Kids School Lunch Ideas – Healthy and GLUTEN FREE Week 1

We’re getting ready for a special day today yes okay here is Rafael’s first day of school lunch yeah I ate a little bit of from us okay he’s got a boiled egg grapes homos and cucumber sound good yeah you have that for lunch yeah so I put the cucumbers inside the cupcake holder with the homo so it doesn’t flip over that’s right okay the Houmas was not a good idea especially since I’ve become person it it made it really wet he didn’t get to eat lunch at school which is probably a good thing cuz he would have freaked out about that grapes are still good but this whole section is tore up all righty then okay we have lunch all right lunch for the second day this is one of these real bars it’s half a bar and it’s just basically it’s gluten free nuts rice and you know great we’ve got some bomba it’s corn and peanut butter that grapes and we’ve got some mommy slices so this is his lunch for this second day and putting it in the fridge yeah I’m sure I’m sure Abigail I’m sure so putting it in the fridge for him 4:00 in the morning and this is his water okay so here is this lunch she’s got three pimento stuffed olives these are Israeli olives very good yes okay we have a fruit squeezy that’s gonna be delicious for him a surprise some grapes and a boiled egg and I always peel the eggs like right before I put it in here I leave them in the fridge with the shell on okay how’s tutor two turkey slices grapes this is bar and I put like half of these mango flakes they were from Bunty there I’ve got a really bad cold okay today’s lunch we have three slices of turkey we have a squeeze it some Parmesan cheese and some of that bar the whole food bar it’s also Rosh Hashanah so they asked them to bring an apple thank you so much for watching check out our other videos and our other channels for a daily vlog every single day on fully living leave us a comment to let us know you were here have a great day