How to Go Gluten-Free

Hey everybody. it’s Ashley from Ashley screen life and today screen tip is how to go gluten-free so my last video I shared how to go vegan which is once aspect of my diet and the other one is how to go gluten-free since I’m also gluten free so put those together a lot of people say how in the world can you have anything left to eat but for me I’ve been gluten free and vegan for about 6 years and it’s just kind of second nature to me I think there are still plenty of sources of good yummy healthy food out there so that even though those other things are out there’s still a lot left so I wanna share with you today a little bit about how you can go gluten-free so I personally went gluten-free whenever I had a food sensitivity test six years ago and my blood was taken and it was tested against close to 100 foods and they were kind of ranked as to which ones I reacted to and which was I didn’t and gluten dairy and coffee were actually my highest sensitivity foods and so those are the ones I removed from my diet so whether you’re watching this video and you just found out you have celiac disease or you found out you have a gluten sensitivity or maybe just suspect that might that might be an issue for you and you want to just try being on a gluten-free diet um this video will hopefully help you out um so the best way to handle going on a gluten-free diet is to first clean out your pantry Here I am 6 years ago I was very tan right then I used to go to any one of the things that dropped kind of in my grain journey and I am saying goodbye to all my gluten foods so I just found a local health food store that I loved and I loaded up on all these whole-grain whole wheat foods I was so excited and then like a few weeks later I found out I couldn’t have any of them so ham so the first step is going to be clearing out the gloom from your house that you can no longer have so in case you’re wondering Litton is actually a protein found in a variety of grains the main one is wheat it can also be found on things like barley rye and possibly even oats just because of a cross-contamination kind of issue so whenever you’re looking to find ingredients that you want to avoid on a gluten-free diet here is my list for you whole wheat flour enriched bleached white flour gambit spelt rye tryptic al malted barley or beer oats couscous soy sauce and modified food starch that’s kind of a questionable one because sometimes it’s from a corn source sometimes it from a wheat source harder now so those are the nono ingredients so some gradients that you can have that some people sometimes get confused like this I have gluten here’s the list so you can have corn potatoes rice tapioca amaranth arrowroot millet quinoa sorghum sweet potatoes teff beans and buckwheat you know doesn’t seem like you have buckwheat you actually can’t have buckwheat and so those are the things that you can have and that are safe to have an ingredient list so if you’re going gluten-free because of a sensitivity or your celiac something to know is that if you eat some type of a gluten it doesn’t have to be big it can be a small little bread crumb and it will set you off as if you just had a whole loaf of bread I’ve only been gluten once before I think because of crumbs on a counter when I was at a family member’s house that I just wasn’t super aware yet and I think I picked it up there and it will basically make you very uncomfortable usually diarrhea upset stomach all those things for me I know some people who if they have gluten they get like cold symptoms tight chest all different types of things so you’re going to want to be really aware in your home environment since you are now gluten free you’re going to want to take precautions to keep counters clean and to keep gluten foods away from the non from the gluten free foods so in our house I’m gluten free my girls are built-in free and my husband is not so he keeps his gluten foods for the most part away from ours and we have certain things that are just for gluten this is some for not so we have a gluten free toaster for my stuff and a gluten toaster for his and then whenever it comes time to do any type of baking we make sure to have separate pans or separate for our gluten and gluten free foods a lot of times we just make dinner so gluten free so that’s much easier but when we do things like grilled cheese we’ll have wheat bread and I have gluten-free bread we will try to keep them separate and you also want to make sure to use separate sort spoons or spoons and general spatulas and such whenever you’re mixing different types of foods so another thing you want to have some precaution with it would be condiments things like butter jelly peanut butter any type of nut butters or something that you’re going to be spreading that could come in contact with a gluten item it’s going to need to be either a separate type of condiment just that’s you designate as gluten-free or you could use like we do in our house since is my husband and he’s pretty good and diligent with keeping it away he just scoops out what he needs of the butter or the jelly or peanut butter onto a little plate and then we’ll spread it from there with a knife onto his bread so that it doesn’t come in contact his knife doesn’t come in contact with the peanut butter or whatever again so now we know kind of some ground rules let’s get started with some gluten free shopping tips some tips to keep in mind would be that just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s healthy so just a simple walk through my gluten free section on my health food store you can find all of our kinds of gluten free versions of popular kind of as I would call