How going wheat free can change your life!

Nikki Jencen explains how she aided herself back to health, after being suddenly ill with vomiting and severe lower abdominal pain. Nikki always experienced bloating and discomfort after eating but nothing worked liked going gluten free. After being gluten free for one year, she gained 20 pounds from all sugar, starches that hide in GF foods. She learned that going clean is the only way to live. She developed a program after a 30 pound weight loss experience that changed her life in hopes to influence others to shift and change their lives with going wheat free.

Wheat free according to Nikki means to nix all grains, sugar, starches, and some dairy. Add in nutrient dense foods that nourish the mind, body and spirit. Nikki incorporates mind, body and spirit into Wheat Free Adventure which creates a life overhaul.

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