you won’t be getting acne more I’m trying out new products so I have acne outbut dairy is what gives me acne I realized that now dairy makes me break out gluten makes me have dermatitis and eating cleaner just it shows in your skin so you can use really expensive skincare products but your skin is not going to be looking great if you’re eating like chips and fat and McDonald’s every day anyway basically I started eating more clean than I’ve ever eaten in my entire life when I went gluten-free because I had to start introducing vegetables and more fruit into my diet and things that weren’t gluten free so I had to kind of learn to be creative and this is not going to be very helpful because I did not have a scale the first three months of being gluten free so I didn’t really know in terms of the number on the scale how much I weighed but I could tell in the way that my clothes were fitting that I was getting thinner I would just look at myself in the mirror naked yes naked and just I could tell that I saw the biggest difference in kind of my side love handle area my waist was just getting thinner didn’t see so much of a difference at first in my thighs they’ve shrunk down a tiny bit but mostly it’s in my stomach it’s in my sides and I’m not sure if that’s specific to the fact that I could gluten out because I know that gluten can give you a wheat belly and it can make you bloated so that might be why that’s it’s kind of from that area but that’s the most that’s the area that I’ve noticed the most shrinkage it really is a really positive thing when you are putting on your clothing and they just feel looser every day I remember two summers ago when Aaron I went to Hawaii I had to buy new capris because my pair that I had didn’t fit me and I had to buy a size 9 I think in from 21 I forget what their size and conversion is but I had to buy a size 9 and that was that was not fun for me and that’s when I realized that I don’t I didn’t like being that heavy and as good as as good as food feels

I mean I say this a lot but if you feel good about your body and you like the way that you look that is that is a like a pat on the back and it makes you not want to eat crap food so if you look at yourself and say I want to maintain this body I need to keep eating healthy that for some people can be enough and I don’t know if for me in the beginning that would have been enough if I didn’t have the problem with my face I keep saying the problem with my face is what kept me on track if I ate gluten it showed up in my face I was pissed the next day and it kept me in line I didn’t notice that my clothes started to shrink until about the first one or two months really gluten takes three to four months to get out of your system like I said before I didn’t notice a change in my face until about two and a half months in so when you cut something out like that it really takes time to clear out of your system now I weighed myself when I got home I was like oh my gosh I need Y myself this is gonna be crazy and I am back to my high school weight I lost those 20 pounds that I gained when

I went to when I was a freshman when I was eating really really badly and that’s exciting because I didn’t know if I was ever going to get back to that I don’t think I would have been able to get back to that if I didn’t go gluten free but it’s I mean it’s exciting nonetheless so kind of along the lines of that I wanted to talk to you guys about a book that one of you actually recommended me which is so exciting someone said in one of my gluten-free videos you need to read the plan and this is such an interesting book and I highly recommend trying to get your hands on it because basically it talks about our healthy foods not agreeing with your your body and how your body functions and are they making you fat so it says oatmeal salmon Greek yogurt think these foods are helping you lose weight so basically the plan is that you will do a three-day kind of cleanse it’s not it’s not like a juice cleanse it’s like you eat what they call nonreactive food so you eat nonreactive foods and then you proceed to introduce things into your diet that you want to test to see if your reactive for so you can test anything you want to test at all you do the three days of cleansing you test your food and then the following day you weigh yourself you have to kind of keep your weight in you have to weigh yourself when you’re doing the cleanse and then you eat the food that you want to test if you’re reactive for and if you gain weight in that day span of time introducing that one food that you want to see if you’re reactive to if you gain weight that means that you’re reactive to it so I actually have not tried it but I’ve got this for my mom for a Christmas gift and

I read it first I was like I’m bad for my mom I’m gonna read it first but it has such interesting information in the beginning it talks about yeast and how you can kind of cleanse your liver while you’re doing the cleanse and then it has recipes and things that you want to recommended things that you could test so but basically the weight gain means that your body is inflamed and it doesn’t really like that type of food so once you can determine what’s making you reactive you can tailor your diet around things that are good for you that may not be healthy I mean people in here they tested like chocolate and they weren’t reactive to it so even like some non healthy foods they weren’t reactive and it wasn’t making them gain weight so it’s a really interesting book I got it on Amazon it’s super super interesting now I’m going to get into some tips if you are looking to start eliminating something from your diet just some types that I wish that I would have known prior to going into it first you want to decide why you want to eliminate a certain food or group of foods from your diet is it because you want to lose weight is it because you just want to be overall healthier is it what because you have a skin condition and you want your skin to be better why you want to do this is going to determine how well you stick to the plan my skin was the main reason that I did it and so that really kept me on track when