them sometimes foods such as pop-tarts our different takes on Oreos or doughnuts and such so just because you see it in the gluten-free section and you realize that you can actually have it it’s gluten free doesn’t mean you need to have it um like I said I call those my sometimes foods that’s how I teach my preschoolers at school it’s also good for myself and for fellow adults um to me those things I didn’t eat them usually before very often and just because they’re gluten free doesn’t mean I need to go crazy on them now for me I just try to find gluten free versions of my kind of healthy staples such as pastas and bread and cereals and crackers kind of my anytime foods is opposite to my sometimes food since I can have more anytime and I just go with those gluten free versions to kind of steer away from the sometimes foods to kind of go along with that another tip that I have is to once you get into the gluten free world a little bit you might find that it’s cheaper and healthier to make some things from home for me I was spending a lot of money trying to get some gluten-free muffins and pancakes and waffles and all these things and really I was just like I can make this at home why am i spending six dollars a package for four little muffins when I could just make it at home for fraction of the cost I can control the ingredients decrease the sugar and cut out GMOs so why would I want to do that um granted it takes a little time and it takes some experimenting with different gluten-free flours there are so many recipes on Pinterest and blogs and everything like that that you can find these days that are gluten free friendly and that can fit your diet so might play around with that and just try a recipe week or something to see if you can try making simple and free versions of your favorite foods from home to go along with that if you do decide to make some gluten-free foods from home you’ll want to accumulate a little group of gluten-free flours and most gluten free baking doesn’t take just one flour to replace all the wheat flour that you’re used to using usually it takes a combo of two to three flowers to accomplish that gluten like texture so things like brown rice flour tapioca flour millet flour potato starch sorghum flour and eggs Anthon gum or guar gum these are all different names you might familiarize yourself with when you are going gluten-free I usually get them at my local health food store in the gluten-free section you can see this whole area of baking flours and that’s for me where I get a lot of the supplies to make my own gluten-free foods something I did just see that came out was a Bob’s Red Mill one-to-one gluten-free baking flour so you can use that in place of wheat flour in your recipe so if you have a favorite wheat flour recipe you might try that one and see all right so now that you know my little background and some tips as to the gluten free shopping here are some my favourite gluten free swaps keep in mind I’m also vegan so most of these are in the gluten free vegan alternatives some do contain egg whites so I’ll mention that when I get to them but just so you know that’s kind of my take on these swaps so to start with the first thing that’s probably the hardest to replace would be bread the obvious thing have you would be losing and going gluten free and there are tons of gluten-free breads out there for me I tried different gluten-free vegan ones and just kind of burned out on them all so I ended up going to one I get from Trader Joe’s it’s this gluten free whole-grain bread and it does have egg whites in it so I know I get a couple vegan points knocked off but it’s kind of an extra finding the bread that works for you a lot of gluten-free bread that you find frozen will need to be toasted or warmed up in some way so whatever method used for that you can try that to get it to be not frozen anymore since that seems to keep it the freshest another one would be tortillas so obviously traditional flour tortillas are going to be out instead I like to use these trader Joe corn tortillas or any type of burritos we make or something I use with tortillas and another option night you have would be something like these Rudy’s plain tortillas you could also use those in place of traditional flour tortillas when it comes to English muffins if that’s your thing and I like this brand called food for life they’re brown rice English muffins some pretty yummy with jelly or any type of topping that you like when it comes to muffins and other little breakfast goods I used to get these Judy’s gluten-free muffins they’re so good but for me that’s sugar content was really high I always feel a little jittery after having those so I kind of went to just making my own muffins at home like I mentioned before so I have this recipe I love for these pumpkin Chia chocolate chip muffins are pretty good I have a blueberry muffin that recipe as well and also just in that cat or I’ve started making my own biscuits too so I like these sweet potato biscuits as well so you kind of in that category would be pancakes I for a while tried Rosen kind of store-bought gluten-free pancakes and then I went on a quest to make my own I mastered that and now I have my favorite gluten-free vegan pancake recipe that you can find here I love these I usually make a batch to last me during the week and I just love them they’re nice fluffy people that see them think they’re just regular pancakes you would never even know they were gluten free and vegan and all that other stuff so next up is cereal so I like this one by piece cereals it’s a quinoa Chia crunch oh my girls like this and viral kids brand a lot of theirs are gluten free another