How to Make Sai Bhaji Recipe | सिंधी साई भाजी | Chana Dal & Palak Sabji

This Sindhi Sai bhaji is as nutritious as tasty it is. The recipe of Sindhi Sai bhaji is explained in detail in this video. Sai means green in Sindhi and bhaji means vegetables.
Sai bhaji is a Sindhi recipe which is made with split Bengal gram or Chana dal, spinach, dill leaves, sour spinach or sorrel or ambadi in marathi or pitwa in Hindi pulichakeerai in Tamil , fenugreek leaves , Lauki or bottle gourd, eggplants, potatoes and any other seasonal vegetables.

Sai bhaji is a favorite dish of most Sindhis. Sai bhaji is one of Sindhi main course recipes. in any Sindhi rasoi as kitchen is called in Hindi. Sai Bhaji is packed with proteins , minerals and vitamins dish and is very delicious.

This sai bhaji recipe step by step is also a gluten free recipe. Sindhi Sai bhaji has many vegetables but can be made with just palak and chana dal too and eaten as a Sindhi palak recipe

It is a wholesome yummy one pot meal . Hope you like this recipe for Sindhi Sai bhaji.

It is cooked with spices and tempered with ghee and garlic.

Ingredients for Sai bhaji recipe

Spinach four cups
Sour spinach two cups
Fenugreek leaves 3 cups
Amaranth leaves 1 cup
Dill leaves 1 cup
1 cup Chana dal
Ginger and garlic crushed 2 tbsp
Two onions finely chopped 
Four tomatoes
Green chillies four chopped
Half tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp coriander powder 
1/2 tsp aamchoor powder 
1 tsp Jeera
Hing 1/4 tsp
1 cup chopped eggplants 
1cup cabbage sliced
1cup potatoes chopped 
1 cup lauki chopped

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