Healthy Gluten Free Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Guys oh I know the struggle of finding healthy lunch and dinner ideas for any time whether it’s for going to school work or even just at home so I thought I’d make a video for you all on some healthy lunch and dare ideas also all these recipes are both gluten-free and vegetarian so yeah I hope you’ll enjoy this video and let’s get started the first recipes that I will be showing you all how to make is this delicious Italian rotini pasta along with some gluten-free bread here’s what you will need to make it first just take a pot and fill it about 3/4 of the way full with water then just put it on your stove and turn it on high heat and then leave it there until it’s boiling once it was boiling I took my glue Tino rotini pasta noodles and poured that all into my pot then I just let that cook for about 10 to 12 minutes or until the noodles are completely soft afterwards just pour it into your Tonder so that all of the water will drain out and you’ll just be left with the noodles moving on to those veggies actually tomatoes aren’t veggies but we’re still using them so I just cut these up into little mini cubes and I did the same with the red onion next just pour all of your rotini noodles into a bowl and then add all of your vegetables I also added kalamata olives which is totally optional and by the way you can also use green olives or black olives instead now take your Italian vinaigrette dressing shake it up and then add two to three tablespoons into your routine now it’s time to make this gluten-free bread which is so delicious I’m literally obsessed with this stuff right now so you will need the Latino favorite sandwich bread mix any type of vegetable oil I decided to use avocado oil a measuring cup two large eggs and some water first I just took the bread mix out of the package and poured that into the bowl along with the little yeast package that you get with it then I stirred it up completely now take your measuring cup and use it to measure out 1 and 3/4 cups of water and add that to your flour mixture take 3 tablespoons of your vegetable oil and add that into I decided to stir it up most of the way and put the eggs in later but you can definitely add the eggs in right now before you stir up the whole mixture make sure you stir it up really well so everything’s even it should be pretty thick and should look something like what’s shown it’s time to grab your bread pan if you don’t have one of these then you can totally give something else but I decided to use my bread pan so that it would look like a loaf of bread do not forget to spray some oil on the sides or else the bread will stick so we did that and then I just added the mixture to the bread pan now you just want to cover it with a cloth and then let it sit for 40 minutes so that the yeast can rise once that’s done pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees I’m pretty sure and then let that cook for about 30 minutes mine looks like this when it was done so I just took it out of the oven and put it on a drying rack to cool also to make sure it’s done what you can do is just take a knife and stick it in the bread and then when it comes out if it’s clean and the knife isn’t doughy or crummy then that means that the bread is done so I just cut it up and there you go you’ve made your gluten-free bread I personally think that this tastes better than any bread you could ever buy to store whether it’s gluten free or not I just put a slice of gluten-free bread along with the rotini pasta and this made the perfect dinner if I were to eat this as lunch I would probably put some fruit and nuts on the side now it’s time for this really yummy bean salad take a can of black beans open that up with a can opener and then drain any juice that it may have out into the sink add that into a bowl along with about a half cup of frozen corn a half cup of diced tomatoes a big spoonful of sour cream and some salsa to mix that all up then I washed some spinach and put that down and then I put the bean salad on top of that but you can use whatever type of leafy greens that you want to or you can even use chips to dip it but I decided to go with some leafy greens to make it healthier as a side I had the California grapefruit G which is so good because grape is one of my favorite flavors and fruits ever so I’m in love with this it has a hundred percent vitamin C it tastes so good and I think it’s a perfect addition for the sponge slash dinner idea okay guys now it’s time to make your own lunchable which is so fun to do and it tastes really really good all you have to do is take some cheese slice it up and then put it into a little container I added some cherry tomatoes in another container I also added some of the glue Tino pretzel chips to make this more filling I also added a glue Tina breakfast bar and this is in the flavor chocolate and peanut butter I like to have these when I have nothing else to eat and I’m really hungry because these are so delicious and they will also give you energy throughout the day I also decided to go with the citrus fruity which is so good especially if you like orange flavors because that’s basically what it is and this one doesn’t just have a hundred percent vitamin C but it also has 40 percent vitamin A in it so you’re going to be getting a lot of vitamins in this one lastly I’ll be showing you all how to make this really good parmesan veggie pasta you will need salt and pepper peas Parmesan cheese blue tea no macaroni noodles a pot some water and a bowl first off you’re just going to cook the pasta I just filled the pot up with water got the water to boiling temperature out of the macaroni pasta and then you want to let this one cook for about 7 to 10 minutes and now deny it once I was done I poured it into the colander and then right after was poured into the colander I measured out two frozen peas I did three fourths of a cup but you can use more or less if you want to then I poured that directly onto the noodles because since the noodles are so hot from coming off of the stove they will heat up the peas so then the peas will be ready to eat now I transferred that into another Bowl and then added salt pepper and lots of Parmesan cheese to give it a really nice cheesy flavor for a side I decided to go with some vanilla yogurt and strawberries also to make it more filling I added some cashews and there you go now you have a really yummy filling gluten free lunch I paired this lunch with a cherry fruity for my healthy lunch and dinner ideas video if you enjoyed it then be sure to let me know by giving it a thumbs up also be sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos from me so yeah thanks for watching bye guys

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