Healthy Food Choices: Gluten-Free Foods

If you’re on a gluten-free diet you need to remember to avoid gluten in any of its sources the main sources of gluten include wheat flour anything that’s whole-wheat or says whole wheat on the label anything with barley flour or rye flour and anything with malt those are all the main sources of gluten in the diet unfortunately this includes most things that you’re going to find in your bread aisles your cereal aisles your pasta aisles and a lot of different foods made from grain so if you do have to follow a gluten-free diet some good substitutes that you can keep in mind are things like buckwheat flour rice flour corn flour cornmeal flour potato tapioca flour and any of those things any products that are basically labeled gluten-free are safe for you to eat so these can be substituted to make things like breads and cereals and crackers that you normally wouldn’t be able to have so basically foods that are safe that are gluten free in general are fresh fruits canned vegetables and any frozen fruits and vegetables as well those usually don’t have gluten additives a good idea is to learn the names of alternative names of gluten in the diet gluten can also be labeled as something called malt and a bunch of different names so you need to be able to recognize those on a food label so that you can look at a label and choose a food that is indeed gluten-free so for tips if you’re following a gluten-free diet in general or in general or remember that you need to avoid most bread products found in a Maine grocery store but if you go to a specialty food store you can find gluten free products they usually have gluten free aisles now in specialty food stores and so those will have products already labeled for you secondly remember to learn to identify gluten sources that are not labeled by the term gluten necessarily anything with the term whole wheat wheat flour rye flour or barley flour on the label generally means that it has a gluten in it thirdly you can safely eat white rice flowers almond flowers arrowroot potato cornmeal and tapioca flours those are good substitutes for regular flour products in your diet and those are all tips on following a gluten-free diet