Low Carb Keto Crumpets │Keto Pancakes │Only 4 Ingredients!! │ Unbelievably Delicious & Fluffy

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You want, nay, NEED this low carb keto crumpet recipe or keto pancake recipe in your keto or low carb diet and lifestyle. It feels like such a spoil or treat to me to be eating light and fluffy crumpets, which are low carb crumpets / low carb pancakes, are 100% grain free and gluten free and which tastes AMAZING! Then, you get to smother these low carb crumpets in the most delicious toppings such as almond butter, marmite, cheese, yoghurt, whipped cream…you name it!!

The best gluten free keto crumpets or grain free low carb crumpets you have tasted, guaranteed! They are made with almond flour (so I guess you could call them almond flour crumpets). The same batter could be used to make keto pancakes / low carb pancakes (I haven’t tested that out yet).

This is one of my favourite keto recipes / low carb recipes – I should call them easy crumpets because anyone will be able to make these keto crumpets. These low carb crumpets fit the lchf lifestyle (so should I call them lchf crumpets???!!). So many names, but all that you need to know it that they are DELCIOUS!!

Let me know in the comments how you liked these breakfast crumpets or if you have any questions. I’m happy to answer anything about these low carb crumpets, keto crumpets, almond flour crumpets or easy crumpets! Call it what you will, I call it delicious!

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