I was feeling down I was like I have to do this I have to see if this is gonna if this is gonna fix my skin next you’re gonna have to prepare mentally for what it’s going to mean to cut that food out of your diet and I don’t think that I prepared myself enough for cutting out something as big as gluten I wish that I’ve known how much I was gonna have to change my diet before I had gone gluten free I kind of was just like one day I was like I’m gonna do this and then I’m from there the next thing you want to decide is if it’s going to be a short time period that you’re gonna do this if you want to lose weight for a certain event or something like that or if you want to make it a lifestyle change Aaron actually asked me like are you gonna have to be gluten free for your entire life and I don’t know I I hope that I don’t have to but I think we actually visited his allergist and the longer you go without eating something the more likely your body is to freak out when you do eat it again so the longer I go without gluten and then I introduce gluten into my body my face could freak out my stomach could have worse problems the next thing

I recommend is if you want to start slowly or if you want to just go cold turkey like when I went natural I went cold turkey when I went gluten-free I was just like boom this is done we’re gonna just go right from here but if you want to go slower and you want to just eliminate eliminate a little bit of gluten like if you have a sandwich for lunch every day eliminate that gluten does take three to four months to get out of your system so if you’re still eating gluten every day then it might not be as helpful to still-beating it every day but if you want to a limit if you’re trying to eliminate sugar or something then starting by eliminating that slowly will be helpful a stressful time is not the best time to start with a diet change I went gluten-free September 6th so that was right I think was like the second or yeah the second week of my semester which I was still going to use to my classes but it wasn’t like it was the end of the semester which I would not recommend for anybody to do a diet change or anything like that during the end of the semester just because if your body is already stressful it’s going to make you really emotional it’s going to make you just more unhappy if you are giving your body such a change if you’re cutting out something that you normally eat a lot of and now you’re going to not eat so much of it you may not be getting enough calories in your daily routine I had to keep a calorie counter because

I wasn’t get it I wasn’t eating enough and I wasn’t eating enough calories and I talked about that before but that was really scary for me because freshman year I tried to use the calorie counter to cut down my calories but this past semester I wasn’t eating enough and I had to keep a calorie counter to make sure I was getting like at least a thousand calories the calorie counter I like is called MyFitnessPal and you can plug in they have a huge food database so you can plug in your foods you can also scan packaging so if you have something and you can scan it it will tell you how many calories it is next since it is going to be a somewhat emotional time for especially if the people around you or eating foods that you can’t have make sure that you have someone to talk to this it might not seem like a big deal if you’re cutting out something small like oh I’m not going to eat like citrus fruits or something like that but if you’re cutting out something that’s really big then you definitely wanna make sure that you have someone to talk to I talked to Erin I talked to my mom and my mom kind of knows what I was going through because she is paleo so no grains or anything like that but I would cry to Erin about how upset I was more so because I wasn’t seeing the change in my face

I think that’s what made it really emotional for me is that I wasn’t seeing a fast enough result but definitely having someone to talk to you know just even saying like this diet sucks like this is really hard for me just getting your thoughts and feelings out will make it easier to push on because hopefully that person will say like it’ll be worth it they’ll see the results hopefully soon enough next is that you want to focus on things that you can eat I started to enjoy cooking a lot more when I went gluten-free I would my favorite thing was and still is is to look up gluten-free Bakery recipe so almond flour coconut flour just more natural sugar so maple syrup or honey just I loved to start learning how to cook without using gluten or dairy and it’s it’s really exciting when you find a recipe that looks delicious and it doesn’t have gluten or dairy so focus on what you can eat find food that you really like to eat a lot of that isn’t in the things that you’re cutting out so I started really liking apples and pears and I’ve started eating a lot more of those since

I went gluten-free and then the last tip I have for now is try not to go out to dinner when you’re first cutting something out because one you might be easily more easily tempted if you’re trying to lose weight for me it was less tempting because I had to do it for my face but going out to dinner can be really tempting and it can also be dangerous sometimes because you have to check on the ingredients and you know there’s contamination that could happen as well so I would recommend not going out to dinner unless you’re going out somewhere where you know that you can get something free of what you’re having and be fine and not be tempted or anything like that I am going to wait to do a what I eat in a day video but basically it’s pretty much the same thing as when I talked about in my two-month gluten free update so you can go and check those out I’ll list my other ones down below but I hope this was helpful for you guys

I know not everybody’s dieting process is the same thing there’s people that want to cut out something cold turkey like me with gluten there’s people that just want to eat kind of overall healthier and they want to cut out excess sugar excess fat stuff like that but I think that these tips can help can help anyone who’s looking to make a diet change or diet elimination just really focus on what you can have things that you enjoy eating and just make sure that you have you know the emotional support of people around you because that can really be helpful so hope you guys enjoyed I also wanted to just say a quick thank you at the end of this video why am I giving Mushu oh god I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten more support from you guys than in the past few months I get comments on Instagram now I get comments on my Twitter and my videos saying that my face looks so good and that makes me so happy because you guys have been through this journey with me and it’s been really challenging but I’m finally on the up and up I finally have realized that gluten-free is what works for me and I’m willing to do it to keep my skin clear so just wanted to say thank you and it seriously means so much to me I just love talking you guys about gluten free and recipes and I just your comments mean so much to me so yes so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll talk to you soon bye