Gluten vs Gluten Free Foods

You’re heading Ocean including intolerant they’ll tell you don’t see look at the same already these smell different I never equals likes when I would sugar so it’s not a taste like anyway today so got a good torch I’ll give it that I’d okay where are you but dr. Cornish so Jays the exact same this one is more cardboard II that was a good bowl of cornflakes here’s some igniter Marty this one is more sugar in it and more flavor if I had to choose by tiny tiny amount this one here that what a glutton looks like look free well that’s very girl it even looks evil they filled a mouse  your standard bread and butter huh this is probably gluten-free because it’s a different shape this one has a fresh smells when this means going to crumbly fired remember the basics – go bread out of the bread quick hits back your trout it’s really drawing it and that’s definitely gluten free just not a go-to person cuz it doesn’t taste good like the secret ingredient is dust it’s hard to describe but this is definitely worse it’s like drier almost I just tastes like it’s been in the air a little bit no not how that bread at all if you are gluten intolerant just donate breads this one one one percent this one you tad more than blue 11 alright first of all they both smell the volume one is skinnier than the other they’ll often marked out meals tastier my pastas meant to taste much like from our own pocket beautiful say somebody who can cook passing something you can’t cut past you know this one’s Rory okay similar again it’s drier I prefer the big supe no no wrong my urgently dish is just remain better you know if you’re like stuck in the matrix and you know something’s not quite right you’d be given this pasta sorry not yeah good you almost feel the gaps where the gluten has been taken away now you have my undivided tips smell wise are both pretty good this looks more like a normal cooking what is obviously periodic which could mean that it’s better but this one looks oh dear that’s really nice mm-hmm very light and crumbly imagine good cookie tastes more chocolatey completely chef what do I do when they’re both nice isn’t as tastier because it’s like it melts in your mouth more I prefer this one cause it’s slightly more moist given when you hear me bite into it’s like I this was like about the same so now I’m gonna have to go to bigger bowl that’s right again I take it back they vote to say so I’m gonna don’t smuggle it actually takes better and smells nice little stream with grease going through this and this one’s just dry as a desert you know the flop test is very important I scooped agent hmm soft introduce I thought from read you go pitcher what is that it’s like cardboard you know right away from that first bite Oh gluten-free is weird I had a quick roommate bathe oh it tastes stale – pizza there’s no dude no difference at all look I love gluten who knew gluttonous better three wins guys so I’m gonna go for this bottom line I’m strong you got me dish I didn’t have you know I’m all over that building may be I think stick to gluten and you’ll live a happier life and gluten free world is a world I don’t it isn’t there’s very little difference between you two protective nicer