Homemade Rice Milk – Benefits of rice milk and how to avoid kidney stones

Homemade Rice Milk – http://www.livebrightandhealthy.com/homemade-rice-milk/ – Benefits of rice milk and how to avoid kidney stones

Rice milk or better yet, homemade rice milk, is a god send for dairy milk and casein allergy sufferers. It is easily available now in most grocery stores and has been hailed as a vegan replacement to milk. If you are wondering about the benefits of rice milk and toying with the possibilities of cooking with rice milk, look no further. I will give you a quick answer to your question, «Is rice milk good for you» and show you an easy and delicious recipe for homemade rice milk.

Let me show you how to make homemade rice milk and its uses in our daily lives as part of our diet in replacing regular dairy milk.

Consider the benefits of rice milk and if rice milk is good for you. There are many types of non dairy milk available these days. The usual first choices are soy milk and almond milk. This is fine if you don’t have a soy or nut allergy. But if you look at the high incidence of soy and nut allergies, then rice milk is a much safer bet. Of course, if you suffer from an allergy to rice, then soy, almond, oat, quinoa and other types of non-dairy milk could work for you. Still, there is considerably less likelihood of reacting to rice milk than other soy or nut based milk.

I’ve been asked is rice milk gluten free? Yes it is! Rice is not a gluten grain. So it is a great staple for gluten allergy and intolerance sufferers. But for a diabetic, rice is a cause for concern. White rice has a high glycemic index, but if substituted with brown rice, the glycemic index is considerably lowered. Brown rice has no cholesterol or saturated fats and is high in antioxidants and all the vitamin Bs.

Rice milk is very low in calcium. Now, this could be a benefit or not! If there is a tendency towards kidney stones, then the lack of calcium in rice milk is a good thing as drinking it won’t aggravate this problem. On the other hand if kidney stones is not an issue, then you may need to up your calcium intake through other food sources and supplements.

The great thing about rice milk is, it can be made very easily at home. Before I show you how to do this, let me share a little secret about rice milk. It has been a part of the poor man’s diet, in Asia for centuries as a frugal but rich source of nutrition. Even to this day, the poor of India drink the water that rice has been boiled in, as they consider it to be strengthening. It helps to stretch out their store of rice as well. It is also the poor mans’ electrolyte, especially for babies.

Babies are too small to be given commercial electrolytes and I myself gave my babies homemade rice milk when they were ill, as a safer option. Sipping home made rice milk, when you are suffering from stomach flu, helps replace important nutrients in the body and prevents dehydration. I do this for my family when anyone of them is ill, throwing up and purging. Some commercial brands of rice milk add fats to give more body and mouth-feel to their rice milk as well as vitamins. Well and good, but I like my rice milk the old fashioned way.

How is rice milk made:

long grain rice

Method: Put rice in a dry pan. Lightly toast it over a low flame for a couple of minutes till its lightly brown. Pour in the water and cook till the rice and water has mushed up completely. Add salt. You may have to add more water if the water level runs low before rice is porridgy. Cool and sieve through a mesh sieve. Can be processed in a food processor as well. You now have your rice milk! Store in the fridge. Does not have a long shelf life as its preservative free so it has to be consumed fairly quickly.

Once you have your rice milk ready, you can use it in many recipes just substituting it for regular dairy milk. I have a wonderful recipe for rice flour pancakes which I will share with you next time.

FOR THE FULL RECIPE click on http://www.livebrightandhealthy.com/homemade-rice-milk/

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