How to Start Eating Gluten Free

Hey everyone its Sophie May here founder of Sophie make Fitness calm and welcome to fit Fridays where we talk about everything having to do with women’s health wellness and of course Fitness and in this week’s episode I’m going to be telling you all about how I started eating gluten free so let’s get started alright guys so there are a number of reasons why I went gluten-free but before I start with my reasons I want to give a little disclaimer if you are not Pro gluten-free if you’re not interested in it at all if you think it’s dumb or you think it’s a trend you think it’s something you know the Kardashians do because it’s cool don’t watch this video it’s not for you because everyone’s body is different and I understand that if you want to eat gluten you’re a hundred percent entitled to do so and I think that you should if you want to now if you are interested in going gluten-free this is the video for you I’m going to share with you my personal experience and give you my top three tips for going gluten free so if you’re ready let’s get started with tip number one alright guys tip number one for going gluten free is know what you’re getting into this is kind of crazy because when you go gluten free most of us are drastically changing our diets the average American eats bread the pasta muffins which is also bread but there’s that um they have pretzels whatever crackers cereals and they’re eating that on a daily basis and they’re thinking that that is nutritional you know we have all of these companies out there that say whole-grain is good for us whole grain is heart-healthy and so we’ve been taught to eat it and just eat it knead it eat it well if you are used to eating these types of foods especially high processed foods like cereals and crackers you are going to have a hard time detoxifying from gluten for me I was never a huge bread eater I didn’t eat a lot of bread but I love me some pasta so I would eat pasta like maybe two to three times a week which now looks seems just crazy to me now that I am gluten free but you have to realize that going from eating even a little bit of bread and cutting out gluten completely from your diet your body is going to be like whoa what is happening so being prepared for a little bit of a detox period now this isn’t going to happen for everyone everyone’s body is different again for me I went through a detoxing period for about two weeks after cutting out gluten completely I’m a cold turkey so I just went from eating you know the occasional bread to pasta three or four times a week to just completely cutting it out of my diet which I’m that type of person I’m kind of an extreme like all-or-nothing type of a girl but if you’re not just kind of ease your way out of it it might help with the detox process for me I had night sweats I had nightmares I had these really weird cravings where I’d be like driving down the road and I’m like I just have to eat pasta like right this minute it was the strangest weirdest thing but after those two weeks I felt awesome I had so much energy I had mental clarity my skin started clearing up and I got that energy kind of that cut high that everyone talks about where you’re just clear and again going gluten-free is going to be totally different for different people everybody’s unique I realize my body’s unique what happened with me might not happen with you but I’m just warning you that there may be a detox period and your body needs to get used to not eating gluten all right guys tip number two for going gluten-free is don’t buy anything that says gluten-free on the package this is going to be so tempting you’re going to go into the grocery store and you’re going to see these huge signs that say gluten free organic natural whatever and you’re gonna be like yes that’s me and you’re gonna go over there and you’re gonna be so excited you’re gonna start putting in gluten free pets pretzels gluten free donuts gluten free cakes gluten free cereals anything that you can find you’re going to pile it in your cart because you’re like oh I’m gluten free and all this is gluten free for awesome easy done right no no no no this is not what we are going to do we are going to avoid these type of foods why because they are processed they have so many chemicals so many preservatives in them and nine times out of ten when you don’t have gluten you have to have a substitute right you have to substitute with corn which is full of GMOs you have to substitute with soy which is horrible for you you have to substitute with other grains just not good at all so let’s cut out all that boxed gluten-free food and opt for real food opt for things that don’t come in a package fresh organic fruits and vegetables lean proteins um different types of meat that’s free-range your chicken that’s free-range your grass-fed beef your eggs if you are not a paleo type of a gal if you’re a vegetarian or you’re a vegan then just cut out the processed food you will have tons of different options you’ll have all these different vegetables and fruits to choose from and you’ll be able to get the nutrition that you need without having all those preservatives all those fillers and all that crap that is in the gluten-free products out there so avoid gluten-free products whenever you can and opt for whole clean foods okay guys so my last and final tip for you for going gluten-free is to know why you are doing it I know there’s a ton of people out there that seem to think that going gluten-free is a trend it’s a fad it’s something that they should try and if it works great if it doesn’t whatever know why you’re doing it do your research there are so many different amazing articles out there talking about why gluten is different than it was thousands of years ago I know a lot of people will argue and say well we’ve been eating bread since the dawn of time that is true and that’s valid however the wheat that we eat today is incredibly processed and completely different than the wheat of our ancestors so reading books like wheat belly by dr. William Davis is awesome another one is why we get fat by Gary Taubes I will link both of those books in the description box below read up on it be educated know why you’re gluten free know what gluten is in the first place you know so many people don’t even know what the heck that it is so do your research another thing is try to avoid the haters there’s going to be so many people that say oh why are you gluten free and question you and you know what again it’s your body this is your decision you want to do what’s right for you and if it’s not right for them then that’s fine but making sure that you know why you’re on this path and to stick to it and give it a good try don’t just go gluten-free for a couple of months give it a really good try give it’s six months detox from it completely see how you feel I promise it won’t harm you and you know see what the effects are let me know if you guys are gluten-free and have had amazing benefits from it let me know comment below if you liked this video like it and subscribe if you want more videos like this and amazing health and fitness articles for women visit Sophie May fitness calm and I’ll see you guys next time.

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