one I like is this Erewhon crispy rice cereal kind of like a rice krispies version as well so that’s some cereal choices next would be pastas and if you go Glen free you’ve got to give this brand to Giada a try this is one of the first brands that I tried and going gluten-free and they never disappointed um they never got mushy I’ve had some get kind of you know some other brands get mushy or just weird texture kind of rubbery but ting cotta never disappoints I use this for my lasagna recipe I use it for all different other kinds and love it it’s a great gluten-free noodle Trader Joe’s also has a great brown rice pasta it’s kind of a quinoa mix too they have some good ones there and I like Annie Chen’s rice noodles as well so those are couple different noodle options when it comes to pizza crusts I used to use this Judy’s brand glue of a foodies brand gluten-free pizza crust but then it kind of get a little tired of buying that each week and are buying that every time I want to have pizza so I started making my own I like this recipe from minimalist Baker and it just uses a variety of gluten-free flours and it turns out pretty good for my pizza when it comes to things like snack bars Larabars are basically our family’s favorite snack bars I’ve tried other ones that have long ingredient lists and all kinds of sugar and I always just seem to go back to lower bars my curls seem to like those they like this peanut butter chocolate chip flavor and there’s a couple are different flavors that I can get them to have and they just love them next is kind of coming to the snacks so things like pretzels I use this gratified brand gluten free pretzels comes to graham crackers I like this this marbles graham style crackers that we like to use for our little version of s’mores or just for a snack when it comes to chips as you can see at my local health food store they have a wide variety of gluten free chips sometimes you need to be careful for different spices or seasonings that are added to chips to make them possibly contain gluten I’ve noticed that sometimes it can get a little in trouble there but just a simple tortilla chip is always a good go-to we like this one burritos yellow corn tortilla chips Trader Joe’s also has a good organic corn tortilla chips that work good as well so when it comes to treats things like cookies sometimes I’ve got my girls these Lucy’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies but a lot of times like I mentioned I just like to make my own I’ve got a recipe here on my channel for some gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies and that just use a variety of gluten-free flours and so that’s one that we kind of is our go-to family cookie recipe when it comes to ice cream cones because I guess you have to have ice cream cones you know sometimes in camp kids they like this brand let’s do gluten free ice cream cones so that brings me to oatmeal and if you are gluten free you want to find an oatmeal that is certified gluten free oats themself do not contain gluten but sometimes there’s a cross-contamination issue so fields that plant wheat one year are followed with oats one here again wheat the next year so there’s potential to have wheat within the oat and so that’s something that a lot of gluten-free individuals try to avoid and so finding some that are just certified gluten free is a good bet personally I can’t tolerate oats even if they are certified gluten free they just kind of upset my stomach no matter what um and so instead I like to use this brand ancient harvest hot cereal flakes that is actually quinoa so it’s kind of a good protein alternative if you’re looking for something that’s out meal like butt but not with oats in it um another alternative would be things like bread crumbs so if you’re needing to do breading on some type of an item I might like to do these for some zucchini fries from chocolate-covered Kati these are so good I like this brand Ian’s breadcrumbs they can’t have a short ingredient list you can also just use gluten-free bread and just blend that in the food processor after you’ve toasted it to you if you need a quick fix for bread crumbs another gluten item that might get you in trouble would be soy sauce so finding an alternative to soy sauce is key and having a gluten free diet and for us we like to use this Bragg’s Liquid aminos it’s kind of our go-to for anything that requires soy sauce we just use it in place 1:1 and it works just fine it has a good flavor and it’s a key for any of our saute use or stir-fries so the next one would be grains so obviously rice just plain rice that you can get in the bulk section of your local health food store things like short grain rice long grain rice I also use quinoa quinoa is a gluten free grain that you can use as well that’s high in protein and it’s kind of a fluffier texture than rice and there’s also another one called millet that is very similar to quinoa too so you can try those as well if you’re feeling adventurous in your gluten-free cooking alright so that pretty much wraps up my tips on how to go gluten-free as well as a list of my swaps and just shopping help and everything so I hope that you have found it helpful if you have any tips on going gluten-free or if you’re gluten-free yourself whether you’re celiac or just have a sensitivity or just find that you feel better without it please post this below you can also post your favorite gluten-free products and and in order to just help those who are looking for new clipped and free products to try so thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next time for the next screen tip bye

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