How to make Healthy & Tasty Quinoa Upuma Easily

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How to make Very tasty and healthy quinoa upuma


very high in Antioxidants
help you lost weight
easy to Incorporate into your diet
has beneficial effects on metabolic health
high in important Minerals like iron and Magnesium
has a low Glycemic index which is good for blood suger control
very high in protein with all the essential amino Acids
very high in fiber much higher than most grains
Gluten-free and perfect for people with Gluten intolerance


Quinoa..185 gram
onion…1 peice
capsicum..half peice
beans…1 or 2 piece
carrot..half peice
dry chili..3 peice
black pepper…one pinch
badam Powder..1 tsp
cumin seeds…few peices
mustard…few peices
coconut oil..2 tsp
curry leaf
salt for taste


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