High Volume and Softest Texture Gluten-free bread with Tylopur

Create a perfect Gluten-free bread product with Tylopur from Shin Etsu. Tylopur mimics gluten, because it forms a gel during heating. Tylopur attaches to interfaces where it reduces the surface tension thereby stabilizing the fine pore structure during baking and storage.

Shin-Etsu manufactures unique food ingredients that stabilize your food even where other food hydrocolloids fail. In our specialized production plants in Germany and Japan we turn plant based raw material into high quality food ingredients. These products are distributed by the Shin-Etsu Pharma and Food Material Distribution GmbH, registered in Wiesbaden, Germany. Shin-Etsu is producing and providing ingredients with outstanding properties that add functionality and stability to your food products.

Metolose and Tylopur improve gluten-free, vegetarian and reformed food products
Shin-Etsu produces the food ingredients Metolose® and Tylopur®. They deliver solutions to a variety of food products as they increase viscosity during heating and thereby provide the following benefits:
• Providing high volume and soft crumb in gluten-free products
• Creating strong bite and perfect texture in vegetarian products
• Stabilizing filled products and reformed products like potato croquettes and mozzarella sticks
• Helping cost reduction in low-cost meat products

Shin-Etsu is a world´s leading manufacturer of these functional food ingredients. We produce the ingredients Metolose® and Tylopur® by using natural wood pulp. Wood pulp is transformed into the approved food ingredients Metolose® and Tylopur®, which are Methylcellulose and Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Shin-Etsu produces these food ingredients in varying viscosities and thermal gelation properties to provide tailor made solutions for our customers.
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