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Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel this week I’m going to be doing eMeter highly requested lifestyle overhaul complete diet change going gluten-free and on one of my recent videos where I tried to tape it up a lot of people asked if the app offers gluten free options and it does so because I’m a little bit clueless as to cooking without gluten and mental realm I’m going to be using that app this week to kind of help me on this journey a lot of people claim that going gluten free can help with digestion and even weight loss several of my friends are gluten free some of them even have celiac disease or a gluten allergy so being gluten free isn’t a choice for them they have to do it so before I get started I just want to recognize that I have a lot of privilege in the fact that I haven’t been required by my body or otherwise to become gluten free until this point but also I’m really looking forward to getting a peek into this lifestyle and to see if it may benefit me in some way so I live in Los Angeles where a ton of people claim to be or are gluten free but very few people actually know what gluten is myself included honestly I kind of have this one idea of what it is like is it in bread I don’t know so let’s get that out of the way first per my research gluten is a general name for the protein found in wheat so going gluten-free means cutting out anything and everything spanning wheat rye barley eliminating foods including bread baked goods desserts pasta cereal salad dressings of gluten is I think we’re like gluten exists and things you didn’t think it did okay I’m gonna have to be really careful this week one week of being gluten free beginning to be gluten free journey all right first things first going to get rid of all the things that I know definitely have gluten in them cereal bread that’s my bread mat it’s gluten free wheat pretzels we’ve had pretzels bagels you’re empty another loaf of bread no peanut guard Brussels no shredded wheat this salad dressing has gluten in it okay I don’t know what is in salad dressing but I didn’t think it had week in it that’s gone Wow so we’re going to be getting rid of some stuff today ooh check out all the veggies so today I’m really trying some gluten-free pasta I’m trying this special type that’s actually made from black beans put some tomato sauce on it it’s kind of weird eating something that’s like purple hmmm that’s actually really good you tried it what did you think it’s good I could definitely see myself reaching for this like purposely in the grocery store it should vary it’s different from other process but it definitely gives me like the feeling that I’m heating pasta and in the past when I’ve had gluten-free things it’s never like spitting like that I’ve always felt she’s been so this is cool so we’re about halfway through the week and I will say that for the first half of the week I was definitely feeling hungrier because I eliminated a lot of carbs for my diet and then I discovered gluten-free pasta made from beans as well as gluten-free cookies that actually tasted amazing so I’m definitely finding that there are ways to enjoy desserts and passes without wounds in them I probably have a lot more access to things like gluten-free pasta and cookies because I live in Los Angeles which in many ways is like gluten free Becca so that doesn’t that’s not beyond me and I know that like a lot of people don’t have access to this stuff so for tonight’s dinner with the a fit app we’ve got some grilled chicken going over here and the gluten-free pasta so mad are you excited about dinner yes I’m excited about the dinner I’m making Oh chef Matt adding in some spinach unrelated to being gluten-free is the consistent debate that Matt had with me about who who who is cooking more who is working harder when it comes to making the food of course you are cooking I’m kind of loved the experience at the beginning of the week I was feeling pretty hungry frequently but I was replacing the food that I usually have that’s like carbs and gluten with like more protein and more vegetables so it like worked out I guess in general and now I’m feeling like lighter and not as groggy when I go to bed which is your nice so we just went to a restaurant and it was going great until I asked the waiter if I could get an item on the menu without wheat products or gluten in it and he looked at me like I was crazy did me like dude we’re in LA not used to this carrot what do you think I think it’s shenanigans I mean being in LA you would expect that people get that all the time but apparently not so now I’m headed home and I’m going to try and work out see if being gluten-free affects how I feel [Applause] [Music] back home for my workout and it was hard like a workout should be but I definitely felt like a little bit lighter during it and not as like bogged down which was pretty nice going wound free for a week was actually pretty awesome and eye-opening in lots of different ways first of all I learned that even you’re living in a city that’s very giant liberal like Los Angeles there are still issues when it comes to ordering Hooten free menu items at a restaurant or finding affordable gluten free food at the grocery store so I can only imagine that that is ten times harder living anywhere else in the world so anyone trying to be gluten free in other areas of the world more power to you for getting through it a couple positive things that happened this week that were unexpected to me where first of all my grocery bill was cheaper which is always a positive and that’s because I actually ate more products with gluten in it than I expected still not over the fact that salad dressing has gluten in it by the way the second thing that was really positive that happened was I felt lighter in general in my overall daily life and during my workouts however I will say that it’s unclear to me if it’s because I cut gluten from my diet or because I cut a lot of items that have high carb counts that just happened to have gluten so the results to me are a bit inconclusive as to whether or not the positives of this experiment came from cutting out carbs or cutting out gluten I just want to say a huge thanks to 8/5 the sponsor of this video for providing an app that has a gluten free and paleo option in their diet plan made this week so much easier when it came to grocery shopping and meal prep if you want to try out a fit and also a gluten free lifestyle be sure to check out the link in my description below so you can download the app for free if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up comment below with what crazy diet or health adventure I should go on next and as always subscribe so we can keep on going onward Jews together have a great day [Music] you [Music]

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