Hi #TeamTimah, in this video I’m speaking on and showing Kamut vs Spelt. Does or doesn’t Kamut have gluten. Is Kamut an alternative to eating wheat for those with gluten sensitivity and wanting to be gluten-free.

There are many proposing that Kamut would be a safer choice for those suffering from celiac disease.
The term ‘GF’ (gluten-free) relates to the composition of GF foods and is now defined by law in Europe and North America; it denotes food without the storage proteins of wheat (gliadins and glutenins), barley (hordeins) and rye (secalins) and cereal hybrids such as triticale.
Classification of grains: Toxic grains for coeliac patients include bread wheat, durum wheat (used in pasta), spelt wheat, polonicum (Polish Wheat), Kamut, monoccum (einkorn), farro, triticale (a cross between wheat and rye), and many other wild kinds of grass.
They all belong to the Hordeae or Triticeae family. The grasses not in Triticeae are classified as safe (rice, corn, various millets, ragi, teff, oats). Protein sequence between the major wheat gliadin proteins and oat avenins indicates a relative closeness of wheat and oats.
From: Kasarda DD 2003. Celiac disease and safe grains. http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/ggpag…/topics/celiac.vs.grains.html with the permission of the author.

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